Grilled Fish with Green Pepper

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The grilled fish taste amazing. Not only that, even the side dish was really good. Especially the mantou.

Recommend everyone to give a shot! The downside is that sometimes the queue might be overwhelming. We went during odd hours so we managed to get a seat in 10-20minutes. Other than that, it’s a great place for dining!

Rate 4.5/5

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Succumbed to all the advertising Tan Yu was doing earlier in December 😂 no regrets (apart from the long waiting time since we didn’t have a reservation wow).

It was my companions and I’s first visit to Tan Yu so we decided on something not too spicy and added mushrooms. The fish was was delicious, the sauce was delicious with rice and there weren’t too many bones to pick apart. More numbing than spicy type of heat, this is a dish even non-spicy lovers can handle.

We also ordered their rice cakes which was served with a sweet soy sauce, so delicious!!!! Would definitely come back to Tan Yu again.

Tried the Grilled Fish with Green Pepper today. It was decidedly less salty than the Garlic flavour with the Green Peppers adding a tolerable level of spiciness to the whole dish.

It was not spicy however there was a numbing taste, similar to mala.
Tasted good but it was very salty.
Limbo fish was chosen.

Price inclusive of GST and Service Charge: $54.02

Ranked from my fav to least. Green pepper one is so good with the numbing flavour, it’s like the middle of xiao to zhong la when you eat mala.
Soy sauce flavour one is very easy to eat and goes super well with rice and can help neutralise the spice a bit if you eat with the green pepper one 😋
Red pepper or flame is my least recommended as it can be too oily and the veg and fish loses its flavour over time.
Now that they offer delivery/ take out, it’s actually more affordable as you can add whatever ingredients you like when you eat at home. It comes with the solid fuel and container and set up so you can enjoy your grilled fish hot 👍🏼 #tanyusg #sgfoodies #burpple #grilledfish #bestmammamlist

Tan yu 探鱼 surely doesn’t sting(y) on the amount of chilli and peppercorns on their grilled fish. Even tho I normally order “zhong la (中辣)” for ma la (麻辣), their grilled fish with green pepper was on a whole new level of ma (麻) (in a delicious way). 😂 Each portion was big enough for 2-3 persons to share. The limbo fish was really tender and fresh ($45.90). I highly recommend for you to add on their golden combination to your fish, consisting of golden mushrooms, potato, lotus root and crab stick ($12.90). Remember to let the the ingredients simmer longer to absorb the flavours of the broth, esp the potato where it will soften till it melts in your mouth! Overall Rating: 4/5✨

Moderately spiciness and numbness. Quite a good level of heat to suit most tastebuds. Picked the Limbo fish which as described, had smooth, fine and tender flesh. Added on low calorie sides like conjac jelly and seaweed to fill us up.

Considering how FOMO I am (as P always says), I surprised myself by taking so long to try it given how this grilled fish thingy was in-thing when it just opened (and is still popular)😝 @owyongxxv and I ordered the Grilled Fish with Green Pepper - Limbo Fish ($45.90), adding the Golden Combination ($12.90), consisting of golden mushrooms, potato, lotus roots and crab stick (for our case the lotus roots were not available and thus replaced with seaweed). When the fish just came, my first thought was ‘oopsie I don’t think we can finish it’. True enough, it felt like the fish meat was never-ending. We eventually didn’t manage to finish the fish, as it was really quite a lot. We almosttttt did though, and were left feeling stuffed.

Taste-wise, I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. I generally avoid overly spicy food as I feel that the spice overwhelms the taste of the food and results in me being unable to properly enjoy and savour its taste, but in this case, I felt that the flavour we ordered was tasty in a rather addictive manner and not overly spicy (note: still spicy but bearable and I can still properly taste the food). Of course, if you are a big fan of the feeling of burn on your tongue, there are other spicier flavours for you to choose from. If you can’t take spicy, there are also non-spicy flavours catering to you. For this kind of grilled fish though, I think some spice is good for the kick😝

We then washed it all down with some chilled Erdinger😊

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We ordered Grilled fish with green peppers and some main snacks and cold dishes with the burpple 1 for 1. It was good, we saved $14.70 . And the staff saw us taking out cakes to eat after eating the meal and knew we were celebrating my birthday, and treat us Brown sugar ice jelly which is in their menu as dessert. Thanks for Tan Yu's treat.

It’s a lot of green chilli and peppercorns. Although it’s spicy, it leans towards 麻辣 (numb and spicy).

We went ahead with the recommended tender, juicy & tasty limbo fish and added the golden combination 黄金组合 that consist of crab stick, enoki, lotus root and potato cooked underneath the fish, absorbing all the shiokness from the savoury and spicy gravy》$42.90 + $12.90 Golden Combination