Beef Adana Kebab

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The $29 Set Lunch gets your 2 appetisers, 2 palm-sized kebabs, and a dessert of the day. The Crispy seabass kebab is pictured in the middle.

This was decent but nothing worth shouting about. While the seabass had a batter that was crispy enough, it did not have much of the yoghurt spiced flavour in its batter as claimed. Felt more like normal fried fish tenders here. Perhaps the lemon mayo overpowered the batter here, but no complains because it was light and delicate, making it feel like a fish and chip it a wrap experience. The cabbage slaw gave a sourish complement to the kebab as well.

At this point I just want to say that I did not even order the crispy sea bass option, and that I actually requested for the prawn kebab. However, the staff who took my order was pretty… nonchalant and haphazard about serving my table. He did not seem to care while taking our order, and even though we ordered drinks, it was completely not keyed into the order and saw that people who came after us had their drinks served before us. We then enquired with the other staff and found out that they don’t even know what our order for the drinks were. The horror when I found out that this kebab was not prawn, but I was too done to even feedback, because honestly, I was pretty excited to patronise Fat Prince. The grandeur ambience was appealing, and despite booking it in advance for about 2 weeks, my reservation table was placed right smack at the side of the door where people were entering and exiting, staff were busy serving, and the bar was completely blocked by a wall and high seats. Damn. Could have just walked in to get better seats and service then.


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The lunch deal is essentially a sampler of the great food Fat Prince has to offer - choice of dip, mezze, two kebabs and daily dessert (yes 2+2 kebabs in photo because good food calls for company).

The dips were sprinkled with pomegranate seeds for a little pop of fruitiness and complemented by breads that were oh so soft. The kale mezze had bacon squares reminiscent of spam chunks but was actual proper meat that oozed goodness and flaked in the mouth. The pit smoked aubergine was a surprise as well, a vegetable prepared to be enjoyed nothing short of its meet peers with kicks of heat. And of course their signature kebabs.

The Okra Falafel kebab was my personal favourite. The fried legumes were crispy and nutty, with good punch of truffle and almond tahini.

In all honesty, pick whichever catches your fancy. The menu is thoughtfully curated with combinations special to only here and every dish an unique element to make each bite an experience to savour.

The kebabs were filled with fresh ingredients and with big and bold flavours. My favourite was the Harrissa Prawns which had a couple of large juicy grilled prawns that were placed on top of oven baked pita wraps. The kebab had a pleasant spicy kick to it from the hot sauce and watermelon. Try the vegetarian kebab as well that had a unique and refreshing taste as it was made up of roasted pickled pumpkin with smoked cheese.

Loved the unique fish kebabs in particular! The crispy cauliflower was really yummy too!
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One of my favorite restaurants. Fried cauliflowers here are the best! The cheese / prawn and lamb kebabs are items to try as well. Visits to this restaurant are starting to become a monthly affair.

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Really please do not order this. For the same price and quantity you could order more portions of the great tasting kebabs.

Wings were really normal tasting. Couldn't really taste the smoked paprika & isot sambal. Price doesn't really justify the taste, size and quantity of the wings.

Juicy grilled prawns marinated in buttered soy and topped with pickled chayote & nasht pear. So so delicious.


Tender shredded lamb shoulder smothered with eggplant whip, pickled cucumber & zaatar yogurt. Nuff said!

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Interesting and tasty. The halloumi cheese was grilled till just nicely soft, served on warm peta bread and a bed of smashed avocado. Topped with chopped spiced macadamia & pomegranate molasses.