Holy Cow Creamery

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Yummy. Refreshing. Happiness. You can never go wrong with Ice Cream. Nestled amidst the quiet, laid-back charms of the old Yishun town, Holy Cow Creamery is our choice chill-out spot. Northerners now have a place to call their own, just a stone's throw distance from home. Enjoy the delicious ice cream concocted in our very own kitchen, paired with our crisp waffles. Come try our aromatic coffee and creamy milkshakes, while basking in the serenity of the neighborhood. Escape to the North for your dose of Ice Cream & good times. Recharge your happy meters at Holy Cow Creamery today. See you soon!


From the Burpple community

Both flavors were unique in their own ways, smooth and creamy. Waffles itself does not taste better than average but were passable and the ice creams made up for it. They have quite some unique flavors to look out for.

Price : Very affordable and below $10 !

• Had a wonderful experience here. The atmosphere was greats

• The waffle and ice cream tasted really good!

• Staff are very welcoming and polite !

Must try!!

Although waffles and ice cream is a simple and widely-available dessert today, Holy Cow Creamery does it pretty damn good. The waffle was light and fluffy, and actually tasty and fragrant on its own. I found the earl grey lavender a bit too strong for my liking, but really liked how the banana and rum came together. Really affordable, with a good variety of flavours. Worth checking out if you’re in the area!


I liked the flavour of the cake - the matcha wasn’t too bitter and the sauce was nice and creamy. The texture was a little too soft/mushy for my liking. The Thai tea ice cream paired very well with the matcha flavours, and wasn’t cloyingly sweet. Pretty good and affordable spot for dessert if you’re in the area.


Waffles with salted caramel sauce with Elvis and Honeycomb ice cream. Waffles were crispy which I loved, but wished the inside of the waffles could be softer. The flavors of the ice cream and the salted caramel sauce kinda blew me away :) One of the better waffles with ice cream I have tasted.


Finally get to have the waffles here. Charcoal Waffle with Thai Milk Tea and Cookies&Cream Ice Cream. The ice cream was smooth. I like it. Price was reasonable too. 4/5 stars.