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Chocolate Rhapsody

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Served over a bed of crunchy grainy chocolate soil, decorated with crunchy airy vanilla meringue and soft chocolate tuile, this decadent dessert features 3 large, creamy smooth scoops of chocolate ice cream.
The floral chocolatey sweet flavours of the garnishings complement the 80% dark chocolate ice cream with its robust chocolatey bitter sweet flavour, the 32% white chocolate ice cream with its delicate chocolatey milky sweet flavour, and the 38% milk chocolate ice cream with its bright chocolatey sweet bitter milky flavour.
Completed with a smear of chocolate fudge. No chocolate lover should miss this.
The Dark Gallery
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amazing sharing platter w/ 3 scoops of ice cream: milk, chocolate and dark! 😋

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Went for chocolate rhapsody $18. White chocolate, chocolate and dark chocolate served on soil. Really nice. Or you can go for the cone one for just $6.


Signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil and decorated with chocolate meringue, tuile and mousse​ 》$18


Rating: 🌟🌟

Price: SGD 18

Straight from their menu - "Crafted for chocolate lovers with our signature dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream on a bed of chocolate soil and decorated with chocolate meringue, tuile and mousse to indulge your senses."

Signature Dark was a little too bitter for my partner but I thought it was pretty rich and smooth. It was surprisingly less bitter than my Signature 66% Dark Chocolate Drink.

My partner preferred Signature Milk. However, it wasn't exactly to my liking because I can't really taste the chocolate. Perhaps the Signature Dark was too overwhelming that I could no longer taste the others.

Signature White is supposedly White Chocolate but we thought that it tasted more like Milk or Vanilla. There was hardly White Chocolate flavour to it.

Overall, we loved the chocolate soil/cookie crumbles/biscuits and the chocolate meringue, tuile and mousse. We thought that they complemented the ice cream very well. In fact, we like them better than the ice cream.

We'll definitely visit again soon!

P.S. Thanks again Burpple for this great opportunity!


When you can't decide what to have, just try the best of THREE world! Dark, Milk and White chocolate. Start from the bittersweet dark chocolate and slowly indulge progressively to the sweet creamy white chocolate scoop. For any desserts, there's always desire for the chocolate soil or in another word, cookie crumbs! It gives the added crunchy texture to the smooth creamy ice cream. Intense chocolate flavor made suitable for the chocolate fans!

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Still an avid fan of them, and hold a tendré towards their hot chocolate drink. Other items they offer includes Chocolate Rhapsody ($18) consisting of white, milk and their signature dark chocolate ice cream, dotted with small meringue, thin cacao tuile and creamy mousse. Portioned for sharing, the scoop to bittersweet dark chocolate was by far my favourite of the three.

The Dark Gallery
Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Unit 01-K5 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
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This Chocolate Rhapsody at the Dark Gallery is packed with some amazing flavours and textures in one bowl. @foodievstheworld @discoverthedark @urlifeonmute .
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I like how this allows you to sample three different intensities (64% Madagascar, 70% Dominican Republic and 72% Venezuela) at one go. The scoops are relatively smaller than in The Chocolate Rhapsody, and is therefore more manageable overall. Will probably stick with this the next time I come back.


If you’re coming here with at least two sweet-toothed friends, get this to share. This is perfect for those who like different types of chocolate since you get (massive) scoops of dark, milk and white chocolate ice cream, along with other chocolatey elements (think “soil”, mousse, meringue and tuile).

If you’re more into dark chocolate, I'd say go for the single dark origin platter instead.