Kimchi Tofu Stew

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Been long since I last visited this Korean eatery, and it is as wholesome and delicious as I remembered. Do not expect mind blowing standards and ambience from this place, as the food served here are more focused on being homely and affordable. I had the Spicy Bean Paste Seafood Stew with white rice ($10) and it came generous with many seafood and vegetable ingredients! The soup is like a mix of dwenjang jjigae and kimchi stew, taking good points from both styles making this really satisfying. We also got a Spicy Chicken Set ($9) and the chicken slices were so tender and flavourful! Love the portions and how wholesome the meal is here. If you are looking for something affordable in town, this is a good option!

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Hard GO βœ… Nett prices, huge portions, delicious food, extremely fast service!
Visited on: Wednesday night, 8pm

KDM has been around forever and I’ve walked past many times but never gone in. Yesterday was the 1st time and definitely not the last!

2 of us had the chicken bibimbap and kimchi tofu stew that cost only $18 in total (about the price of 1 appetiser / main at other places). Both dishes were flavorful and delicious - the bibimbap had bits of charred rice at the bottom, which I love! The portions were generous and we left the white rice that came with the stew untouched. Most impressively, the food was ready almost immediately before we got to our seats. Would 100% go back for some value for money korean food πŸ₯˜

As Burppler MichelleLIN T puts it, a steaming hot kimchi tofu stew is the best reward for a rambling tummy after a long day. "I like the no frills atmosphere at Kim Dae Mun, and what you see is really what you get." Don't dismiss this humble eatery in Concord Hotel - it dishes out superb dishes like Kimchi Fried Rice, Bulgogi and Korean Rice Cakes. Go for the Spicy Chicken Soup Set, a fiery red soup filled with loads of ingredients and sweet potato noodles. Complete the meal by sharing a potato pancake!

Photo by Burppler Eunice Pang

Mains featured in this picture are the kimchi stew ($7.50) and beef soup ($8.50), both of which comes chock full of ingredients such as tofu, meat, vegetables, eggs and even vermicelli! For those who do not take beef, you can also opt for the chicken, seafood or vegetables option. Trust me, the soup is sooo tasty it will have you polishing off every single drop of it 😌

Also, every main comes as a set with a bowl of white rice and a choice of banchan. You can also opt to upgrade your rice to red bean rice like i did for an extra $0.50. Definitely worth it because the rice is really good! Nearly every table had a bowl of red bean rice when i was there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Œ You definitely have to order their tteokbokki ($5) if you are here!! SUPER value for money.
Their tteokbokki is the best i have eaten in Singapore. The sauce is neither too watery nor too thick and hits just all the right notes and the tteok has a delightfully chewy texture 😍

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Ever since it operated out of Concorde Hotel's now defunct food court, this humble eatery has been an Orchard stalwart for affordable Korean fare. Kim Dae Mun has sinced moved into their own digs in the same building, and the crowds just keep coming β€” be prepared to join the queue during peak mealtimes. Expect foodcourt-type Korean fare, complete with the trademark sizzling hotplates, albeit served with a bit more finesse and in an atmospheric setting almost straight out of a Korean drama. The hotplate meats are tender and not overly oily β€” consider the flavourful and well-marinated Hotplate Chicken ($8). They do stews really well too. Both the Kimchi Tofu Stew ($8) and Kimchi Soup with Pork ($7.50) offer a good balance of sour and spicy, but if you're not in the mood for heat, the Bean Paste & Vegetable Soup ($7.50) goes easy on the palate and is equally comforting. Each set comes with a bowl of white rice (add 50 cents to change it to red bean rice) and a side dish of your choice.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler MichelleLIN T

A steaming hot kimchi tofu stew is the best reward for a rambling tummy after a Long day.

I like the no frills atmosphere at Kim Dae Mun and what you see is really what you get.

The Kimchi is so flavourful and the soup is flavoured just right ( neither too spicy or too salty ). The toufu is tender and acts most like a sponge - a burst of flavour with every mouthful :)

As a side dish , you get a copious amount of ikan billis and there is a choice to top up a little to change your rice to brown rice.

For SGD 8 in the heart of Orchard , this is definitely a must - go !


Not to be confused with all the red coloured korean food out there! Soft tofu stew is just as spicy as it looks but without the deep savoury sourness that would otherwise come along in a kimchi stew. Authentic restaurants like this one use the right kind of tofu which really adds to the whole texture of the soup.


Easily one of the best and affordable korean food around. Soft tofu stew and bibimbap are also great to have here.

I keep coming back here again and again for affordable and tasty Korean food! The kimchi stew here is chock full of ingredients and makes for a very satisfying meal.


Uh oh! The trip to Wang Dae Bak yesterday got me started on my Korean food craving. So I headed back to Kim Dae Mun, located on the 2nd floor of Concorde hotel now, for a cheap and good Korean meal. Featuring one of my favorites from the store, Kimchi Stew with Pork! At a mere $7.50, expect an collision of savoury, spicy and sour in every mouthful. This is about the most flavour-packed kimchi soup I've had at this price point. Not forgetting to mention the never ending amount of tofu, pork slices and kimchi. Its authentic flavours and generous portions are amongst the many reasons why this place sees a regular flow of Korean patrons.