Cheese Guan Yin

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The tea and the cheese just doesn't goes well together and some might find the cheese gross due to the texture and taste of it but for me it's acceptable but i don't really fancy it. Either you like it or hate it~
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This is how milk teas are supposed to taste like. The milk foam at the top gives the whole drink some texture.
Really want to try the Cheese smoothies but I scared gelat + the calories + expensive, later I pay so much for a drink to throw it away 😅 @lihosg how, should I try??
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I'm not a fan of their cheese foam drink 😐 The combination feels weird. Drink from the straw and all you taste was guan yin tea. Sip from the top and I get slightly salted cheese foam. Mix them all and it just taste like guan yin milk tea but the original guan yin milk tea from the menu taste better.


Homegrown brand LiHO, which means "how are you" in Hokkien, has replaced all 80 outlets of Taiwanese tea franchise Gong Cha. Expect a good variety of bubble tea classics like Milk Tea + Pearl (from $3.30) and Earl Grey Milk Tea ($2.90), along with their signature cheese tea, which sees a savoury cheese foam layer topping the drinks. The result is a savoury, bittersweet combination that the Burpple community is beginning to warm up to. Take Burppler Thechoyalicious :)'s advice to pair the foam with one of the Chinese tea selections, which will balance flavours nicely. Try this in the Cheese Jing Syuan Tea (from $4.10) and Cheese Guan Yin (from $4.10).
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Thechoyalicious :)


Seriously, what kind of sorcery is this? I have never thought of putting my sinful indulgence (cheese) into my cup of tea but LiHo made this breakthrough and widened my foodie horizon.

The creamy cheese foam is slightly saltish with a tinge of milky sweetness. Mysteriously, the cheesy foam went well with the slightly bitter guan ying tea. It kinda reminded me of macchiato though. 😘