Shibuya Honey Toast

RM16.00 ยท 5 Reviews

I was quite unsure before I decided to try Miru's honey toast because of my previous experience of having my first but horrible honey toast dish from another cafe. However, the nice reviews took my attention and there I was with their signature Shibuya Honey Toast.

Turns out the food lives up to its kind reviews! The fluffy toast with gracious buttery goodness swiped away all my bad memories of the former horrible toast that I ate. Additional greatness when you combine the warm toast with the rich creamy vanilla ice cream! The plate becomes sweeter with a dash of whipped cream topped with nut sprinkles.

It was really a great dish. The power of this one dish has successfully made me plan my next visit to this beautiful cafe!


For first timers, I'd recommend the Original Shibuya Honey Toast (RM16). It came delectably coated with a thin layer of crusted butter and sugar, yet remains fluffy and soft in the middle, alongside vanilla ice cream and whipped cream for a frozen finish. Now, how am I suppose to miraculously stomach half a loaf of bread in a single seating?

Another new kid joining the Shibuya Toast hype in Klang Valley! I have my eyes fixed on Matcha Toast (RM 16) once I saw it on the menu as anything matcha is my dead spot. The toast is crispy on the outside, soft & fluffy on the inside which imo, tastes as good on its own even without the cream & ice cream. However, one minor let down is the ice cream itself as it has started to melt right after it was served and by the time I was done with feeding my phone, the scoop of ice cream seated on top of the toast has melted by half. Also, the ice cream doesn't have a strong green tea after taste as its too milky for my liking. The owner has also recognized the problem with the melting ice cream and they are trying to source for another supplier so hopefully things will change for the better! Try it out guys, u won't regret for sure!


If you love dessert from the Japanese, then you would love this shibuya toast look a like ๐Ÿ˜‹. This soft and fluffy and crunchy at the same time. The buttery taste of the bread is very not too overwhelming which make it taste so good. You won't get bored eating them and keep wanting more. They serve other few types of toasts including with cheese and also fruits. Prices are not more than RM 20. They also serve drinks like coffee , tea and yogurt milkshake. Their operating time is between 2pm-11pm so take note of that. This is included in my list of white cafe because the whole cafe is really white and bright. Well decorated :)