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Soft Shell Crab Curry

$18.00 · 68 Reviews

Had the tomyum seafood pasta (front) and the chilli crab pasta (back). Was pleasantly surprised by the amount of seafood given in the tomyum seafood pasta, but it got a little jelat at the end as it’s a cream-based pasta. Chilli crab pasta was alright. It was a good deal with Burpple Beyond (my friend and I paid $9 each), but it was quite inaccessible and I might not go back if I didn’t have Burpple Beyond

Fettuccine was a little soft but still had a decent bite and sauce was nice (slightly tangy, a little spicy and pretty eggy)! 🤤🤤 Chili crab came in a pretty generous piece but was not as crispy as I expected. Everything tied in pretty nicely and definitely a satisfying pasta, especially at this price point and with Burpple Beyond 👍🏻👍🏻

I am craving for this pasta already...
I would prefer this than Yummo chow because of the sauce 🍝

But gotta give some credits to Yummo chow doing a great job on the soft shell 💯

Price $18
Rating 10/10
Thanks to Burpple beyond 1-1 deal!!
I love this dish so much, I would definitely come back for this

Unexpected good curry! With really chewy bread. Will be back to try the other stuff on the menu.

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I’ve been here 2 times and the food never fails to impress.

Had the soft shell crab curry and salmon, and I have to say the rich flavours from each dish are to die for. My dining partner had the pork chop and that was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Would definitely come back again! Paid around 10SGD per pax for the meal.

Ate this using the burpple beyond deal. Was expecting to get a very Indian curry kind of flavour but was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the curry - not too creamy yet not too sour. It goes well with the soft shell crab and the bread is toasted to a crisp which pairs well with the curry. Unique dish! Will eat it again :)

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Tried the highly raved soft shell crab curry ($17)! Wasn’t quite sure what to expect in this east meets west fusion dish, but it definitely grows on you. Served with toast, cauliflower and roasted potatoes, the dish is mildly spicy and has the pickled acidity similar to asam curry.

Scored this dish using the burpple beyond 1-for-1 which is unfortunately limited to mains and pastas, with exclusions. Would have loved to try some of the egg dishes! Also requested for the mains to be served after the wings, but they were served together and got cold whilst finishing the sides. Seating at fuel plus is quite limited too, so best to head down early!

Fuelplus cafe really lives up to the plus+! We had the neighbours curry and salmon madness $18 each and used Burpple 1-1 so it was really worth it. Portions were sizeable ..think ang moh portions..the curry was rich, flavourful, smacked with vegetables and sambal and a whole well seasoned chicken leg. Salmon madness saw a generous portion of salmon with root vegetables. Finished off with coffees and the lavendar earl grey cake ... satiated😜

Chilli crab pasta was slightly spicy for me.
But the rest of the dishes didn’t disappoint !

Location could be a little out of way but it’s worth it if you use Burpple beyond.

Great Food, Tender Pork Ribs And Flavourful Chilli Crab Pasta:) Super Friendly Staff Too! Will Definitely Be Back again! :)