US Prime Beef Tartare

$13.00 · 8 Reviews

This was my favourite dish of the night. Hand-chopped US prime beef served with confit egg yolk and truffle nikiri. Mix them up and wrap with either baby romaine or crispy roasted seaweed. Tasted better with the latter but we are splitting hairs here.
There was something about the truffle nikiri sauce which made this dish such a 'wow'.
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This was so good that I can have this all by myself on my next visit. Mix the yolk in and you can eat the beef with either nori or the romaine lettuce. I absolutely loved this.


I had heard Burppler @that_dex rave about how amazing their U.S. Prime Beef Tartare is. The man is right - we were like a wolf pack on fresh kill the moment it was set down in front of us.
Texture is everything when it comes to a good beef tartare, and this hit the sweet spot as the clean-tasting meat had been hand-chopped.
For extra yummy lusciousness, the confit egg yolk seasoned in truffle-laced sweet soya sauce could do no wrong. The accompanying fresh baby romaine lettuce and crispy sheets of roasted seaweed were perfect as wraps too.
A must-order for sure if you appreciate good quality red meat in its uncooked glory.


Another must-order here is this sweet creamy goodness of hand chopped US prime beef. Pour in the truffled yolk, mix it up with the beef, then put the mixture on either the seaweed or the lettuce. I could see that their ramen is trending now and you would probably order a ramen too, but please save space and start your meal with this!

By the same guys behind Standing Sushi Bar and Tanuki Raw comes this ramen and tachinomi (Japanese for 'drinking while standing') sake bar, which brings life to otherwise sleepy Waterloo Centre (a short stroll from Bras Basah MRT station). The ambience is casual with bar and table seats, so ask along a few of your favourite friends to hang out. Some tasty tries from the menu include the US Prime Beef Tartare ($13) served with a truffled egg yolk; the Loco Moco Don ($18) that sees housemade luncheon meat (you read that right!), foie gras and a sunny side up quail’s egg on rice; and the Char Siew Taiyaki Sliders ($14), a savoury twist on the fish-shaped pancakes with tender Nagano pork char siew. These are great paired with their curated selection of sake. Served in single cups that you get to bring home, try the Nyan Cup Junmai Ginjo ($28) for its lovely pear and musk melon aromas, or the Fujieda Junmai Ginjo ($29) for melon notes and a crisp finish. When you get peckish again, slurp down a bowl of their signature Sumo Ramen ($23) which sees slow-roast oxtail, braised beef tendon, sliced beef and a boneless short rib swimming in a tonkotsu based broth. All ramen orders come with free flow ajitama (flavoured, soft-boiled eggs)!
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

So the good folks behind the popular hearty rice bowls Tanuki Raw/ Standing Sushi Bar etc., has come up with yet another concept - pretty beef-centric Sumo Bar Happy, great place for a casual night out.

Don't think I've had Beef Tartare before because meat = cooked. But for a first-timer, I really enjoyed the US Prime Beef Tartare here! Perfectly tender, served with confit egg yolk, truffle nikiri, and wasabi - just mix them well to your preference and add it with the hand-chopped prime beef paired with the sides of refreshingly crunchy baby romaine and seaweed.

Thank you @sumobarhappy for a great night of good food & sakes; & @that_dex for the invite!


Didn’t eat this because I don’t take beef but it reminded me so much of Greyhound Cafe’s Complicated Noodles! Main star here’s the hand-chopped US prime beef to be paired with the truffled confit egg yolk and lettuce or roasted seaweed.

I can easily say that this is my favourite item on their menu! I'm a sucker for a good beef tartare and this one is so wonderfully addictive thanks to that creamy truffled egg yolk! 👅💦💦💦

Just beat up that little egg mixture, wangjangle it together with the hand-chopped US prime beef and have it with your choice of lettuce or seaweed. It's pure truffled, creamy goodness that I can't wait to go back for.