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Grilllo, a newly launched concept in Singapore, serves up a modern take on the familiar Pan-Asian comfort food: Rice Bowls. Going against the grain of tradition, Grilllo’s distinctive flavours will leave you wanting more. We take quality ingredients and serve them fresh, with a hint of smoke, a touch of invention, and lastly to keep things interesting, some of our lip-smacking sauces.

3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-455 Suntec City Pasarbella
Singapore 038983

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm



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not the best salmon don i've had, i went there with quite high hopes as i've read the reviews before going there. the salmon and rice was overcooked, the yuzu aioli was given in small amounts and it didn't really have the yuzu taste. dissappinted really, but i would go back to try their other dishes.

taste: 7/10

Oozy Japanese curry over rice and hearty katsu will surely please your tastebuds. Grilllo has come up with not one, but two Katsu Curry Bowls to satisfy any hunger. Pork or chicken bowls available for this!

Thanks to @grilllosg for hosting us and to @geekyelephant for inviting us! :) #grilllosg #pasarbella #suntec #jkadverts

Grilled salmon fillets bathed in light zesty yuzu sauce topped with chives, accompanied by two perfectly grilled baby corns and a house made salad. For those who like a more citrusy taste, just squeeze the lemon wedge at the side. Not forgetting to add on their sinful yet delicious Truffle Lotus Chips ($4.00)!

Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, Unit 01-455, Suntec City PasarBella , Singapore 038983
#Grilllo #GrillloSG #pasarbellasuntec

Lunch with colleagues at Pasar Bella this afternoon, ordered myself the Yuzu Salmon rice bowl from Grillo - all yummy except the salmon was too salty for my liking. Will try the curry rice bowl next time.

As a huge fan of beautifully cooked eggs, imagine my disappointment when I opened the box to find an already broken egg yolk spilling across the salad :(
But I can only imagine that it is because it was broken during delivery. This benefit of the doubt shall also be extended as to why the hamburg patty was unfortunately dry and hard. BUT that being said, what it lacked in the texture department, it made up for it in terms of its flavour. The meat was so flavourful, as was the beautiful delicious sauce drizzled (or rather, generously poured) over the fluffy rice. It is one bowl I wouldn't hesitate to eat again for sure, except this time, I'll eat it on-site.

Flavorful beef patty with egg and rice. A bit dry but I assume it is because of the delivery. Should be nicer to eat at the venue itself.

The name pretty much explains the dish. But they revamped the classic Japanese curry and added a load more spices and secret things (I wish I knew!!) which gave the curry a whole new level of umami flavour, and makes me want to fork out $12.90 just so that I can taste the curry again. Try it!!

my NEW fav - love that citrus matching mayo on salmon $12.90 / Truffle short ribs is okie $14.90

The Yuzu Grilled Salmon Don was one of my two favourites (the Hamburg's the other) from amongst the new rice bowls at today's tasting for @grilllosg.
What clinched it for me, besides the moist and tender fish, were the slices of in-house pickled green apple and ginger. They may look inconsequential next to the salmon and baby corn but when you bite into them, you'll discover what an integral part their refreshing light zing plays. Such a clever complement for the salmon indeed.
I can already imagine what a hit this rice bowl would be. With the ladies especially.

I was invited to try the soon-to-be-launched revamped rice bowls, side dishes and desserts by Grilllo, and I must admit, I was impressed.
The good news is their prices will stay about the same (yay!), but the food has taken on a fresh new Japanese slant in terms of flavour and presentation. This is due to the fact that the head chef cum partner in the business is also in charge of Kurama and Sushi Murasaki at Millenia Walk. So this has translated to refreshed variants of "dons" with ever-popular Japanese toppings that include Pork Katsu Curry and the hearty Hamburg pictured above.
Of the rice bowls I tried today, this Hamburg Don was the priciest at $19 but even then, I think you'll agree it's admirable value when you realise how generously-sized the well-seasoned minced beef patty is. Showered all over it and the rice, was a big helping of crispy golden garlic slices of Teppanyaki restaurant standard that I can never have enough of. That and the "furikake" added extra oomph to the dish.
Lastly, as one would expect of any self-respecting rice bowl, this had a wobbly onsen egg which delivered a gold medal-worthy #eggporn moment.
If you have a healthy appetite, make sure to look out for this when Grilllo launches their new menu fully in the coming weeks.

All time classic favourite combination of beef, truffle and runny egg never goes wrong. Always finding myself coming back to this place when I'm craving such a combination. The roasted garlic slices add a crunch and another depth of flavour!

Sinful chunks of deep-fried crispy pork belly with juicy pieces of shitake mushrooms. Topped with perfectly poached egg. #yum

A pretty decent meal for $14.90!! The atmosphere there is really fun and gives off party vibes!! Truffle Chips from Grillo was damn good for $3.50!!! 😍 #BurppleXChope

After trying the one in Tanuki raw I have been craving for it every since. It was a pretty good bowl with a strong truffle smell AND taste and also the fried garlic and egg just adds many -umphs to this bowl of goodness. However, it was a pretty small portion though, I was still hungry after polishing off the entire bowl. IMO, Tanuki raw still takes the trophy home.

My friend recently asked me what my favorite food in Singapore was and at that time I didn't know what to answer, but after a short trip back to Grillo's, hands down this is the best food I've ever had in Singapore.

I may like the food in many shops, but not many I would purposely make a trip down for. And Grillo's is a place I would travel all the way there for. It's indescribably amazing with the strong truffle taste to the tender meat with the soft runny egg and amazing sauce to go along with it. This is a place worth my money. Heard Tanuki Raw's beef bowl is better from my friends but until I try that, this is really the best beef bowl/food I've ever had in Singapore.

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