One of the latest dessert creations at Old Hen Kitchen — featuring elements such as Koicha, Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream and Speculoos Crumb, the Koicha (which itself is a thick matcha) is served on the side to be poured in before eating.

As Koicha is also known as thick tea, the matcha flavours are likely to appeal to those who love matcha at its purest — it's bitter aroma shines through here, occasionally turning a little bit umami with a hint of lingering saltiness around. The vanilla ice-cream carries the neutral flavours and a creaminess to help counter against the Koicha, with the speculoos cookie crumbs adding a sweet crunch to the dessert. Thought the dessert was a little off balance, being slightly heavy on the Koicha — probably could be better with a slightly larger scoop of ice-cream and more speculoos cookie crumbles provided.

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A MATCHA Avalanche.
Matcha Lava flowing down into roasted green tea gelato and chocolate soil.
Who loves MATCHA here? #danielfooddiary

Did a takeaway in the afternoon and reheated my croissant before eating it now. The pastry remained flaky and crispy. However the best was the thick matcha oozing out when I sliced the croissant into half. Gorgeous.

What's that?! You just add green tea into a brownie and ta-daaa Lor!😂 Actually, it is the Chef's creation by adding a twist to the classic brownie. What's the twist? Green tea & white chocolate chip!😁 Awesome & Special!😊 Have an amazing long weekends guys!🙆 (while I will be hoping that this long weekend past by as slow as possible😩)

This is another store in CBD whereby you can get Thai milk tea from. There's an after taste to the tea which I personally do not like but at this price who can complain right.

Thick tasty matcha ice cream milkshake stacked with a slice of Matcha Goma Cake, Azuki red beans, dark chocolate wafers and golden cornflakes rimmed around the mug using Nutella. The shake isn't overwhelmingly sweet but if you’re planning on tasting ALL flavours, be sure to bring plenty of friends like what I did so you can share them around. Pls note that this is only available on mon to fri from 5pm and sat from 1.30pm.

At first it looked like the waitress just served us paper towels to wipe our hands before dessert. Then we realised it was mochi wrapped like a paper towel. With this thin mochi and the ice cream and red bean inside the results was just delicious!

A little sweet to end the day. Matcha lava cake was great, ice cream was bad. Having molten matcha flowing out from a cake is brilliant.

Cost: $6.90

😌 Tried their matcha chiffon, which claims to be the softest chiffon cake in Singapore. Hmm.. I guess I'm not so convinced. 😅

Isn’t this matcha sumi soft serve a beauty?

#DanielFoodDiary in #Bangkok


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