One of the latest dessert creations at Old Hen Kitchen — featuring elements such as Koicha, Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream and Speculoos Crumb, the Koicha (which itself is a thick matcha) is served on the side to be poured in before eating.

As Koicha is also known as thick tea, the matcha flavours are likely to appeal to those who love matcha at its purest — it's bitter aroma shines through here, occasionally turning a little bit umami with a hint of lingering saltiness around. The vanilla ice-cream carries the neutral flavours and a creaminess to help counter against the Koicha, with the speculoos cookie crumbs adding a sweet crunch to the dessert. Thought the dessert was a little off balance, being slightly heavy on the Koicha — probably could be better with a slightly larger scoop of ice-cream and more speculoos cookie crumbles provided.

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