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Chowing On Chinese

Chowing On Chinese

Featuring Birds of a Feather, Eat 3 Bowls, LongQing 隆庆, Tim Ho Wan (Plaza Singapura), Hand in Hand Beijing Restaurant, Zai Shun Curry Fish Head, Jing Hua Xiao Chi (Bugis Village), BBQ Box (Bugis), Jade, Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower)
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

Another one of these Chinese pancakes stores has opened, this time along the bustling Bugis Street. This was made fresh upon ordering and comes stuffed with the slightly salty, funky preserved veg. Once pulled from the oven, it’s smeared with a bean and spicy sauce. Yummo! (though I still think the Funan one was a little yummier).


Original. Ginseng. Foie Gras. Black Truffle. Cheese. Crab Roe. Garlic. Szechuan. You can paint me with all the colours of these XLBs! Always a fun item to share, my recommended flavours to fight over are the Black Truffle, Foie Gras and Ginseng (though I’m sure it varies for everyone). Got this at Paradise Dynasty’s new outlet at Paya Lebar Quarter!


Hot dam, that soup has all the salty, spicy notes of mala without the overbearing oiliness. The intoxicating heat was perfect for me, but if it’s too much for you, add in some of the pickled veg provided to cut through a bit of the heat. I’d opt for the QQ rice noodles with this; the silky noods picked up the poignant flavours very well. Also please don’t miss out on their deep-fried pig intestines.👌


Hand in Hand Beijing specializes in a wide array of dumplings; everything from guo tie, xiao long baos to hong you chao shou. This is one of their specialities, certainly eye-catching with that crisp skirt. Though a little bit burnt, it was still a tasty plate of dumplings with little chunks of prawn; great dipped into a saucer of vinegar and ginger.


This easily ranks high on the bizarre scale; black rice cooked in a sour vegetable and pickled ginger broth, Parmesan cheese, cream and butter are incorporated into the ‘risotto’ then a combination of soya sauce, mirin and sesame oil is added after the grains have absorbed all that zaniness. Sounds crazy, but this was our standout favourite from a night of amazing hits!

The sour broth was distinct, yet not overpoweringly infused into the chewy black grains. The cheesiness comes in after, distinctly different from the lingering taste of sour broth but somehow fitting in perfectly. Fresh seafood and vegetables helps to round out a very flavourful dish – something I’d definitely return for!


Affectionately known to us as fake Putien, this Putien stall in Broadway Coffeeshop also has pretty good zichar. While the picture in the menu didn’t have sambal all over the sizzling omelette, the sweet, slightly spicy chili paste was a welcome addition, making this a great side dish to their fried Heng Hwa bee hoon or even a simple bowl of white rice.


Took me long enough to come here. Been eyeing their chee cheong funs for quite some time now and I’m happy to report I’m now a huge fan! We had a wide variety of their freshly steamed rolls, and they were all silky smooth and slightly chewy, with added egg for a different kind of bite. The soy sauce wasn’t too salty, with a light sweetness to it. Their noodle dishes here all impressed too, especially their dry dumpling noodles which I’ll be back for that amazing texture of their QQ noodles! 🍜


Having had this three times so far, I think it’s safe to declare this my favourite dish on their menu. It’s got everything a bowl of comfort should have; slurpy QQ noodles, a robust broth, and that fork-tender beef brisket! Those thick slices of meat are pure bliss, pulling apart easily with just my chopsticks coupled with that great texture of cartilage marbled into the moist beef. Love how the soup has a slight spice to it and the little bits of preserved vegetables that give each mouth a nice bite to it. Plus points: this set also comes with a small side of century egg tofu. Ahhh, takes me right back to Taiwan. 🇹🇼


One of the first few dishes we tried on their new menu at the last Burpple Eatup, and already we were blown away. This vegetarian side dish of grilled eggplant is made with 鱼香; a combination of red oil, doubanjiang, fried ginger, garlic, pickled chilli and black vinegar that actually contains no seafood at all! It makes for an extremely moreish sauce that’s just amazing to mop up with that deep-fried mantou (which achieved levels of crispness that I would never have imagined possible). A must-order if you enjoy the classic Szechuan dish of stir fried eggplant!


Taking over Jimoto Ya’s space along Pickering Street, Mister Wu sells a variety of affordable la mian and rice bowls that’s sure to appeal to the lunch crowd. My favourite was Mr. Su’s Dry La Mian that came with a side of dong po pork that was tender and had just the right about of fat. The noodles was QQ and came slicked in a tasty but not too salty sauce. It also came sprinkled with a fragrant hae bi topping. We also topped up $4 for the set where you get to pick a side dish and one of their many teas, making this a value-for-money meal in a nice, comfortable setting.


Wanted to go to KinMoo but it was closed by the time we got there. Thankfully, that was a blessing in disguise cause we got to try BBQ Box instead!

Packed even after 9pm, the affordable skewers and cheap beers are definitely a huge draw. Classic lamb and beef skewers laden with spice but the juicy chicken wings are gonna keep me coming back for more (order more cause these take a while to cook). The food is actually grilled in the kitchen and not at your table, but it’s kept warm by tea lights under the aluminum foil. 🔥


Between their mixed chilli version (think intimidatingly fiery red) and this, their green pepper version surprisingly won out! Instead of a full on assault on your senses, this has a wider appeal with a great balance of saltiness and spice that’ll have you dunking everything in that gravy. 👅💦💦

There’s a wide variety of fish to pick from too. The Lim Bo here is great if you want soft, easy-to-eat flesh but we liked the Qiang Jiang fish ($42) a bit more which had more flavour and a firmer texture.


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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