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Soft Shell Crab Curry

$18.00 · 81 Reviews

The salmon was cooked to perfection ❤️ We also had the soft shell crab pasta which was delicious🤤 Super worth it with burrple beyond one for one deal.

nice ambience, small and cozy cafe. chilli crab pasta was decadent, but abit jelat towards the end. will come back again!

Ordered the Chilli Crab Pasta ($18) and Truffle Mushroom Bacon Pasta ($17). Both were tasty. The chilli crab pasta had a slight tinge of spice and the serving size was different. I recommend to make reservations as the place was full on a Friday night.

Ambience was nice, recommend to come in small groups. The curry was too spicy for my friend and I, but the cauliflower in it was delicious. Bread was toasted to crispy. We ordered the waffles with ice cream to “cool down” our stomach and it was delicious! The chocolate ice cream was yummy. There was home made salted caramel sauce drizzled on our waffles, which complemented with the dish well. Would come here to try other dishes again.

pasta was good!! a little bit too al dente for me but was good overall. sauce had that spicy kick and the soft shell crab was tasty :-)

Love how each dish comes in huge portions and are packed full of fresh vegetables! Got the beef mac and cheese (must get), mad about salmon dish and 2 servings of the pork ribs. The pork ribs were good but we not as amazing as the other 2 dishes. Would be back to try the chilli crab pasta, it looked good!

💵: $18

📈: 6.5/10

🤔: Would have been better if it was less ketchup-y and spicier. But overall, it is an okay dish as pasta was al dente, and the soft shell crab was fried well.

We had soft shell crab curry ($17) - the crab was crispy and had a good amount of meat, truffle salmon mac and cheese ($17) - cheesy and tomatoey without being jelat, and fuel+ iced tea ($5.5) - I like the citrus kick. Burpple 1-1 makes it even more worth it!

Ordered the soft shell crab pasta, which was loaded with generous amounts of gravy with crab meat! Loved this although it was a little too spicy for me.

My fam and I were all mind blown by the neighbour’s curry! It was rich and creamy and tasted like a mixture of curries from all different cultures. It was accompanied by a few pieces of garlic naan, which was already delicious on its own, but became absolutely dreamy when paired with the curry gravy! It was my family’s pick out of everything we ordered.

This meal came at a shockingly affordable price at $36 for 4 quality mains! (With the burpple deals) I would suggest they adjust their ac to be a tad stronger as my dad was sweating buckets by the time he was done with the neighbour’s curry hahaha

Taste: 8.5/10
Presentation: 8.5/10
Ambience: 7.5/10

“Cafe for refilling fuel” ・ 📌Fuel Plus+ ・ #本日のburpple活動 Burppleで素敵カフェ発見。 土曜日の13時過ぎに行ったら大賑わい。 レジに並ぶ列がお店の外に出そうな勢いでした。 Carbonara Farfalle (-$16) Chili Crab $18 Ultimate French Toast $15 税、サービス料の++が掛からず、計$33。 パパが頼んだフレンチトーストはアイスクリームがFrench Vanilla, Belgium Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey, Thai Milk Tea, Matchaから選べたのでEarl Greyをチョイス。 ブリオッシュトーストはフライのようなサクサク感。まるでフライの衣のようにサクサクのオーツで包まれていて、でも中はしっとりで、 Nutellaが染み込んでて新感覚。 これ好きだわ〜。 わたしが頼んだチリクラブのパスタはサクサクのソフトシェルクラブがまず美味し。 パスタはかなりアルデンテ。 蟹の身が入ったトマトベースのソースはクリーミーで甘みがあるけど、ピリ辛でスイートチリソースに近い感じ。 子供達に頼んだカルボナーラは卵とチーズが濃厚で、ポーチドエッグの半熟加減も良し。パスタの茹で加減もよくもちもちで、ソースがよく絡んで美味しい。 パスタが子供達が好きなリボン型で大喜び。 白を基調とした店内は、ピンクゴールドのランプやゴールドのパイプ、青のタイルがバランス良くて、どこを切り取ってもお洒落。 一歩お店の外に出ると、緑豊かでニワトリがあちこちに歩いている長閑な風景。 行ったことはないけどbedokの@refuelcafesgの姉妹店だそう。 パンケーキも美味しそうだったからまた来よう。 #fuelplussg @fuelplussg #fuelplus #sgcafe #cafesingapore #sgcafehopping #sgcoffee #singaporecoffee #cafestagram #singaporetrip #travelsingapore #singaporeinsiders #singaporediaries #singapolife #briochefrenchtoast #シンガポール #シンガポールカフェ #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール暮らし #シンガポール生活 #シンガポール情報 #シンガポール旅行 #シンガポール観光 #シンガポール在住 #シンガポールカフェ巡り #シンガポール女子旅 #burpple #みど散歩