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$9. Meat is very tender. Peanut sauce is tasty. Worth buying!

The Jay Chou endorsed Liang Sandwich Bar has opened its first outlet in Singapore.

I tried the popular choice, which is the Chicken Bolognese Sandwich. The taste was something like roti prata with meat sandwiched inside; the skin was crispy and the meat fillings were quite flavourful as well.

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💕 Great churos + great ambiance! And it was served fresh from the fryer. Though I prefer it to be more covered with cinnamon and sugar, I guess this is a healthier option! #igotfoodcoma #burpple

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hands up if you love acai berries!! 🙌🏻 a much healthier alternative compared to the usual desserts we eat! chose almond butter and peanut butter and both went so well with the blended acai base, banana slices, cacao nibs, chia seeds and granola. a fulfilling yet guilt free dessert - what more can we ask for? definitely coming back for more! 😋

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VivoCity was recently refreshing their selection of restaurants in the mall, and when I first came across Tapas Club, I was not too sure if this was the right choice for an empty stomach. Nonetheless, I went in and ordered their Cerdo Ibérico (S$24.00) which was a grilled Iberico pork with a choice of side dish, and I chose the Smoky Grilled Vegetables.

Truthfully, the lack of colour in this combination did not justify for the satisfaction derived from having it. Given a well-done piece of pork, it remained juicy and flavourful without compromising on its tenderness. Dapping some of their garlic mayonnaise added more magic to the protein. And although the vegetables did not appear to be what I imagine it to look like, this bowl of shredded grilled vegetables still tasted all right, and would be picked again if I wanted something that was easy to chew and swallow.

No meal is complete in a Spanish restaurant without a glass of alcoholic beverage. Wine, Sangria or beer, they have ‘em all!


Look at that blended yolk.. This white lotus with egg yolk had FOUR egg yolks blended in the core, so be sure to cut through the golden crust to reveal a rich, flavorful egg yolk equally shaved across the mooncake. They also serve the mooncake with roasted melon seed which is lower in sugar, so it should be able to suit the older folks.
This box came with two melon roasted seed and two white lotus with egg yolk. It's available till 24 Sep at all Dian Xiao Er Outlets islandwide.
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