Black Mediterranean Squid Ink Paella

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We decided to try something different for our appetizers this time round. Loved both the Sea Urchin, King Crab & Cod Brandade on Toast AND Beetroot Salad. ($30 for 2 toasts)

As a seafood lover, the toast was everything topped all in one! Only wished that I had more space for them.

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Thanks to Poovan from the FOC Group, an awe-inspiring spread was delivered to my family and I last weekend. Comprising of an assortment from the FOC Group’s central kitchen (it materialised to tackle takeaways during this Circuit Breaker), we got to indulge in the best of @foc_restaurant, @foc_sentosa and @foc_pimpam, collectively named as their “Mediterranean Brunch”.

Many of my must-haves whenever I dine at FOC restaurant formed part of this meal, for eg. the Black Squid Ink Paella which happened to travel very well and tasted good even when not piping hot. Do slather it with their housemade aioli for extra oomph.

Also proving satisfying were the #tapas of soft Beef Meatballs in a slightly spicy, tangy tomato sauce, Mushroom Croquettas (these benefited from a short spell in the oven) and Tomato Bread (the elements were packed separately to ensure the bread remained crunchy till we were ready to eat).

The two mains of Pan-seared Catch-Of-The-Day and Roasted French Chicken with “Panadera” Potatoes were flawlessly executed. We enjoyed the former for its freshness and “Salsa Verde”, and the latter for its vibrant herb-rich marinade and juiciness. I thought they both went rather well with the Roasted Cauliflower.

The fact that FOC does pizzas was something new to me. Hearty in design, theirs featured a thick crust topped with “Ratatouille”, Pork Sausages and Brie Cheese, qualifying it as a meal in itself.

Dessert was a mini feast of crunchy cinnamon-and-sugar coated #Churros with 3 kinds of dipping sauce (dark chocolate, caramel and tiramisu cream) and a duo of utterly divine FOC Swiss Roll Cakes. Don’t ask me if the caramelised egg yolk and vanilla sponge filled with cream, or the black chocolate ganache with mirror glaze was better because I was torn between them.

To wash all that food down, Poovan packed a bottle of FOC Sangria Bubbles and “Chocolate Reverse Manhattan” FOCtails by @ethan_jeong. In the basket with them was yet another thoughtful gift of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you feel the urge to splurge, FOC’s special “Mediterranean Brunch” is worth considering. Available Fridays to Sundays, it feeds 4 to 6 pax and can be delivered for FREE islandwide. Do tap on the link in @focrestaurant’s bio on Instagram to order or find out more.

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PSA the paella supposedly takes the longest to come(theres a min waiting time of 15mins) so everyone orders a paella first immediately once seated before browsing thru the menu for other items(tho idk why in our case the pork ribs came later)

Very good rendition, nicely chewy grains with cubes of squid mixed within. At this point, im abit disillusioned with the legendary socarrat because i feel like the paellas ive had all dont hold a flame to a good claypot rice socarrat. The ring where the grains meet the uncovered pan did have a nice crispiness though, but the bottom of the Pan didnt. Toppings were excellent too, esp the meaty prawns and the garlic aioli with a strong garlic accent

Yummy and sweet

Gorgeous cut of meat, done perfectly! So juicy, tender and definitely one of the star dishes for the night after the squid ink paella.

Hands down the best squid ink paella in Singapore. Way better than Binomio and that’s pretty good. Every grain was like a burst of flavors from the sea. Juicy prawns, chunky octopus, and a dollop of garlic aioli. Absolutely tasty!

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Had this a while back (think the price has increased slightly now) but I still remember how good it was! It was one of the best paellas I’ve had thus far. Each al dente grain soaked up the smoky seafood flavours and I loved the bite of them along with tender bits of squid hidden within. It was rich but not too overpowering, hence addictive and very easy to wipe clean. The dollops of garlic aioli also served as refreshing bursts through the dish - try not to mix them in as it would be masked by the squid ink. Great main to share with 2-3 other friends along with other tapas!


Highly recommend the #croquette that’s very flavorful, creamy and smooth on the inside while retaining a perfect crisp exterior and the #squidinkpaella that is rich in taste & moist and comes with juicy sweet prawns & squids. Other dishes we tried that were less enjoyable due to their confusing tastes that may not suit everyone’s palette were the #watermelongazpacho ($12) and #pumpkinpudding ($18). The potato #openfood ($12.50) was made like millecrepe, being cut into long thin layers before being stacked and we highly enjoyed the crispness of the potato when paired with the two sauces.
📍@foc_restaurant, 40 Hong Kong Street


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