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Mixed Grill

$33.00 · 7 Reviews

Mix dinner up with modern Mediterranean. Start with a round of creamy, addictive Hummus Original ($13) and Falafel ($14) to share. Then, dig into the Mixed Grill ($33) with juicy, tender kebabs that never disappoint.
Photo by Burppler Teo Wei

One of the rare times I ventured out of conventional Asian/European cuisine and this mixed grill ($33) from Urban Bites didn’t disappoint!! Nobody says no to kebabs especially when they are as juicy and tender as these.

Perfect for sharing, chomp down on four charcoal-grilled kebabs served with a light and garlicky toum dip. Whilst the Shish Taouk (cubed chicken) and Kafta Chicken (minced chicken) were well-seasoned and suitably moreish, the Shikaf Lahmeh (cubed beef tenderloin) was a little dry. My preferences might be skewed toward stronger flavours, but I favoured the moist and tasty Kafta Lamb (minced lamb) most.

This was an invited tasting courtesy of @urbanbitessg and @sixthsensepr

Taste: 3.5/5

Lebanese food, a Middle Eastern cuisine commonly known as Mediterranean, is definitely unusual locally. And the 10 years old family-owned @urbanbitessg coupled the authentic Lebanese food with a modern twist which i find it interesting yet acceptable to local tastebuds. In fact, it’s really something unique empowering sweetness, savoury and served with appetising yoghurt-like sauce. New item in frame, Samke Harra ($29), a pan-seared seabass baked to crispy crusted skin and served with homemade smoky baba ghanoush and potato slices. Why not go for something different for your next gathering/celebration, especially this festive season. Go Lebanese.
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This Mixed Grill ($33) is a long-standing signature, and there's need to question why - hearty skewers of perfectly done, charcoal-grilled kebabs (cubed beef tenderloin, minced lamb, minced chicken and cubed chicken) enjoyed with extremely crisp fries and an airy, almost fluffy Lebanese garlic dip. #MediaTasting #FindNewFood

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the rice and meat were very flavourful. the lamb skewers and chicken were juicy, beef was good too but a bit tough. Share with a friend!