Cream Puff

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There’s many choices of old school buns/pastries

Bought 2 x luncheon meat buns, peanut bun, yam bun, hae bee hiam bun, butter bun, banana cake 🍌 and butter cake (he said it’s tiny so he gave me 1 more) for $8 only!

Other flavours include coconut, otah, cheese, kaya, tuna, cheese ham, red bean, chicken sausage, cream puffs and hot cross buns


Love the nostalgic homemade taste of their bakes! 😍😍 The smell of freshly baked bread is like a grandmother’s hug for your soul (and this is after the bread has been sitting out for idk how long cause I bought it at 2+pm). The custard in the cream puff was really nice and flavourful, though the pastry could have been better. The banana cake was moist and just the right balance between airy and moist! (Can only imagine how good it’ll be fresh 🤤🤤) Red bean buns have to be eaten after heating up cause warm oozy sweet red bean paste wrapped in soft sweet oldschool bread is simply like no other 💯💯 Will definitely return to try their other bakes! 😋😋

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Breakfast done right with a box of unpretentious buns. Serangoon Garden Bakery & Confectionery skips the fancy stuffs, and serves an impressive array of old-school buns. All freshly baked in-house, it was tough for me to just pick a few… So sticking to the classics I had one Luncheon Meat bun, Kaya Bun, Peanut Bun, Coconut Bun, Chicken Sausage Bun ($1/each), a slice of Banana cake and Cream Puffs (80 cents) to-go, to share with my “west-side only” family (but after a taste, I didn’t want to share any). Each distinct bake was satisfyingly good. Warm, soft and slightly sweet, the hot favourite Luncheon Meat bun was simple yet oh-so-yummy; perfect with a strong cuppa kopi or in my case Milo “gao”. However, my pick (and my mom’s since she gobbled up two puffs) would have to be the delicate, velvety cream pastry puffs which tasted great while warm and even better chilled. Light and slightly chewy, the custard hidden within had just the right amount of sweetness and would go brilliantly with tea.


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