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Kohaku Tendon

$15.00 · 157 Reviews

Affordable price ... totally filling. Had it with multi grain. Super yummy !!!

The best part about Suntec City is that it is surprisingly empty on the weekdays for dinners. Did not have to queue for this tendon but be prepared to wait a while for your dish. For its price, you are given A LOT - mushrooms, pumpkin, prawns, chicken, crabstick, etc. For the healthier option, you can choose multigrain rice too and it won’t compromise on the taste. The tempura was crispy and the sauce was really pleasant and not too spicy. I would return to eat this again.

As typical as it sounds, yes I’ve opted for the tempura tendon. Primarily because I’d have thought anything fried in tempura flour pretty much would taste the same, since the crux of the cooking lies in the flour, rather than what’s embedded within. And.... I was kinda right! The only difference between the veggies va prawn were the texture and crunch, given different vegetables were included in the tendon. The prawns were slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Slight sweetness and fragrance of prawn 🦐 Pretty much why I prefer to have my prawns/ meat raw served in ways other than tempura form. I think it greatly undercuts the true flavour of the meat. That said, I would give 4/5 for this bowl of tendon given how the tempura veggies remained crunchy for a rather long time (approx an hour?) and the pearly rice came seasoned with sauce which added some flavour to the meal!

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You can choose to have the tendon with multigrain or white rice, and original or spicy sauce. Aka Fuji, the seasonal tendon, came with soft shell crab, prawn, tuna, avocado, tofu hamburg, sausage, bitter gourd, sliced chilli and chilli sauce. Food is yummy and worth the wait as everything is freshly fried upon your order.

A huge variety of tempura (2 prawns, 1 squid, 1 crabmeat, long beans, 1 juicy mushroom, 1 corn, 1 pumpkin) in this bowl of goodness. Go at around 1120 to beat the queue and waiting time because I waited 40 minutes despite being seated at 1140 😟 other than the waiting time because of the food prep, the food was good!

If you have cravings for 🇯🇵 and fried food, this is the place to go!

🍤 is very crispy and 🐓 is very tender! Food is not too oily and if you are allergic to seafood, you can opt for all chicken tenders!

Do reach early because the queue can get really long.
Overall rating: 4/5 Oishi!

The tendon here was served in such a generous portion that I got full 3/4 way in, and the tendon was so fresh and crisp. Love the spicy sauce (although it wasn’t really spicy at all) and I especially enjoyed the chicken and fish tempura. I like this more than the Keisuke version! Would definitely recommend.


Ordered the original tendon which comes with seafood, chicken and vegetables and you can choose between white rice or multigrain and original or spicy sauce. Would recommend the original sauce as there’s chili powder on the side in case you fancy some spice. The japanese short multigrain rice is cooked well and really tasty as some of the sauce is drizzled on the rice as well. Surprisingly the tempura that impressed me the most was the chicken, seasoned on the inside and still juicy, which is hard to find in chicken breast. The only tempura that I wasn’t a fan of was the baby corn but overall most of it was done well without it overly greasy.

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Kohaku Tendon - $15
Bowlful of tasty tempura vegetables, chicken, prawn & other seafood. Not oily at all, light batter absorbs all the sweet and spicy sauce. Japanese multi grain rice gives the bowl extras texture. Another tendon conquered
Tendon Kohaku

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