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Ordered through online. Comes with mixed varieties of favour, shapes and colours. Nice, sweet, soft and taste just like the old time bakery cakes.

Eating old school pastries like these always brings about a sense of nostalgia. These tau sar piah are soft and flakey, but somehow manage to maintain firm and in shape to hold the generous fillings within. I always prefer the sweet fillings over the salty ones, how about you?

These traditional cakes got me reminiscing about my childhood, where my mom always buys them for breakfast. All the different colours always attracted me as a kid, wanting to try all the different creams available. They were light and fluffy, and a delight to munch on. While these weren’t as fragrant as the cakes in my memory, they suffice to bring me some joy amidst these pandemic.

Childhood memories were made of these. Guess my love for pastries like such, were largely influenced by my pop. Being the traditional machismo Asian man that he is, he loves tau sar piah, kueh and all things similar and always pairs them with his Kopi-O. As such, I grew up trying all kinds of pastries and listening to his stories on how “they don’t made it the same anymore”, “these are machine made”, “last time the pastries very fragrant one, what’s this nonsense I’m eating now”. Hence, I’m always on the lookout for nice pastries to bring them back and let him relive some childhood memories.⁣

Gin Thye is easily my go to for this, with the pastries soft and flakey, but somehow managing to maintain firm and in shape to hold the generous fillings within. Got it off @shopee_sg @ginthyesg store, with 6 sweet and 6 savoury tau sar piah going at just $10.80. What a steal!⁣

I understand pastry industries like this is a tired trade, slowly losing favours among the younger generation and I can only hope, it won’t die out. Feel free to let me know if you have any good suggestions for tau sar piah! Thank you in advance on behalf of my pop! 🙏🏼


Chocolate Swiss Roll (S$3)
Available at @ginthye_1964
The only kind of cake I could find off the shelf within walking distance for little JJ during CB period.
Anyway he was very happy and finished off the whole roll himself.

Gin Thye
Address 🏡 : 423 Sembawang Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 758 392
Website 🌐 :

Mini Cupcakes 🍰 from My Cuzzies Pre-Wedding Flavours 👫 Delivered to my doorstep on a rainy day! ☔ I don't need to go out play ✌ I still get to eat my sweet desserts 😋