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[CLOSED] Grand Castella Cake (nex)

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My parents are on a roll with the castella cake game. This time round it’s the cheese flavour from Grand Castella. Priced slightly higher than Ah Mah’s, it’s soft, fluffy and very light! The cheese complemented the cake really nicely! Pair it with a cup of hot tea in this rainy weather for maximum enjoyment ☔️

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I suppose so...I would probably enjoy this more if the price was lower cause technically they are just really fluffy flavoured 雞蛋糕 (egg cake). Didn’t have a photo, but the pandan Flavour really taste like our usual pandan chiffon cake but twice or trice the price at $10.90.


The cheese added a nice savoury touch to the very very eggy cake. Prefer this over the original one ($9.90).


The most expensive of the 4 flavours they offer (Original, Cheese, Pandan & Chocolate) - what I love was the chocolate chips in the cake that provide a different texture and it was extremely chocolaty. Definitely one for the chocolate lovers!


Originating from Tamsui, Taiwan, Grand Castella Cake has just opened it’s first outlet in Singapore at NEX last week, attracting MASSIVE (cough 4 hour cough) queues with its 1-for-1 opening deal! 😱

Similar to other castella cake brands around, their cake flavours include Original, Cheese, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip as well as Pandan, a Singapore exclusive! 🙌🏼 My favourite would definitely be the Cheese, where the texture of the cake was moist enough, with the salty cheese complementing the cake nicely! 🧀 Not the same can be said about the original, though, as I felt it was too dry and thus a little tough to swallow without some water 😓 The Pandan wasn’t too bad, with relatively distinct pandan notes, but it was nothing to rave about either.
Not too bad, but definitely not worth the queue, especially since there are already so many similar brands already in Singapore. Although these castella cakes are still the hype, with the coming of a new year, who knows how long the trend can continue to soldier on? 🤔


Unanimous result from tasting: Grand Castella is better. Pandan is good. 👍🏻 #tingzieeats #burpple #thekwongs2017

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