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Truffle Wagyu Don

$13.90 · 75 Reviews

Amazingly tender wagyu beef with soft boil egg. Absolutely delicious and will go again!

Nothing spectacular to write home about.
Tastes like a rather average bowl of truffle wagyu Don. Have definitely tasted better options out there. BUT. That being said, with the 1-1, this comes out to about $8.50 a bowl and it’s value for money. If you’re paying full price, then burning oak and waa cow might be a better choice.

This bowl of truffle wagyu don was amazing! Price was very expensive for such a small bowl tho, so thank god for the 1-for-1! Should’ve ordered the big bowl instead, but it’s almost twice the price. Wondering if the portion would be twice as big. I’ll definitely go back again!

💵 $27.90 (large)
⭐ 5/5

Has everything u would want in a beef bowl. Yoshinoya beef bowl on steroids!
Feels worth it 1for1 on BBeyond

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Back here twice already, and will readily recommend it if you want a solid don. With a group of friends, it was great to share all their signature dishes

The ever tantalising Signature Truffle Wagyu Don, where you can smell the truffle permeating the air. My slight grip is that it can get salty after awhile, but wobbly fragrant egg, check, generous tender beef slices checked, happiness checked. ($21.90 for Large)

Our next favourite is the mentaiko salmon don ($18.90 for R) with a slight scorched taste. The barachirashi ($17.90 for R) and spicy salmon don ($17.90 for R) was alright too, but the spiciness for the salmon don comes from the little chili, so be warned.

Thankful for pocket friendly dons, but do go for the regular or large sizes if you are famished. Its also on BB!

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Truffle wagyu don:
Beef was soft and tender, but a little too rare for my liking. Otherwise, the dish was very fragrant due to the truffle oil used. Can get jelak after awhile though so I recommend sharing. Ordered large but honestly its a normal portion size and just enough to keep you full.

Mentaiko Salmon don:
Salmon chunks were juicy and thick with a generous layer of mentaiko sauce. Came with a surprise of tamago bits at the bottom and topped off with seaweed and fish eggs. Like the truffle wagyu don, it was also jelak after a few bites. Recommend sharing this and the truffle wagyu don for a taste of both bestsellers without feeling too jelak.

Similarly, the price of the truffle wagyu don ($27.90++) has increased significantly since Rakki Bowl opened last year! This item, however, has maintained its standards. The onsen egg, when mixed in, created a thick sauce that coated the rice grains evenly and lent a terrific flavour. The beef slices were tender, not too fatty and charred nicely; with some garlic chips to add texture.

Ordered the truffle wagyu don (large, $27.90) and it was yummy! Slightly salty for me but the beef pieces were extremely tender, the egg went so well with the rice and beef... every mouthful was sooo good. Very filling as well!

Used BB 1 for 1 so it was $15.35 per pax. Would go back again.

Super worth it to use with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1! Very delicious bowl, with fried garlic garnished, love it!

Weekday lunch! We both got the regular sized bowls. They are very generous with the beef slices, which were q tender and easy to eat. The rice was cooked nicely, but I found the sauce a bit sweet. Would return, it’s satisfying and affordable with Beyond. -W