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Peking Duck

$40.00 · 8 Reviews

I never really like roast duck. The flesh’s too dry and the orange hue marinate. The ala carte item of roast duck was too good to be most likely overlooked on the menu, due to the availability or Peking duck and HK style roast duck.


Visited Yan on a Sunday for Brunch. Ordered their Peking Duck (45++), a few other dishes and Dim Sum. Would like to return for brunch but they need to improve on their dim sum. Or maybe I will return to try their other dishes during dinner.

This was the best suckling pig I've had over the past few years. The skin was very crispy, yet light, and the flavour of the pig was clean, across all three ways Yan had served this classic Cantonese delicacy.
First way of eating this (swipe for second pic) - crispy skin is served with house-made pancake, plum sauce, cucumber stick, and spring onions. This is reminiscent of another of Yan's signature - their peking duck. The soft housemade pancake helps balance the sweetness of the sauces, but the crisp of the skin remains distinctive with every bite.
The second and third way of having this is shown in the 3rd photo. We have Suckling Pig Carved Shoulder, 乳猪斩件边腿肉, which has a mix of both skin and flesh, and Oven-baked Pig Fillet with Lemongrass, 香茅翻烧猪背肉, where tender pork fillet is marinated with barbecue sauce, then baked with lemongrass for 15 minutes at 280 degrees celsius. So while the flesh is usually neglected in favour of the skin, Yan has given the flesh due culinary justice as well.
Besides having this as ala carte at $288++, it is also inclusive in their CNY set menu at $178++ or $278++ per pax, minimum 8 pax. There are also other CNY set menu that doesn't include this suckling pig, starting at $128++ person.
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During our tasting, we had this fabulous Peking Duck in not two but three ways.
After being presented whole to us (its stunning looks earned plenty of “oohs” and “aah’s”), the manager proceeded to cut the very crispy skin in neat oblongs and wrap each one in a thin pancake to serve. He then flipped the duck and sliced the skin, this time with some meat still attached. These too were wrapped in pancake skin and served. While we were enjoying them both with the classic accompaniments of sweet sauce, spring onion and cucumber, the rest of the duck was taken to the kitchen and chopped into chunks before being brought back to our table. Trust us to fall upon those big, juicy chunks of duck-on-bone, chomping on the well-marinated meat with great gusto.

Peking duck😋😋😋😋😋😋😋


Half pictured).
This peking duck skin is fragrant and has a thin underlying layer of fat to add juice and to the thin crisp skin. As with most peking duck, it is then wrapped in crepes with cucumber stalks, julienned leek and sweet-savory sauce. We would however preferred if the thick chewy crepes could be thinner so that we can better savour the texture and flavour of the duck skin.
I took this photo during a tasting.

Served with house-made crêpe and traditional garnishes, this is decadent; probably the best Peking duck we’ve had in Singapore. Its thinly sliced skin shines in its own jus, perfectly crisp with a gentle underlying layer of fat, just sufficient to make it unctuous without cloying greasiness.
Then wrapped in a chewy savory crêpe with cucumber stalks and julienned leek, and dressed in a sweet-savory duck sauce, this creation is gold. It is impossible to turn down a second helping, or a third for that matter.

But the enjoyment does not end there. A second course [$10 for half; $15 for whole] of the dish awaits – its meat briskly fried in black bean sauce and tossed in chili powder to exude aromatic flavors of Chinese spice, soft hues of pink showcases its tenderness as it should be, robust salty, savory and spicy flavors coming together in unison to please the palate.

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Photo credit 📷 : @yancantonesecuisine