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Located at the foot of Mount Faber, the junction of Wishart & Morse Road. Serving coffee, all-day brunch, and many more. Call 63520768 to make reservations.

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Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50
Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50
Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50
Main Dish
SAVE ~$18.50

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From the Burpple community

Even though the softshell crab curry received much reviews and hype, I will say the star here is the Salmon.

The curry was no doubt aromatic and flavourful, but it was not as satisfying. The serving of the crabs were also not much to begin with. Call me Asian, but if rice was provided it would have been more satisfying.

The salmon on the other hand was well seasoned and cooked. Furthermore, there were many ingredients as well which made the dish wholesome! Do give it a try next time!

Fried chicken breast with mashed potatoes,poached egg and sautéed mushroom, nicely paired with creamy mushroom gravy. The fried chicken is very tender and goes very well with the mushroom gravy.

P/S: Also available at Burpple Beyond

When you have nth to eat at Vivo, come down a few stops to discover this wonderful cafe that serves great food!

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💰 $18

This is really value for money. They gave a big chunk of salmon and vegetables. It was a combination of good quality and quantity. It was really worth it when you use Burpple 1 for 1.


💰 $16

First time trying farfalle pasta. The portion was quite big, and they gave us generous amount of mushroom and bacon and it was also delicious!

This little cafe never disappoints!
Order the Soft Shell Crab Pasta and yes yumsss!
Generous with the portion of crabs and the sauce is just perfect for one of those days in need for comfort food. Recommended!