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Musang King Durian

$9.80 · 4 Reviews

This cafe along King Albert Park serves up delicious gelatos housed in Macaron-esque capsules (to ensure freshness) befitting for a cool respite on hot days. Durian lovers, don't hesitate to get the Musang King Durian ($9.80) for its smooth texture and intense flavour. Otherwise, the fragrant Roasted Oolong ($5.80) or the tangy and fruity Pomelo Tea ($5.80) will satisfy.
Photo by Burppler Mr Digester 😋


Turn to this specialty cafe located at King Albert Park for catch-ups with an old friend. Displayed in pods, the gelato is churned into beautifully peaked soft-serve upon order — super fresh. If you're a durian fan, the Burpple community recommends the Musang King Durian ($9.80) for its smooth texture and intense flavour. Go for the light and fluffy swiss rolls here as well, such as the Vanilla Cheese Roll ($4).
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Really liked the smooth texture and intense flavours of the gelato here. It’s also “sugar-free”, but that’s only because they use an artificial sweetener, maltitol (fyi: still a carb). Oh and apparently, this chain is from Taiwan.

It’s a little pricey (there’s 25% off till end Jan!) but it’s a cosy place to chill and catch up. They also have coffee, teas and their own bakes.


Visited Camaca at King Albert Park recently; currently at soft-launch phase serving specialty coffee and gelato, the gelato are being presented in a macaron-esque form in the display fridge. When ordered, the staff then removes the packaging and places them into a machine, which churns them out in a soft serve-esque form.

Whilst not being as sticky and dense as Italian gelato, the gelato carries a smooth, light and creamy texture despite its rough aesthetics. The Musang King Durian flavour is pungent, with evident notes of the king of fruits which rounds off pretty well without being excessively heavy — should work pretty well for Durian lovers.