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The cha Shao had a great meat:fat ratio, well charred and caramelised with the sweet, smoky taste while still tender and juicy. The noodles were average but had a good springy bite although slightly too oily. The chilli was bomb, it was so umami probably due to the use of dried shrimp, lard and other flavourful ingredients. DEFINITELY try if u are in the area

Been eating here since I was a kid. Their fat oily roast duck drumstick is still something that I'll crave for till now. It goes especially well with their dry horfun. Now I order them for my kids their wanton noodle which comes with their fat Char Siew. P/s they r quite ex. $10.64 for a portion of their duck drumstick Horfun via Grab excluding delivery fee.

Always a fan of this stall - duck rice, making my trip back just for this duck rice. The portion is huge and the owner is generous with the meat. The price is $4 which is reasonable for the big portion. Just a that they don’t come with soup( usually other duck stall will provide a small bowl of soup) but this stall does not provide it! I could understand why they don’t provide because the dish is savy enough and not dry so u don’t need to combine their dish with soup.

This roasted meat place serves roasted chicken, duck, pork belly and char siew. Their menu include soya sauce chicken as well as dry noodles topped with any selection of their meats.

Originated in Chinatown years ago but have since moved to Hougang more than 10yrs ago, truly a blessing to the residents nearby.

Famous for their Roast Duck and Char Siew, be sure to try it out. However, would prefer their noodles over the rice as they do not serve "chicken rice" the oily rice version.

Food 8/10
Location 6/10
Ambience NA (it's a coffeeshop)
Price 8/10
Service 6/10
Overall 7/10

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Definitely worth trying for it flavour and tender duck meat. Just get a plate of rice or bowl of noodles and the meal us complete. Though the soup is salty you really don’t have to drink all and the vegetables and meat are not overly salty. Great to have on hot days like these days. Yummy too of course.

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Well roasted half fat and half lean char siew coupled with nice noodles and the homemade chilli sauce. Yummy yummy yum yum. Posted by Ah Leong San 2016 July 26