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鮨次郎:Love sushi? Try out our Sushi and Sashimi Course where you’ll get to enjoy 6 pieces of sushi, negitoro roll, 3 types of sashimi, ikura and uni rice bowl, and so much more! Made with the freshest seafood and premium Japanese rice, our sushi is unbeatable!

Located islandwide.
1 Day Special - 20 Feb 2020. Enjoy Sausage McGRIDDLES with Egg at only $3 (U.P.$5.80) with any purchase ALL DAY LONG! This morning we had a Hashbrown along with the delicious Sausage McGRIDDLES with Egg! Btw, its not too late, you can still head over to McDonald’s and get your hands on them by scanning with your McDonald’s app😀 Enjoy your McGRIDDLE dinner🍔
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Le Shrimp Ramen by @paradisegrpsg dishes out bowls of freshly prepared piping hot noodles with premium quality ingredients in two different specialty broths - Shrimp & Tonkotsu. For a more satisfying meal, you can top up another $3.20 to get an appetiser and a drink of your choice!

👉Ebiko Prawn Paste Shrimp Ramen - SGD14.90

All in all, the noodles had a great texture and the shrimp broth was pretty decent, though it could have been more robust for my liking. I was slightly disappointed with their ebiko prawn balls too as they lacked flavour and didn’t taste like the freshly handmade ones. Maybe I’m expecting too much HAHA🙃
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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💵: $21

📈: 7/10

🤔: Meat was slightly tough, but marinade was good. Liked that there were mushrooms in the bowl too. Generous portion of rice, although that meant that the ingredients to rice ratio was slightly off.

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💵: $19

📈: 8/10

🤔: Unagi was plump and marinade was delicious. A slightly cheaper alternative if you are craving for eel! Didn't mind any bones either which was pleasantly surprising.

Long queues and limited serving with quite a long waiting time and limited eating time (they say it is due to the cook who are still in training) makes me to vouch to only visit this place during off-peak hours. It still saw a long queue on a weekday pre-lunchtime though especially for this 3x30-servings-a-day premium pancake. The hype is sort of justified - fresh cream, creamy butter, syrup that is not overly sweet, packed yet fluffy pancake. My limit is two pancakes I guess.. And the for-here drinks are also served in plastic cups with plastic straws (and they don't ask me if I need the straw nor they serve the straw separately). I could settle with this here but there are better ones in Japan! Nonetheless I will come back here to try their other pancakes.
In frame:
• Premium pancake [$17.9]
• Iced chocolate [$6.9]

💵: $9.30

📈: 9/10

🤔: The acai base wasn't too icy and they were pretty generous with the serving of granola. As good as An Acai Affair's taste wise, but portion is smaller here.

$25.50 for 2 Chunky Lobster Rolls with #burpplebeyond

Said to be one of the most value-for-money lobster rolls in Singapore. Would say that it is indeed one of the most affordable at $16 per roll, but quality is compromised. Food is prepared using a microwave, portion of lobsters are rather small and quality of the seafood is questionable as the lobster flesh was pretty rubbery. Worth a try but not a second visit!

Absolutely loved this dish! The salmon was cooked to perfection as it was flavorful yet moist. The roasted vegetables may look unassuming but they sure packed a punch taste wise. Portion was generous and made for a hearty lunch. Used burpple 1-for-1.