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Top 10 in Harbourfront

Top 10 places in Harbourfront, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Harbourfront

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Harbourfront, Singapore.

So damn good! Juicy, tender, barbequed to its best! #sgjapanesefood #japaneseskewers #gyuenoki #vivocity #shinkushiya #shinkushiyasg #gyu #burpple #burpplefood #burppledatenight #bbqjapanesestyle #feedmefood2019

As you may have heard of the disappointing news, Artea’s much-raved about soufflé pancakes are departing from their menu come 20 January. 😣 By no fault of their own I believe – from what I understand, V*voc*ty’s management does not want to approve of them selling it. But based on their posts and replies to people, they do plan to bring it back at another place and time soon! That’s in the works! 🤩

Their pancakes were conspicuously jiggly. I’ve had some soufflé pancakes before, and they can’t compare to this one. 😧 This one was incredibly delicate in the centre - it’s how I imagine it’d feel like to make an incision on a cloud. I wish I was exaggerating. All the mango items imbued the dish with a tropical freshness, which is certainly a welcome addition and I think would hit home with us Southeast Asians. Besides mangoes, they do have a cut piece of melon to accompany all of them. 😂 I think the only things that might make you think twice are: the long waiting times (15 to sometimes 60 mins) and the wallet-singeing prices. 😧

Still…they only have 2 days left before they vacate the menu, so if you’re keen on trying this, MAN you better GO before it’s too late! 😋 (7.5/10)

$5.70 for BOTH duck thigh yam rice, with duck neck! Where else can you find such affordable duck rice? Yam rice and the chilli paste was also in point. 😋

We had to try it out for the dish and its creator.
This was quite like a Penang style Hokkien prawn mee with that intense red broth. The flavour in the broth was rich as its colour, with a little spicy kick. However, it could do with more crustaceans flavour as it lacked the sweetness of prawns.
Wouldn’t say this was the best prawn mee we had, it was nonetheless quite tasty compared to other similar restaurant chains that offer prawn mee soup. Kudos to JQ for introducing a dish that was significantly stronger in flavour here.

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Soft and Wobbly Tiramisu Soufflé ($8.50) is quite delicious but the taste of Tiramisu is not that strong and the cream of the tiramisu is quite thick. Its complemented with a scoop of ice cream and fruit topping. Vivocity will not selling soufflé anymore after 20 Jan because of Vivocity's Management. Catch it before it sell out.

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The bowl took 30 mins to prepare🙄
Taste was average.. The buta don was better value for money and taste too

Tender beef briskets and tendons, beefy soup and thick beehoon 😍 #lenusg #beefbrisket #beeftendon #beefnoodlesg #burpple #burpplesg #burpplefood #chinesefoodsg #乐牛私房面家 #feedmefood2019

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