Soft Shell Crab Curry

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Pictured: Fried Chicken Burger + Crab & Prawn Aglio Olio

My first experience with Fuel Plus+ was good, I remembered eating their comforting pasta and exceptionally tasty truffle fries. So I decided to come back again for the second time to try other dishes on the menu. I guess I ordered the wrong pasta dish this time as the aglio olio was quite disappointing. The pasta was tough (borderline uncooked) and the whole dish had this very funny tangy taste that I couldn’t put my words to it. Oh well :(

The chicken burger was surprisingly good though, the portion is just nice with a side of fries. The patty was thoroughly cooked, but it was still juicy.

I will definitely come back for a third time to try other mains!

Enjoyed the chilli crab pasta but probably wouldn't order again. The sauce isn't exactly like chilli crab sauce- more of chilli sauce (and cut chilli) with a tad sweetness. It gets abit jelat at the end of the meal. The soft shell crab is a nice touch! I liked it alot.

At the foot of Mount Faber along Morse Road sits this cheerful spot for all-day brunch with friends! Tuck into an Asian-fusion spread of Honey BBQ Baby Back Ribs ($22), Soft Shell Crab Curry ($17), Tom Yum Seafood ($17) and crowd favourite Chicken Overload ($16) for fried juicy chicken breast drizzled with mushroom sauce and served with sides of mashed postatoes, truffle oil, mushrooms, poached eggs and fried lotus roots.
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Came here and wanted to try the soft shell crab curry but they were sold out so ordered a chilli crab pasta as a substitute. $19 nett for a huge delicious peice of pork chop and the pasta. The prok was good, crab was overflowing but the pasta was a little over cooked. Nonetheless this is a nice cosy chill cafe. Will come again definitely!


A really unassuming dish! The prawn & crab aglio ($18) is tossed in a simple medley of olive oil and chilli flakes. Wasn’t a fan of the dry pieces of crab that flakes apart, but it was otherwise enjoyable.

We picked earl grey and dark chocolate ice cream. Both are great choices. The waffle is nicely crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Perfect dessert with a drizzle of the salted caramel sauce.

There’s Burpple 1 for 1 atm.

We ordered a miso cream salmon and prawn/crab aglio olio. Together with the above waffle, one flat white and one OJ cost us $44. It’s great value I will say.

Great aglio+cheese taste. Love it.

Nice tomato+chilli paste to go with the pasta.Not so spicy as I expected, very mild taste.

Super enjoyed the truffle fries and can we just say that they are super generous!!!!!! Can be shared among 3-4 people fairly! My friend ordered their chilli crab pasta and I will prob return to try it next time!

We've been to Refuel at bukit merah and came here after knowing its their sister cafe. Food did not let us down. Ordered the roast chicken stew and crab + prawn aglio oglio. They really dont stinge on ingredients and food quality is really way better than alot of other cafes serving similar food, comparable to bistros / italian restaurants but cheaper. The bread in the chicken stew was good on its own. Pasta was garlicky and full of prawn flavour, as it should be. Will definitely recommend.

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