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Orh Nee Cake ($10).

Been thinking about local flavours in food, more so when National Day is coming. One of which is this orh nee cake we had a while back.
We were split on this however. We agreed the orh nee was too light, but it's also fitting here because the cake itself was also very light - airy moist and springy vanilla sponge; delicate orh nee with gingko bits; light and smooth coconut chantilly cream with dessicated coconut.
It's a light cake which would be enjoyable over a cup of tea on a quiet afternoon. #foodphotography #fujixt2 #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #foodcoma #f52grams #hungrygowhere #cafesg #foodgasm #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #onthetable #sgig #yummy #cafehoppingsg #eeeeeats #jiaklocal #foodie #orhnee #dessertporn #sweettooth

Twirl Soft Serve (300 JPY).

This chocolate factory felt just like the one in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Such a happy and colorful place.
Besides their famous white chocolate cookies (白色恋人), they also serve this softserve outside the factory! No one could pack this back for you, so if you're there, try it! Their famous white chocolate combined with quality Hokkaido milk, it doesn't get better than this!
#travelgram #instatravel #wanderlust #おいしい
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[New Menu, 50% Promotion Available] Tin Hill Rangers Valley Black Angus Brisket Burger ($28.50).

This is one of their signature meals, using Rangers Valley Brisket which is one of the favorite labels of beef from Chef Michael’s home country of Australia. It has a medium fat consistency for a brisket so there is more meat for the smoke to seep into. The process was painstaking - 4 days to brine, 12 hours to smoke with hickory and hay, and another 3 days to sous vide. This is to retain flavor, and the result is juicy and super soft beef brisket. Wow. And it was served with this super addictive sweet potato fries.
@tinhillsocial is also running a promotion now. You can be entitled to a 50% off for a $100 dining voucher. DM me for details.
Taken during a tasting. #chefmichaellewis #forager #tinhillsocial #foodphotography #fujixt2 #exploresingapore #burpple #singaporeinsiders #eatoutsg #foodiegram #sgfood #foodsg #instasg #foodstagram #instafood #instafood_sg #hungrygowhere #cafesg #foodgasm #sgfoodblogger #vscofood #sgig #cafehoppingsg #stfoodtrending #beefburger #blackangus #rangersvalley #bukittimah #burger #sgdinner

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness."

- Desmond Tutu. Happy weekend everyone!
(Pictured is an off-menu Rose Latte complimentary from the cafe. This isn't your latte with rose syrup. Using real rose petals, it was very strong in its rose fragrance that also came with a raw herby taste to it)

[Happy Valentine's Day] That's us exploring food places together!

Thanks for being my best meal partner, because she knows what I need to do before eating and while eating, and that I get to eat her food because she's a small eater 😋
But the real reason is cos I enjoy her company the most. Happy Valentine's Day again wifey!

Received this from a friend who knew I wanted to try these salted egg potato chips as well after having many from Irvin's, so she bought a packet from Chinatown and took a bus down to my office to pass it to me!

Thank you so much! 🙇🙇
You know I'm a fan of Irvin's salted egg potato chips and especially their salted egg fish skin, and anything with a local twist in flavours. So I'm looking forward to trying these tonight :)
#saltedegg #potatochips

Support local hawker fare, #uncagestreetfood.

I never liked chwee kueh when I was a kid.. I thought it was an old man's food. Maybe that's true, cos as I got closer to being an old man, I grew to love them as my favorite breakfast item. Unfortunately I don't eat them often for a few reasons - i) I don't take breakfast on weekdays; ii) there aren't many good chwee kueh around my neighborhood when I just want to have a leisurely-paced breakfast nearby on weekends.

But thankful for Jian Bo chwee kueh, which is definitely my favorite chwee kueh! Those steamed rice flavour has such a soft texture.. mushy to the bite. It's one of those chwee kueh I don't mind eating without chai por, yet I must eat this with the chai por because the chai por here is so good! I think it has been fried under decent fire, hence the aroma. It's quite oily though, so eat with moderation!

Thanks to my friend @spottypuff who packed Jian Bo chwee kueh back for me from Tiong Bahru market. 📸: Fuji X-T1

What an interesting name for a Japanese restaurant, a reminder to self that I should partake in the dinner at a leisurely pace.

Indeed, this small restaurant and it's neighborhood was quaint enough for me to chotto matte for everything a while more.

This wagyu foie gras fried rice was ok, flavourful and plump Japanese rice with creamy and smooth foie gras. The wagyu cubes were however overcooked, hence lacking in juice and flavour. You should be able to enjoy the fried rice and foie gras, but don't bet on the wagyu.

I also ordered a board of sliced chargrilled wagyu ($38++) which was really bad - poor cut and overcooked - so I shall not post that. Truffle balsamic was as expected doused with truffle oil so skip that if you don't like artificial truffle flavour.

I'll still come because it is a comfortable restaurant. In fact I made another reservation for next Friday. Plus, there's 1-for-1 now so that made the prices reasonable, though still not cheap considering they aren't serving really good beef.

I have a special bowl of "ebisu" from the brunch menu because they ran out of mussels today.

I was still satisfied with the compromise because I love Hokkaido scallops - I frequently buy them from supermarkets to pan sear them myself with butter and salt, or to air fry them after wrapping with bacon.
Most of the scallops here are well-seared, some less, and wasn’t too salty (I tend to pan-sear mine with too much salt). There is still some scallop sweetness within, unlike many restaurants that serve scallops that are almost totally deprived of any natural sweetness within them. Granted, there are many high end meals with really fresh scallops that are full of sweet scallop juices, but that would require fresh live scallops and not something you would expect out of this bowl that only cost $18 nett. I like the cream base, that has a touch of onion for a spicy accent. I like the maple that’s coated on the toast, but the toast was really tough so I would prefer them to be served slightly warmed to make it easier on my jaws.
This place is new so they are still improving operationally to handle the lunch crowd. I was however impressed by the sincerity of the service though. Although they were a little overwhelmed today, boss @hungrydarren was there to ensure everyone was well taken care of. I was standing at another table and chatting with them about their dishes (I happened to know them), and a server walked up and answered all my questions – good initiative :)

Ninja Bowl has arrived and upped the hip factor along Duxton Road.

I was searching for a lunch place that can accommodate 11 people with diverse taste for this Friday, so some of us went to Ninja Bowl and did a first tasting today.

They do have a interesting menu - bowls of mains with sides, and you get to choose to have them with quinoa, ninja rice, or salad.

My colleague opted for this 24 hour slow cooked beef cheek with onsen egg and ninja rice, which is a mix of white and brown rice. I didn't share her food so I have to rely on her testimony - she said the beef were fork tender, but felt there were too little ninja rice, even for the appetite of a lady. She also felt that the healthier sides pictured could be warmer given that hers is a rice bowl instead of a salad or quinoa bowl.

This bowl including ninja rice costs $16 nett. Pretty good price I thought.

They also have a brunch menu, which I thought were interesting. I ordered a creamed Hokkaido scallops with toast, but there are many others which I would explore when I'm visiting again.

I've been slow to catch onto the Bingsu hype.

When I had my first bingsu at this new Korean place at Star Vista, I understood what it was all about. These are really fine, to the extent that I can't feel any grain of ice.. It's like closing your mouth onto cold cotton candy.

I then discussed this with my wife - We started with ice kachang, then the Taiwanese snow ice (雪花冰) came along as a finer version of shaved ice and upped the competition although at a more premium ice, and then came bingsu which is even finer than the Taiwanese snow ice. Are all bingsu that fine? One key assumption under the Pillar 1 capital framework of Basel II capital rules is that loans are infinitely granular - just like this ice, "infinitely granular". I needed to be confident that this is something worth trying before I posted this. As I needed a few independent opinions I brought along @lainesy_ as well, who has more experience with bingsu. She agreed it's infinitely granular indeed, like biting into clouds as @cptslowyeo described. Last evening, I went to Waterway Point and had bingsu at One Ice Cafe, and found that indeed Chi Bing's ice were finer.

Though I'm still new to the Bingsu scene I'm confident that the ice here is as fine as it can get. But this chocolate favoured bingsu pictured here is a mistake, do not order this because the tougher brownies and crispy waffle biscuits do not do justice to the soft ice here. For a more seamless consistency, opt for the standard peanut bingsu to other mochi. A little pricey though, it's $10.50 nett for a smaller bowl of the peanut mochi. There's an option for a larger bowl at a few dollars more.

I'm sure there are many more experienced bingsu patrons here. If there are any that I should try it, or you think it's better, do let me know!

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