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From the Burpple community

The emperor’s cream sauce chicken ($6.90), for those who can eat more, this is the dish to get for your family sharing table👍 darn addictive! Sweet creamy goodness✨

Sambal crispy pork ($6.80) - dayummmmmm! It’s real crust crispy with the Spicy powder melting into the oils of the fatty pork belly☺️ yummmsssss, don’t leave it for too Long! Definitely amazing eaten hot;)

This was actually my favourite dish🥰 The chicken was fried till perfection, its exterior crisp and having this wonderful caramelised texture and the sauce clung on really well to the chicken. The sauce was amazing?? Tasted a little of salted egg (but there's none involved) and also a little of curry?🤔🤔 Not sure what kind of sorcery is this but it sure tasted super good and addictive! Even when the dish was left out on the table for about an hour(?) it still tasted good

Its recommended to call in advance, or go early if you want a go at their signature curry assam fish head. Only available at their vivocity outlet, its not hard to understand why this is labelled as one of the must-tries. If you've tried their curry chicken before, you'll notice a difference between the types of curry, with this having an appetising sourish tang, and the other having a sweeter, heavier flavour.

I love how they definitely don't skimp on the ingredients either- both quantity and quality. The generously portioned fish head tasted fresh and tender, and the flavour of the curry was absorbed really well, especially by the assortment of vegetables (eggplants, lady fingers, tomatoes & more) and the beancurd skin which was super addictive 🥰

If you're at Fu Xiang and you don't give their curry a try, you're doing things all wrong 😂 I love how flavourful the curry is, and the consistency of the curry was just thick enough. The curry is perfect for drizzling atop a bowl of white rice, but i'm a bread lover so i would say its perfect for mopping up with some bread 😛 Would love to try their bread bowl (the curry is served in it) which is only available in limited portions of 15 daily

My favourite dish here is the new Sambal Crispy Pork Belly ($6.90). Think spicy chilli flakes on top of slices of pork belly; perfect combination!

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