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From the Burpple community

An unexpected little gem. The two halves of the mini loaf were slathered with vanilla butter and drizzled with honey before being popped into the grill oven. After a few minutes, the hawker took them out and proceeded to zigzag condensed milk all over them. At this point, I have to say, I was a little concerned sweetness might be an issue for me. But after taking a bite, what I found instead was a lovely combination that's just right. The toasted bread was airily light and slightly crunchy around the sides. Although the vanilla flavour wasn't really obvious, the overall taste was nonetheless, very pleasing.


One of the quite hipster flavours for traditional toast here at this stall situated at Hong Lim Food Centre named Kaya Kaya, such as one that is Japanese-inspired (can't remember the name) and even a Garlic & Herb flavour. For this one, honey is drizzled first and butter applied on the bread before toasting and the condensed milk drizzled on top of the crisp toast thereafter. While there is a weak link for the Vanilla, each toast piece comes sweet with condensed milk and subtle honey flavours. Rather different from the usual Kaya bread that we are used to.

Carb overload indeed 😱 #veronicaphuaeats #kayakaya #toast #burpple #whati8today #instafoodsg #sgeats #sgfoodies #sghawker #hawkersg #sghawkerfood #honglimfoodcentre #BurppleTastemaker