These epic monstrosities have been flooding Instagram of late, and thanks to @alainlicious, I got to have a taste of them yesterday. This Coffee Avocado shake is a best-seller and it's no wonder why. It's delicious.

At $18.90, it's leaning more towards a dessert than a mere ol'fashioned milkshake, with embellishments of biscuits, whipped cream and wafers protruding out of or miraculously balanced atop the mason jug. They sure don't call this an "Over the Top" milkshake for no reason. But beneath all the glitz and glam, the coffee shake itself is gloriously velvety and rich, with milky vanilla and avocado flavours underpinning the strong top notes of espresso.

So decadent!
Jennifer Yeo yah! Too bad you couldn't come yesterday 😞
Now I really regret!