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Super enjoyed the truffle fries and can we just say that they are super generous!!!!!! Can be shared among 3-4 people fairly! My friend ordered their chilli crab pasta and I will prob return to try it next time!

Wasn’t too easy to get to fuel plus but I guess it’s a good walk from Vivo with ur friends (away from the Vivo crowd)! Salmon madness was not bad, the salmon was well-cooked, the egg yolk was flowy, overall nothing to pick on!!

Thick slice of toast is spread combination of peanut butter and strawberry jam.

Beside toast, they also serves baked goods, mains and sandwiches that are freshly made daily.

📍Butter Bean.
Vivo City,
1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-207

Hans Im Gluck Burger - $17
House brand burger, that comes with parmesan cheese, parma ham, rocket leaves & balsamic creme. Choice of bread available and you can top up $5 to make it a set as well. The set includes 2 beverages and a side dish, worthy of the top-up
Hans Im Gluck

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Slow-cooked Beef Oxtail Ragu - $17.90
Beef oxtail that’s cooked to soft and tender, served in tomato sauce. Ragu is topped with cherry tomatoes & cheese shavings. A flavourful pasta dish

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We've been to Refuel at bukit merah and came here after knowing its their sister cafe. Food did not let us down. Ordered the roast chicken stew and crab + prawn aglio oglio. They really dont stinge on ingredients and food quality is really way better than alot of other cafes serving similar food, comparable to bistros / italian restaurants but cheaper. The bread in the chicken stew was good on its own. Pasta was garlicky and full of prawn flavour, as it should be. Will definitely recommend.

The pork ribs were tender and soft even though I asked for lesser fats. Soup was peppery and light but some might find the kick too strong. This is probably one of the best bak kut teh around.

• generous portion
• fresh sashimi
• light and easy to eat

there are many japanese eateries at vivo and harbourfront but this unassuming “pop up” restaurant serves fresh sashimi. look at the glistening ikura 🤩

This was a healthy dish with assorted vegetables and egg with mushroom rice. I really enjoyed the mushrooms rice - the rice was fragrant and each grain was smooth and silky.

Can’t rmb the full name of this pasta, but it’s damn good! Truffle and bacon taste goes well together- quality of the pasta is good as well!

The rosti is tasty but pairing it with beef overpowers the lightness of this shredded potato dish. I would think a fish pairing or sausage pairing might make more sense.