Haakon's Classic Acai Bowl

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This bowl was about $7.90 for their small bowl choice!

Didn't like that the Acai was missing that frozen texture when served, it melted really quick, and when it got served to me, it was already liquid-y 😟.

Classic Acai Bowl ($12.90)

The base layer of the bowls was chai seed then icy cold acai and topped with seasonal fruits (Mangoes were really sweet)
Overall, a refreshing and addictive bowl of super food

*Usually crowded at Holland V outlet

Oddly my favourite part of this was the toasted pumpkin seeds and coconut flakes mmhmmmm paired perfectly with the tarte acai.

available in the medium $7.90 option too!

had it as a post-lunch dessert and it was super refreshing! the crunch of the granola and nuts serves as a nice contrast to the soft and sweet fresh fruits and the frozen acai blend. great for sharing! :-)

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Refreshing my palette from all the rich food I have been consuming and filling up on antioxidants, I got myself Haakon’s Classic Acai Bowl ($7.90/med, $12.90/large). A little on the grainy side, the organic frozen acai blend was pretty decent and satisfying with a good balance of tartness. Served with a base of chia pudding, the bowl boosted a sweet medley of fruits (dragonfruit, banana, blueberries and strawberries), crunchy granola and topped with my favourite coconut flakes. Hence, providing layered textures as you dig into the superfood parfait. Eating clean made easy.

Classic Acai Bowl ($7.90)

My first time trying an Acai Bowl and I finally understand it's popularity. Commonly and normally eaten as a breakfast, I chose to have it as an aften-lunch dessert instead. For a "healthy" option, this was great a choice - very refreshing especially with the addition of sweet fruits (strawberries were my favourite), and you wouldn't feel like you're obliged to go to the gym after consuming it.

Not being one who cares too much about health, I think I would rather stick to ice cream or froyo for it's richer, smoother texture.


The first time I tried an acai bowl was at Project Acai, where I decided that eating clean wasn't really for me. Am glad I gave it second go at Haakon, because I found theirs to be really enjoyable, like a berry smoothie in a bowl with none of that grassy taste I'd experienced previously. Love the caramelised notes in the crunchy granola; the coconut chia seed pudding added a subtle fragrance and texture to it as well. Jazz up your bowl with add-ons ($1 each) like cacao nibs and almond butter—I recommend the latter, which adds a delicious nutty & savoury edge to it.

Hakkon Classic Acai Bowl + Viking Salad Bowl
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