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Aburi Duck Teriyaki + Onsen Egg

$10.00 · 3 Reviews

Imagine smoked duck together with teriyaki sauce, topped with sous vide egg and sushi rice. Personally find it quite salty: from the sauce and the smoked duck itself. The portion is good and sufficient for belly filling.


Whilst the latter’s salmon slab exists in a heavenly state between solid-liquid, the former’s belly is decidedly F45 Training-esque in its athletic firmness. 3.6/5


Raw Salmon Don - $10
Slices of Salmon Sashimi waiting to be indulged. Rice is rather hard and dry without any sauces to accompany, but with the price tag I can’t complain more. Try ordering their Salmon Belly Teriyaki for $15 for sharing, melts in your mouth, so sinfully awesome. Would be perfect if they drizzled more sauce. Tucked away at Sunshine Plaza, do come early or be prepared to wait! They are closed for after lunch hours by the way
District Sushi