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300g Ribeye

$45.00 ยท 5 Reviews

Come with the whole family to Seletar Aerospace Park for brunch in a colonial garden setting โ€” pets will love the wide open spaces! Meat lovers, you'll adore their 120-day grain fed Australian 300g Ribeye ($38) that boasts a lovely woody aroma, and comes with asparagus, tomato confit and mashed potatoes. A great alternative is the hearty Crab Benedict ($24) that sees a generous amount of crab meat piled on buttery croissant. Otherwise, opt for the light yet crisp Fish & Chips ($23) that both kids and parents would enjoy!
Photo by Burppler Khaw Han Chung


Fresh off the cherry wood-burning grill, this beautifully cooked 300gms of Australian ribeye was sheer pleasure to eat.
It ticked all the boxes of what I look for in a steak. Firstly, it's about 33% bigger than many that are sold out there, which accounts for the slightly higher price. I was also greeted by a mouth-watering smokiness when the waiter set the extra large dish down in front of me. Then, once I popped a piece of that ribeye in my mouth, I learned exactly how juicy and tender it was (medium-rare is the recommended done-ness). For those reasons alone, I was already grinning like a monkey. However, also appearing on the plate were above-average accompaniments of a smooth potato mash, grilled asparagus and tomatoes, as well as a little jug of creamy truffle-mushroom sauce. These gave me even more reasons to love this. And for someone who usually prefers her steak with nothing more than a sprinkle of salt, I have to say, that sauce was impossible to resist.

Set in the lush surroundings of Selatar Aerospace Park, Wheeler's Estate (by the same guys behind Wheeler's Yard) is far out enough to make a visit seem like a holiday. Prices are on the higher side, but the colonial garden setting is certainly worth paying for โ€” keep this place in mind for special date nights and group celebrations. Meat lovers, go straight for their 120-day grain fed Australian 300g Ribeye ($38) that comes with asparagus, tomato confit and mashed potatoes with mushroom sauce. Cooked over charcoal with wood chips and herbs, the meat has a wonderful woody aroma, which Burpple Tastemaker Justin Teo loves.
Avg Price: $60 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Justin Teo

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Twelve places were featured in January and another 10 places in Feb (tap the link in my profile for the Feb 2017 list). How many of these new places have you visited?
Pictured is at Wheeler's Estate featured in the Jan 2017 Edition. Next up, keep a look out for the Tastemakers Guide to AMK Hawkers which would be published really soon.


This has a nice charcoal yet woody scent on its exterior. Curious whether it was cooked by charcoal fire or wood fire, we asked Chef Jayd Kitt explained that it was over charcoal with wood chips and herbs. So loving the aroma.
The sides were stellar too, the whole lettuce was grilled whole and provide a refreshing contrast to the meat, while the roasted pumpkin with honey yoghurt was cooked till infinitely mashed - really smooth.