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Happy Crab

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Happy Crab's special recipe preserves the purity of the original Teochew recipe by applying sea salt, crushed black pepper, and our very own special light unagi sauce. We shy way from the use of heavy sauces that mask the flavors of the actual crab. Our cooking technique ensures that the natural succulence and fresh taste of the crab itself is delivered to your plate for a crab eating experience you will not soon forget.


From the Burpple community

At $40 a crab, it was pretty tasty bbq crabs. But for extra shiokness, add some belachan to the the ‘roe’, and magic happens. Next time, I want to try the plain ones.


Dubbed Dry Hor Fun at Happy Crab (they can call it whatever they want tbh) and despite not having much of it, was aromatic, flavourful and a must order alongside their BBQ crabs which I will post about soon.

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Situated inside a coffee shop, the service wasn't too bad (: 🔸
There wasn't a huge crowd on Monday nite, thus waiting time was average. Choice of 3 dips - Wasabi, mayonnaise and sambal belachan to choose from, I recommend the sambal belachan as it has a distinctive spicy flavour different from the usual. 🔸
The crabs were not as hot as we imagined, nevertheless was still fresh and once you pry open the crab, roe starts flowing out.. yummy. However the size of the crab was a little smaller than expected, was surprisingly feeling though! :
Expected 💸 : $40, $45-$50 per pax

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A nice place to chill n hang out with family and friends for dinner. The coffee shop is clean and bright and inviting. We were warmly welcome in by Mr MC Lim the boss. Crab wise....it was thumbs up for me. The succulent and tender sweetest of the grilled crab with just the right favouring of salt n pepper is simply delicious! The other dishes such as the kampong chicken, squid, crispy deep fried fish and kuey tiao that we ordered were really good too. Happy crab = happy customers

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Dinner with the Sydney colleagues who are in town this week. A change from our usual Chilli Crab fare, these are really fresh and yummy! Succulent, pepper-salt-grilled crabs, flavourful in every bite. We had one huge crab each (and more)!! So so full...


Taste much better than it looks. Atmospher here is relaxed. Chill.