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The Milky Way

$7.00 · 14 Reviews

White cold brew coffee in a pretty bottle- refreshing for a hot Sunday morning!

Rating: 4/5

The tart (or is it a pie?) had a good amount of zest and citrus, and the filling was light and airy with a mousse-like consistency. The crust was soft and buttery, and crumbled upon contact with the fork. I recommend trying this. The lime rinds sprinkled on top was a nice touch. A pretty photogenic tart.
The Milky Way bottled cold crew was milky as expected, but very linear in taste. It lacked the coffee punch, but as the name suggests, it is meant to be a milky beverage. The dairy will take centre stage. SGD 7 is a little steep. I love the bottle design though!
📍Atlas Coffeehouse, 6 Duke's Rd, Singapore 268886
💰SGD ~7


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I like the creamy soba noodles and the lime & yogurt sauce makes the food more appetizing! The Milky Way coffee is a good option to complete the meal! :)

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V60 Filter Coffee: $6
quite fruity (read: acidic/sour)

The Milky Way (White Cold Brew): $6.50
milky and smooth!

The Milky Way ($7) is milky and sweet, rich and creamy, all in a good balance. With a good tartness and a fairly dense curd, the Key Lime Pie makes a good dessert treat.
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With an extensive Coffee Menu that's spoils & also fulfilled every caffeine addict, comes the Black Bird. That is if you are into Cold Brews (which I am totally into with the weather in SG) 🏵
The Black Bird comes with a tasting of 3 cold brews, it got my curiosity but the Nitro Brew caught my attention & heart. It's like drinking a carbonated black coffee, it's either you Love it or Hate it kinda thing. 😋

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