Spanish Octopus

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Each dish was wholesome and yummy, well worth the $30pax, made possible with burpplebeyond!
📷 (1) Spanish Octopus (2) Spicy Salmon Tartare (3) Barramundi (4) Iberico Pork (5) Black Forest Cake and Kopi-O📍Porta
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Bread was served prior to the meal.

1. Spanish Octopus
Not bad, chewy and tasty sauce!

2. Prawn & Avocado
Lovely dish! We loved it. The sauce was perfect complement to the prawns. Take note: only 4 pieces of prawns.

YAY to Burpple Beyond 1-for-1!
This 3 course set meal was super worth it!!! You get to choose an appetiser, a main and dessert.
Top set:
1. Spanish Octopus. Nice and succulent!
2. Rib-eye steak (Medium rare). Quite normal.
3. Spiced Apple Tarte Tatin. Interesting flavours with the candied bacon and apples. Rum and rasin ice cream was good!!

Bottom set:
1. Prawn & Avocado with corn chips. Love the sauces!
2. Porta burger. Meat was a bit dry but the flavours were there.
3. Not-Your-Usual Tiramisu. I really liked this broken down version of a Tiramisu!!


Reserved a table at the restaurant for my boyfriend's birthday celebration. The food was amazing!! For appetisers, we tried the Spanish Octopus and Lamb Confetti. Both were well-seasoned. For the mains, we had the Iberian pork and steak. The pork was succulent (medium-well) while the steak had a nice char (paired with spinach, mushroom and sauce). Ended off the meal with Tiramisu and Black Forest cake. Most wonderfully, the staff were polite, prompt and extremely helpful!! They went out of their way to serve a complimentary sliced cake when I merely requested for a candle to topped the desserts we had ordered. Excellent service and ambience! Thank you, team!


1. Spanish octopus❤
-The octopus was perfectly cooked - Chewy yet tender. This was my mum's favourite dish of the day and she even commented that it was the best cooked octopus she had ever eaten. Yeaps so highly recommend this dish!! The baby potatoes (patatas bravas) that comes along was also very delicious. The exterior was crispy while the interior was creamy like mash potato.
2. Prawn and avocado
- The guacamole was very well-seasoned and complemented well with the corn chips. It didnt feel overly jelat or clogging. I really love the romesco sauce as it brings an additional spice flavour to the whole dish.

1. Iberico pork chop
- Read a lot of reviews about how amazing this pork chop is. To be honest, it was good and tender but not mindblowing or impressively fantastic. The creamy tangy mash sauce can be a little too clogging after some time. Had better and more well-marinated pork chop elsewhere before but i must say that i am glad that the meat is tender and had good fat-to-meat ratio.
2. Pan-seared salmon with pumpkin sauce
- The salmon was a little too dry and overcooked. Probably might be due to the fact that i ordered well done. Could probably have the doness to be medium so that it will be more moist and tender. I was impressed by the pumpkin sauce and felt that it really complemented well with the salmon. Love the subtle natural sweetness of the pumpkin puree.

1. Deconstructed black forest
- The chocolate lava cake was on the sweeter side despite being dark chocolate. Was really impressed by the maraschino cherry's subtle acohol taste😊
2. Deconstructed tiramisu❤
- Ordered this dessert again because i really love their choco/coffee cake (perfect level of sweetness) as it was aromatic and had subtle gao bitter undertone. Really complemented well with the icecream and coffee jelly.

Worth it: 3.5/5 (Good ambience, quality as well as service. Plus the food was really above average... with the burpple beyond 1 for 1 it will BE 100% worth it)
Taste: 4/5 (Hits and misses but the standard is really above average)
Overall: 8/10

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Tried the 3 course set and really loved the appetiser we chose plus the desserts are realllly good! Spanish octopus is an absolute must try-it was so tender! Also highly recommend trying out their Iberico pork for mains and deconstructed black forest cake

1) Spanish Octopus ❤
-this was the better dish out of the two. The octopus was surprisingly very tender and flavourful (tho we find it a little too salty). The grilled baby potatoes had a very nice creamy and dense texture.
2) Grilled summer vegetables with hummus (a little too salty)

1) Rib eye steak
-They did the done-ness till perfection😊 so yeapss
2) Barramundi with Ratatouille and mussels.
-The barramundi was of premium quality and i really love the firm flakes. It really complemented well with the slight tangy ratatoulie sauce

1) Not your usual tiramisu❤
-This deconstructed was the better out of the two. I love the dark chocolate cake (i supposed it is a cake??) as it was dense, bitter and not too sweet :)
2) Key Lime Meringue
-Chose this as the staff told me it was the least sweet option. It was light and the slight sour accent of the lime was very appetizing. But i find it a little too sweet (i guess its the meringue). However, its still quite nice. I like how we chose one heavy dessert and one light dessert because they really complement well😊 we didnt feel too jelat ======
Overall we felt that the food was good. Not mind-blowingly fantastic but was above average. The service was the main highlight. The staff were very attentive and the service they provide was really the best we had (even more pricey or atas restaurants didnt had such good service). Ratings: 8/10 (its worth with burpple 1-for-1)

No go
Can go
Must go😊 (if you have burpple 1-for -1 then yeaps its affordable)



Decided to try the 3-Course Set ($60) at Porta as there is an one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond:) The set comprised of your choice of appetiser, mains and dessert, and every dish was surprisingly good! For appetiser, we had Spanish Octopus, Spicy Salmon Tartare and Prawn and Avocado. The spicy salmon tartare was refreshing and tasty. For mains, we had Prawn and Chorizo Linguine, Iberian Pork Secreto and Rib Eye Steak. The steak was super soft and juicy, love it! The tender Iberian pork shoulder is drizzled in a sweet and tangy sauce and served with creamy mash and cherry tomatoes. We ended dinner with a moderately sweet treat of Spiced Apple Tarte Tatin and a deconstructed Tiramisu. This is my first time to Porta and I’m pretty impressed with their food and service😍!

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Spanish octopus ($18++)

Aioli, Patatas Bravas, Paprika

The fried potato balls tasted good with the aioli mayo sauce.

The octopus had a nice charred taste but texture wise it was mushy like sausage.. was unlike normal octopus that is bouncy. Maybe it is overcooked before it was grilled.

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Fresh octopus, soft and flavourful!