Fishball Noodles

$3.00 · 4 Reviews

The star here is the chilli - it’s not the saucy kind but the dry kind that is fried till fragrant! A scoop of chilli and a piece of flat fish add much oomph to this bowl of fishball noodles👏🏻


This humble bowl of fishball noodles is what draws the crowd to the unassuming coffeeshop stall across from Mustafa Centre. Despite the long wait under hot and humid conditions during midday, our Burpple community is willing to sweat it out. What you must have is the dry version of the famed Fishball Noodles (from $3), and be sure to add on the succulent braised mushrooms and the big chunks of crunchy, deep-fried (dried) flat fish. Apart from the usual cut red chilli provided on the side, ask for the homemade chilli that is mixed with pork lard, haebee and buah keras (candlenut). Tastemaker Amanda Liu describes the chilli to be "crazy shiok and addictive", which gives the dish the extra oomph! They sell out early, so head here as early as you can to avoid disappointment.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Amanda Liu

It was slightly disappointing this time round, as compared to the previous visit, as the experience did not bring about the wow factor. Maybe the hawker had an off day today as everything didn't impress from the blend soup to underwhelming chilli and the noodles tasted rather ordinary.

Address: 12, Verdun Road, Singapore 207278


At $3 it comes with a special chili, freshly made fishballs, fish dumplings and some slices of fishcakes. Pretty much like that they included the flat fish too!