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Crab Meat Fried Rice with a Twist

$28.00 Β· 11 Reviews

This was supposedly a signature/recommended dish, but taste-wise, it was bland and ordinary at best. Wouldn’t pay full price for it (24SGD++)

Crabmeat fried rice-not only they were generous with the crab they were quite generous with the chill πŸ˜…. Flavorful actually, better than your regular fried rice 4.25/5

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I came expecting to pay sky high prices but I was pleasantly surprised when I was told they were having 1 for 1 promotion for mains. Order 2 mains and pay for the higher priced one. Everyday from 6pm onwards. Even weekends! Wow what a great deal! I can see myself coming more often. This started abt 2 months ago and no info on when it will end.

So of cos I got their signature crab fried rice. Quite a lot of crab meat inside. Rice was nicely fried and not too oily. Lime really added more fragrance and made the fried rice more refreshing. I like heavier flavors so I added the sauce provided. Nice! Soup was good too.

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Its so fragrant so yummy, makes me wishing for more of it!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Though it was a bit dry but the generous portion of crabmeat was more than compensated for the overall rating. πŸ‘πŸ‘ is my rating for it. Rice was not meshed together and almost each grain was coated with egg. The tiny bits of salted fish added flavor to the rice. I'd have given it 3 πŸ‘ if not for the rice being a bit too dry. Still worth the try if you like fried rice.

Bangkok's trendy cafe chain has landed on our shores. Replacing Cedele on the ground level of Paragon, Greyhound combines a chic glasshouse setting with cheeky aesthetics (check out the slogans on the servers' shirts) and Thai-fusion dishes. Signatures include the Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings ($16) and Complicated Noodles ($18), the latter named so because it requires you to nimbly wrap together bite-sized parcels of noodle sheets, minced pork sauce and a couple more toppings. We really like the Fried Salmon Toro with Dip ($14), a starter of salmon belly with tangy tonkatsu sauce and jaew mayo (a moderately spicy Thai dried chili sauce), and the Crab Meat Fried Rice with a Twist ($28). We're not sure what the twist is, but we like that the tasty rice comes topped with real crab meat. If it's your first time to Greyhound, try the Thai Tea Granita ($9.50). Prices here are a lot higher compared to its Bangkok outlets, but it's still worth a visit to find out what all the hype's about. Pro tip: Come early as signatures sell out fast, and also allocate plenty of time for your meal β€” the servers were rather slow and disorganised when we visited.
Avg Price: $35 per person
Photo by Burppler Muriel A

Wanted to try the corned beef pasta but it was sold out (as well as so many other signature/recommended dishes ☹️). So while I’m still not sure what the twist is β€” dried chilli pieces? crab not fried with the rice? β€” but the fried rice was tasty and came topped with a good sprinkling of real crab meat. The accompanying soup was bland. While this was way better than the other main we tried, I find it hard to pay $28 to have this again.


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Super duper yummy... Order crispy fried pork ribs at your own risk! Way to hard and chewy! 😞

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