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Soft Shell Crab Curry

$18.00 · 55 Reviews

This little cafe never disappoints!
Order the Soft Shell Crab Pasta and yes yumsss!
Generous with the portion of crabs and the sauce is just perfect for one of those days in need for comfort food. Recommended!

Yummy soft shell crab in curry! I liked how the curry was slightly sweet yet flavourful, and the crab was still crisp. It could do with a larger portion size though!!

Soft shell crab curry ($17) comes with crisp soft shell crab and a tangy curry with potato, cauliflower and onions. Use the thick and fluffy slice of toast to swipe up all the aromatic goodness! Also good are the pork chops ($19) that are well-marinated and paired with a super tasty sweet potato mash.

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Went to have lunch at Fuel Plus+ on a weekday afternoon☺️

Ordered the truffle bacon mushroom farfelle($16), chilli crab pasta($18) and the caulinuggets($9) (cauliflower made into nuggets shape)😋

Food overall was not bad and caulinuggets was something new that was surprisingly tasty!! The Farfelle pasta was also made into cute bowties😍 Menu selections were also plenty and would rate this restaurant a 7/10!💯👍🏻

the only downside was that the location was a little ulu and we needed to get our own utensils and condiments😕

Mind blowing! The soft shell crab was fresh and crispy. Flavours of the curry is so well balanced! Must order!

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Baked chicken stew was great, a wholesome meal of carbo and protein.
My bf finds the chilli crab pasta not bad but not thatt fantastic.
Overall cafe ambience was cozy & chill and it wasn't crowded on a Saturday night 😊

Slightly on the sour side. Portion is just right. Recommended for sharing as it may get jelat. This dish is kinda like a try-one-time-good-enough dish for me 🙂 so unlikely to order it again.

Waiting time was long - 30 mins for my food to be served despite the lack of crowd

Crispy soft shell crab atop a pool of assam-like curry, with potatoes, cauliflower and tomatoes. Served with a crispy toast!

P.S. The portion was rather small. Add sides or another main for a more filling meal

Value for money with #1for1BurppleBeyond.

Made affordable with Beyond 1-for-1 deal! I felt that the bread was a little hard and chewy to go with the curry but it was overall still a good bet as the curry was rather unique.

When Thai meets curry and this is what you get. Just to note: might be a little sour to majority.