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Truffle Wagyu Don

$13.90 · 64 Reviews

got the regular bowls and it’s really worth!

Nubbad, decent portions and quality for this price! But not my favourite from this shop. This wouldn't be why I return to Rakki Bowl for more.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

Finally tried the truffle Wagyu don ($14.90) at the highly raved @rakkibowl !! Love the onsen egg and strong truffle taste infused into the rice. At this price point it’s definitely worth the price and you can even get 1-for-1 with @burpple beyond

the smell of truffle permeates the air the moment the wagyu don is being served, and with every mouthful of the don, the pleasant smell of truffle lingers till you finish the meal. real truffle or not, the truffle lover in me is pleased. the beef and rice were well cooked; soft tender beef on chewy rice which were coated by a thin film of egg. however the sauce was a tad too sweet, overwhelming the otherwise perfect bowl of rice. supposedly an unassuming dish, the salmon in the salmon don was fresh and cut into generous cubes. paired with the tamago and cucumber, the combination is refreshing and sufficiently sweet and may i say i might like this better than the wagyu don?
but lbr, the best part of the meal had to be the dutiful boyfriend and lunch buddies who allowed me to restrict them from eating before i was done with the photos.

Delicious and lots of flavour but left a very salty aftertaste, would be better if they tone it down

The Truffle Wagyu Don from Rakki Bowl has garnered lots of buzz ever since their inception. Having tried it recently, i totally agree with all the rave reviews.

The beef slices were very tender, and each bite was filled with a delightful truffle aroma; mix that with the onsen egg, chives, shallot and rice for a winning combination.

What’s even sweeter is that Rakki Bowl is on Burpple Beyond, so bring along a food buddy for some beefy goodness at half the price!


I used to come here even without the 1 for 1 and I thought it's worth it as well!

With the Burpple Beyond 1 for 1, we only paid 20++ for 2 bowls of donburi goodness 😋 The truffle wagyu don is soft and tasty, salmon don is pretty fresh too~ Would come back for a quick and cheap donburi fix!

Salmon Mentaiko Don is 😍🤤!! Paid $30 1-for1 deal for Salmon Mentai Don and Signature Truffle Wagyu Don. Salmon cubes are raw.

Prepare to be greeted by generous amounts of THICC fat slices of salmon, tuna and swordfish with a perfectly balanced bowl of lightly seasoned rice below. With burpple beyond, I will say that this is a steal. Can't wait to be back to try the signature truffle wagyu don!

Beef is tender and tasty. Topped with garlic, truffle, and a perfectly cooked sous vide egg. Fragrant and not too overwhelming. Worth every penny for the portion and quality.