Roasted Peking Duck

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This was a very clean and soupy version. Still quite enjoyable. First time having this veg(from the Chinese name it seems to be wolfberry plant?) and while it's not the best(compared to spinach or amaranth), it has quite a decent texture

Take note burpple beyond doesn't apply to many of their signatures like Peking duck roasted duck or wtv

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Your early Mother's Day lunch settled! Located in the heart of Chinatown and just a two-minute walk from Chinatown MRT Station, this four-storey restaurant is perfect for accommodating the whole family for a meal. Treat mum to a feast of Roasted Chicken ($32), Braised Pork Ribs ($24), Boiled Matrimory Vine with Eggs in Soup ($19) and not forgetting their signature dish โ€” Peking Duck ($62).

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No second cooking. It's no secret they don't give you all the meat from your duck, be it because they don't bother deboning or cos they use the meat for another dish.

Thus, my mum and I decided that we're not gonna pay to have the meat stolen haha. It's decent, and served with this Cheong fun-like sauce. Anyway anything is good with their chili sauce

The skin wasn't v crispy or oily when you bite into it, but at least when you add in the sauce and the veg u have the Peking duck taste u expect. Honestly without any component it's not the same, by a big margin. Speaks to the genius who came up with this combination

Please reserve in advance, usually Peking ducks take 3 days. The one here is pretty normal, not worth the price

Some of the staff are really nice though, even though they're a little undermanned

$58 for one duck // Really yummy and worth it. Skin is really crispy and goes really well with its sauce. Good portion too!! *can request the kitchen to use the remaining meat for a main - fried rice, fried noodles etc.

The remaining of the Peking duck was fried with salt and pepper. Proved to be not a wise choice as the it was coated with batter and had lost the sweetness of the meat.


I think there is no limit to how many of this I can eat! Whoever who came up with the combination of popiah skin + dark sweet sauce + cucumber + Peking duck skin is a genius!