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Kohaku Tendon

$15.00 · 163 Reviews

Arguably the best Tendon I’ve had. Generous with the ingredients and did I mention, the original Kohaku sauce is luscious. It’s extremely affordable as well at $15++

With only 2 options in the menu, I went with the regular tendon that contained meat like chicken, fish and squid ($20+ with service charge & GST). Wasn’t as crispy as I hoped for and the spicy sauce was meh. I would rather go for the original sauce next time. I liked the grain rice and Yuzu ginger on the side though. Compared to Tendon Ginza Itsuki at Tanjong Pagar, I felt the latter was better.

Super yummy. Standard has been kept the same since they first opened! Glad they don’t disappoint with their crispy batter and fresh ingredients. My faves are the squid and chicken breast - so juicy and tasty!

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Featuring the Uni maki, which is made of amaebi (sweet shrimp) and sea urchin wrapped in oba leaf. Plump Hokkaido scallop and sweet Japanese Crab stick, it’s a bounty of food whereby each bite more delicious than the last. Available next week from 16 Dec 2019~

Kohaku Tendon
Address: Eat At Seven, ‪3 Temasek Boulevard Unit 03-311, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983‬
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The list of ingredients sound mighty tempting at first: salmon sandwiching a layer of Hokkaido cheese, maple leaf, lotus root, sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, and chestnut. All these in addition to the Kohaku’s signature prawn, dory fish, and chicken breast tempura. Oof what a mouthful, and I gotta admit they sound fantastically yummy at a first glance. However when I finally dug in, I have to say not all of the ingredients are as great in tempura-form. The chestnut for one was really really hard, not tender and sweet as I recall chestnuts to be — not that it’s undercooked, just really hard. Sweet potato was dry and crumbly, so much I had to douse it with tendon sauce to make it edible. Salmon was tasty with cheese of course, but it was 100% cooked and a tad dry. If I had a go over, I’d pick the regular tendon at a few bucks cheaper, with more of their fantastic prawn and chicken tempura instead.

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$15++ worth the wait for this satisfying tendon bowl (spicy)

Affordable price ... totally filling. Had it with multi grain. Super yummy !!!

The best part about Suntec City is that it is surprisingly empty on the weekdays for dinners. Did not have to queue for this tendon but be prepared to wait a while for your dish. For its price, you are given A LOT - mushrooms, pumpkin, prawns, chicken, crabstick, etc. For the healthier option, you can choose multigrain rice too and it won’t compromise on the taste. The tempura was crispy and the sauce was really pleasant and not too spicy. I would return to eat this again.

As typical as it sounds, yes I’ve opted for the tempura tendon. Primarily because I’d have thought anything fried in tempura flour pretty much would taste the same, since the crux of the cooking lies in the flour, rather than what’s embedded within. And.... I was kinda right! The only difference between the veggies va prawn were the texture and crunch, given different vegetables were included in the tendon. The prawns were slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Slight sweetness and fragrance of prawn 🦐 Pretty much why I prefer to have my prawns/ meat raw served in ways other than tempura form. I think it greatly undercuts the true flavour of the meat. That said, I would give 4/5 for this bowl of tendon given how the tempura veggies remained crunchy for a rather long time (approx an hour?) and the pearly rice came seasoned with sauce which added some flavour to the meal!

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You can choose to have the tendon with multigrain or white rice, and original or spicy sauce. Aka Fuji, the seasonal tendon, came with soft shell crab, prawn, tuna, avocado, tofu hamburg, sausage, bitter gourd, sliced chilli and chilli sauce. Food is yummy and worth the wait as everything is freshly fried upon your order.

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