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Grilled Fish with Green Pepper

$39.90 · 15 Reviews

Considering how FOMO I am (as P always says), I surprised myself by taking so long to try it given how this grilled fish thingy was in-thing when it just opened (and is still popular)😝 @owyongxxv and I ordered the Grilled Fish with Green Pepper - Limbo Fish ($45.90), adding the Golden Combination ($12.90), consisting of golden mushrooms, potato, lotus roots and crab stick (for our case the lotus roots were not available and thus replaced with seaweed). When the fish just came, my first thought was ‘oopsie I don’t think we can finish it’. True enough, it felt like the fish meat was never-ending. We eventually didn’t manage to finish the fish, as it was really quite a lot. We almosttttt did though, and were left feeling stuffed.

Taste-wise, I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. I generally avoid overly spicy food as I feel that the spice overwhelms the taste of the food and results in me being unable to properly enjoy and savour its taste, but in this case, I felt that the flavour we ordered was tasty in a rather addictive manner and not overly spicy (note: still spicy but bearable and I can still properly taste the food). Of course, if you are a big fan of the feeling of burn on your tongue, there are other spicier flavours for you to choose from. If you can’t take spicy, there are also non-spicy flavours catering to you. For this kind of grilled fish though, I think some spice is good for the kick😝

We then washed it all down with some chilled Erdinger😊

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We ordered Grilled fish with green peppers and some main snacks and cold dishes with the burpple 1 for 1. It was good, we saved $14.70 . And the staff saw us taking out cakes to eat after eating the meal and knew we were celebrating my birthday, and treat us Brown sugar ice jelly which is in their menu as dessert. Thanks for Tan Yu's treat.

It’s a lot of green chilli and peppercorns. Although it’s spicy, it leans towards 麻辣 (numb and spicy).

We went ahead with the recommended tender, juicy & tasty limbo fish and added the golden combination 黄金组合 that consist of crab stick, enoki, lotus root and potato cooked underneath the fish, absorbing all the shiokness from the savoury and spicy gravy》$42.90 + $12.90 Golden Combination


The wait was over an hour, and can’t believe we still went ahead though it was just nice our turn as we finished with shopping. Full action of IG story.
For 1st-timers who have never heard of Chongqing-style grilled fish, think fish that has been pre-grilled and then submerged into a broth of your choice across the variety of different spice levels and spices.
The classic is this Grilled Fish with Green Peppers ($42.90 for the Ling Bo fish). The broth is an addictive concoction numbing and spicy, albeit not the spiciest yet (this is only rated two chillis out of 3). You can also order side ingredients like vegetables and luncheon meat to dunk into the broth, or go with a choice of cold side dishes as we did. The fish itself has enough meat for four to share along with other sides, or just two to share with 1-2 sides. Rice is your best buddy to dunk the meal down with.
Side dishes: Cold bean noodles in chilli sauce and marinate beancurd skin. The variety and flavours are dazzling, which can only mean, another trip. #tanyu #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending

Ordered Grilled Fish with Green Pepper ($39.90) with rice.
Fish was fresh. Sauce was savory and spicy. Was not too oily despite the layer of oil over the sauce.
Their sides/dessert (glutinous rice balls and rice cakes) were tasty too.
However. The restaurant had bad ventilation. The smoke from the gas stoves were overwhelming and it was slightly difficult to breathe in there.

Overall: Food is good, price is ok but ambience is a big minus point as I wonder if inhaling so much smoke is unhealthy

Hailing from Guangdong, this grilled fish concept in Somerset hits the mark for a fun dinner with your friends. Get the Grilled Fish with Green Peppercorns ($39.90) — smoky, juicy fish steeped in mildly spicy soup. On sides, share the cold Chicken in Chilli Sauce ($9.90) and the Double Taste Rice Cakes ($7.80) for dessert!
Photo by Burppler Zhihui Lim

For those who love mala, go for our table’s unanimous favourite - the green pepper grilled fish for that mild numbing tangy spiciness - very addictive.

The spiciness was actually a wee bit more manageable than my expectations (by my standards). For non-spicy options, with up to 12 flavours to choose from, you can bet there’s something for everyone!


Between their mixed chilli version (think intimidatingly fiery red) and this, their green pepper version surprisingly won out! Instead of a full on assault on your senses, this has a wider appeal with a great balance of saltiness and spice that’ll have you dunking everything in that gravy. 👅💦💦

There’s a wide variety of fish to pick from too. The Lim Bo here is great if you want soft, easy-to-eat flesh but we liked the Qiang Jiang fish ($42) a bit more which had more flavour and a firmer texture.


If you have a love for spice, don’t let the mountain of chillies scare you as it wasn’t exactly that spicy! We got the QingJiang fish with additional tofu skin ($2.90), black fungus ($2.90) and seaweed ($2.90). It was good, nicely fragrant and spicy, but in comparison, it didn’t wow us as much as the more appetising Grilled Fish with Green Pepper! The choice of fish though, was one we were all a fan of - very tender but still had a good firm bite.

Thank you @tanyu_sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻‍♀️


THIS WAS SUPER SHIOK. Absolutely enjoyed the appetising sour-spicy broth and the nice balance of numbness from the peppercorns. With each grilled fish, you can opt for additional ingredients to go along (recommended for a maximum of 4 types). We went with the recommended Golden Combination ($10.90 - golden mushrooms, potato, lotus root, crab stick) as well as sweet potato noodles ($2.90). It can get really salty in between but the friendly servers go around to top up plain broth to manage that. Fish was tender, soft and meaty, while the other ingredients soaked up all the flavour totally. This would be a killer pairing with white rice! The only change I’d go for next time is to get the QiangJiang Fish 清江鱼 ($42) instead, as that was equally tender but had a better firm bite I preferred. If you’re at loss of what to get, their knowledgeable servers give good recommendations and pairings based on your likings and spice tolerance.

Thank you @tanyu_sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻‍♀️