YY Kafei Dian

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Claypot E-fu Noodles

$5.50 · 4 Reviews

Don’t usually eat eefu noodles so I’m not the best person to comment, but this was not bad mainly because it came piping hot and was quite tasty. The savoury sauce was quite nice, not overly salty and wasn’t starchy! There’s pork, veg, prawn, yam cubes (which I don’t eat) & a runny egg. Not sure if eefu noodles are meant to be soft but this was rather soft but it wasn’t rly soggy / didn’t become smooshy.

Lemon Chicken Rice ($6.50):
Added a fried egg to go along with it. Just an average bowl of lemon chicken rice. Nothing really special. However, if you are here, you can try their claypot noodles with gravy.

Always so good. A no brainer at this coffee shop! (7.8/10)

Such a good option for a rainy day. Heartening and satisfying. Noodles are really Q too. Come here for the kopi and their fluffy kaya butter toast. (7.8/10).


I'm in Bugis so often but it's my first time at YY Kafei Dian! We went during lunch on a weekday and man was it crowded with the office peeps looking for their midday nourishment.🍴

Besides the fluffy toasts that they're known for, we really enjoyed the claypot noodles which were really shiok and value-for-money. Thick, viscous sauce coating the ee fu noodles and a good variety of ingredients made this a favourite of ours. 😜