From the Burpple community

I wanted to try their Lor Mee but it was always sold out. Gotta go before 1pm I think. So I got my default fav and added Ngor Hiang to comfort myself. The Ngor Hiang was really good. Will always add this next time. Noodles were dried out by the time I got home, so the prawn soup was a life saver.

One of the few stalls opened at night. The chicken chop was really tender. Sauce was surprisingly on the sweet side.

Soup was sweeter than the one given along with the dry noodles. Quite spicy too. Fresh ingredients. Esp appreciated the deveined and deshelled prawns.

Came for BCM but saw many people eating this. Indeed, it was good. The sauce coated the noodles well, although a tad oily. Abundant fried shallots made me smile. Pork slices and prawns were fresh. Chili not spicy enough. I will ask for extra chili next time. Soup had a slight bitter taste.

This bowl had everything: fish balls & fish cakes, meatballs & minced meat, chewy mushrooms and lots of crispy pork lard. Noodles not over cooked, quite Q. Delicious.

Not a difficult place to find... Nice and price reasonable.. no reason for not trying... :)