Was recommended by a friend to try them out. A small hole-in-the-wall shop that only has three tables lined up at the aisle for dine-in. Bami Meatball feature meatball, greens and pate with an option for chili. Fillings were generous, as each bite contains juicy, crunchy greens with tender meatballs that are soft to the bite, and chili to spice things up. The pate is stuffed at the ends where the baguette was split into half to ensure that the fillings do not slide out of the sandwich. Bread was quite reminiscent of Nam Nam's; light and fluffy without feeling too loaded with carbs, but the exterior seemed to be a little more crispier. Really value-for-money, for they don't scrimp on condiments despite being in this price range ($5.00), and that you could actually feel the effort with how they construct the sandwich. Will be back to check out the other Bami that they offer here (they have a Bami Fish too!)

Looks so yummz
Denise Ong certainly enjoyed it!