Kohaku Tendon

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For those times when only a substantial meal will satisfy the hunger pangs, this is a well-priced (15++) and tasty solution. Chose the standard Kohaku tendon but with the (not so) spicy sauce and multi grain rice. Good mix of ingredients and efficient service.

Tendon Kohaku’s premium seasonal tendon for S$23++ contains wood smoked chicken, long beans, prawn, eggplant, and bacon tempura, and is served with half bowl of mixed chirashi and an onsen egg. We frequent Tendon Kohaku fairly often and their tempura never disappoints. This wood smoked offering provided a subtle but welcomed twist to the original tendon. Worth the money!

We were constantly intrigued by the snaking queue formed outside this shop and finally understood why when we tried it ourselves.

Their generously portioned tendon came with two large prawn tempura and an assortment of other deep fried goodness like squid, chicken breast, mushroom and vegetables. Each ingredient was lightly battered and fried perfectly till golden brown. The tempura were super crispy and goes perfectly with the sweet and savoury sauce that was drizzled over them. Coupled with the soft multi-grain rice, this bowl of tendon is so simple yet satisfying! We would highly recommend people who love tempura to give this a try. Do consider visiting ahead of the dinner time to avoid the crowd!

I guess @kohakutendon needs no introduction, but did you know they started selling their yummy😋 affordable tendon at @eatat7 @sunteccity since 2016?

👉SG55 Tendon (Seasonal) - SGD18
Sakura Ebi, Princess Bamboo Shoot, Seared Skipjack, Kailan, Broad Beans, Prawn, Chicken Breast, Small Scallop, Mentai Mayo
👉Kohaku Tendon - SGD15
Vegetables, Chicken, Prawn & Other Seafood

My only complaint😔 is that their fried tempura ingredients were slightly leading towards the oily side. But other than that, I really enjoyed this😋👍.

P.S. Please note that the SG55 Tendon is no longer ❌ available. You may still check out their premium seasonal tendon, which will be available after 2PM daily, starting this Friday (16th Oct 2020) at their flagship store in @sunteccity.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tastier, crispy and most worth tendon ever make a good bowl of tendon. Do you agreed with me?

Their tempuras were fresh, thinly coated with a light crisp and perfectly fried. This hearty meal didn't feel oily.😋😋

They were drizzled with their homemade original or spicy special sauce. That spicy sauce will give you a kick by enchancing the flavours of the tempuras.

I ❤ their thick slab of juicy and succulent chicken breast meats. Despite being chicken breasts, they are tender and well seasoned. You can choose between white rice or multigrain rice. Of course, I prefer a healthier choice.✔✔

Original Kohaku($15)- All a chock full of ingredients like chicken breast🐔, ebi prawn 🍤,baby corn🌽, pumpkin, long beans, squid🦑, mushroom🍄 and crabmeat🦀.

S55 Special ($18)- This seasonal bowl comes with sakura-ebi🍤,princess bamboo shoot, seared skipjack, kailan, broad beans, prawn🍤, chicken breast🐔, and small scallop. Loving this bowl that sprinkle with sakura shrimps and drizzled with mentai mayo.

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$15++ | Definitely one of the best and most affordable tendon in town. Generous with their portion and served hot! Staffs were very friendly and accommodative to my request to change the prawns to chicken breast as I was allergic.

28 Jun’19, Fri⛅️⁣
📍Tendon Kohaku ⁣天丼琥珀 (Suntec City)⁣
- Spicy Kohaku Tendon (Japanese 16 Multi Grain)🍤⁣⁣


Super duper long queue can~😧⁣
Been here ample times!!! Super filling, satisfying meal yet feeling guilty each time I finished the meal...😂

Like the thinly flour coated tempura, prawns, squid, chicken breast, mushroom, vege etc, yummy!

The 16 multigrain rice is also my usual choice, less boring than plain Japanese rice, and feels healthier~

Would recommend the spicy sauce one, adding flavours to the don and not that spicy to be honest...

⁣Damage: $17.65

Arguably the best Tendon I’ve had. Generous with the ingredients and did I mention, the original Kohaku sauce is luscious. It’s extremely affordable as well at $15++

With only 2 options in the menu, I went with the regular tendon that contained meat like chicken, fish and squid ($20+ with service charge & GST). Wasn’t as crispy as I hoped for and the spicy sauce was meh. I would rather go for the original sauce next time. I liked the grain rice and Yuzu ginger on the side though. Compared to Tendon Ginza Itsuki at Tanjong Pagar, I felt the latter was better.

Super yummy. Standard has been kept the same since they first opened! Glad they don’t disappoint with their crispy batter and fresh ingredients. My faves are the squid and chicken breast - so juicy and tasty!

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