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Mao shan Wang Durian Supreme ($7.80)

Can't resist the strong aroma of the bread !!
Taste good but recommend to share as it feels jelak after awhile.

Pizza ranges from $25 to $32.

Slightly thick crust with too little toppings in my opinion. But kudos to great ambience and fast service.

This season’s flavour was cherry! The matcha soft serve was a little on the milky side while the cherry soft serve was very refreshing and tasted like a soda ice cream. Not a good combi to mix tho so they’re probably better off eating individually. Cone was crispy and tasty + they don’t charge extra for mix soft serves!

Big fan of their cold churros, especially the pistachio. Very generous in their coating with finely ground pistachios. Got a hazelnut chocolate soft serve to go with.

The churros are priced at $3 each.

Try to dip the crodo in coffee, which gives you even more creative taste and flavour! U can find different flavours here, such as cinnamon sugar, salted caramel and dark chocolate!

Not a lot cafes served crodo in Singapore! But this cafe does! A crodo is something between a croissant and donut, which is created by a French chef who lives in the States. U can find different flavours here, such as cinnamon sugar, salted caramel and dark chocolate!

The chicken was very tender and the sauce was creamy and quite milky.

Surprise coffee delivery from a colleague mid-afternoon! We didn’t even know that NTUC has opened in VivoCity already, much less that Tiong Hoe had also opened an outlet within.

Service was apparently very slow, as the three baristas were visited by many friends and were more concerned about being photographed than making the drinks. Our colleague lamented that it took more than 20 minutes to receive these two drinks although there was no one queueing ahead of her. In addition, the cups were very light and only approximately 2/3 full. Hmm. (Edit: apparently they serve 6oz of coffee in a 8oz takeaway cup. What’s the rationale for that I’m not sure, but if they specifically state that in their menu, then ok.)

All these aside, I was excited to finally try Tiong Hoe. I would have to say their coffee is indeed very aromatic with a full bodied roast. Note that the addition of oat milk into the cappuccino introduced a fair bit of acidity into the drink, but that’s up to personal preference.

Overall, I’m not that impressed after hearing my colleague’s experience when ordering and feeling how “not-full” the cups were. Well, at least we got to try Tiong Hoe.

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Especially with the Singapore-only Die Die Must Try menu starting from the Krabbe burger ($16) featuring softshell crab and Rendang Burger ($16) that pairs the juicy beef patty with caramelised onion and rendang sauce. Just add $5.40 to complete the meal with Singapore Rose Mocktail, otherwise priced at $8. Available now till 31 July.
For a party of 4, enjoy 4x Krabbe/Rendang Burgers and 1 Pfund Fritten for just $54 as the 54th National Day Special Set.
#hansimglück #vivocity #burger

Love the Truffle Fries but perhaps management can look at providing carriers (like you used to) instead of just telling customer off that they have no choice but to take away with paper bags - which may not be allowed on public transport.

The broth of the Prawn Noodles was very rich in flavour, and you can tell that the stock had been cooked for hours. Completed with prawns, fishcakes, chicken, and surprisingly, a braised egg, this warm and hearty bowl of noodles is very comforting and tasty.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/penang-culture-vivocity/

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