Ultimate Kaya Toast

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Fragrant(can smell as soon as it hits the table) and extremely coconutty as advertised. The texture was really velvety but I felt the burntness of the toast overwhelming the taste of the Kaya. My friend however could perceive the taste of the Kaya through the toast and he absolutely loved it


Though not the usual place to get your classic Singaporean breakfast, Pasta J’s rendition, The Ultimate Kaya Toast ($6.50) is bound to leave you wanting more. And with a name like that you know it certainly packs a punch. Made in house with coconut cream (yes, not coconut milk), egg yolks and a great deal of pandan leaves to get that emerald green colour going; it is potent stuff and oh so guuud.

Not to be mistaken for the run-of-the-mill Kaya, theirs don’t suffuse but instead gives a nice concentrated pandan and coconut flavours as the gooey concoction was all smooth, eggy, velvety and coconutty. But while you savour the fragrant and aromatic jam, lets not forget the warm, crispy evenly toasted bread which was both light and held a crumbly wafer texture complete with a thin slice of cold butter sandwiched between.

An oldie but goldie combination that can’t go wrong. Just imagine as you hold the bite-sized toast between your fingers, the warmth of the bread melts the small pat of butter inside and the sweet pandan come oozing out as you take your bite…mmmmm.

This was a hosted meal.

Have a bite and be in awe - of the velvety kaya that is strong in pandan, eggy spread made using only egg yolk without egg whites, and that smooth melty butter. The exterior of the toast was also perfect, just that thin layer of external char while retaining the softness of the bread.
$6.50 for a kaya toast? I'll be happy to pay for this. Taken during a tasting with the Burpple Tastemakers, thanks @Burpple for arranging!

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because my breakfast is better than yours. i guarantee you this is definitely not your typical kaya spread. is over-the-top, in-your-face, unshamelessly concentratedly rude but oh so fragrant af is like you had hectre of pandan leaves in that dollop spread. not coconut milk but coconut cream, heavy yolks only and sans the whites, @pastajsg is unapologetically saying this is your ultimate kaya toast. you know what, i don't think they are wrong. $6.50 for a toast but you will thank me later.
a @burpple invite, hosted by @pastajsg and a big thank you to @justinfoodprints for ordering this