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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

$9.00 ยท 6 Reviews

You know the restaurant is old-school when they have a dish called 'Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon'.
This appetizer consists of hollow slices of juicy cucumber, on which sits a firm crunchy all-purpose flour wanton wrapper cracker, filled with soft moist egg white cubes, bright flying fish roe gloubles, wispy egg floss, and crisp fried curry leaves.
Complex layering of eggy sweet briny salty spice flavours. Yum, enjoyed this.
Tonny Restaurant
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This was actually pretty good for its price ($9 per serving)! The scallop and egg white were cut and mixed so well that one cannot tell which is which until you put it in your mouth.

Really it's just made of scallops and egg white but I guess Unmoving Mollusk doesn't sound anywhere as cool. โ €

Chef Tonny's signature dish, silky smooth scallops and egg white are cradled in a crispy wanton skin shell. Really light and simple tasting, it's easy to to keep spooning into your mouth for the texture, you've gotta remind yourself to slow down before it's all gone too fast. ๐Ÿ˜‹I've noticed previous reviews mention a different seafood used (like lobster/crab) so do check before ordering what you'll be getting!


Amazing experience at this restaurant!!!! First of all, every dish we tried was out of this world both in taste and in terms of creativity. Truffle yam, egg whites with scallops nestled in a wanton wrapper, braised goose web, crocodile tail, cod fish in two ways, (one of the best tasting) clay pot rice, noodles made of fish paste, (super authentic tasting) bazhang, I think that was all the dishes we ordered and every single dish tasted homemade and packed full of flavor. I would recommend this place to anyone who just loves Chinese food!!!!


Fans of Chef Tonny will know that his signature dish is โ€œThe Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragonโ€ which is lobster puree cooked with egg white. Here's a photo of Claypot Chicken with Chinese Wine. Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/tonny-restaurant-home-style-cantonese-dishes/