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A clean minimalist cafe along temple street. We had the Brazil latte, $5.5 & Columbia oat latte, $6.5 (+$1). Brazil had a stronger flavour while Columbia was lighter & fruity. Personally preferred Brazil, the oat milk & the nutty taste would’ve matched seamlessly.

We initially came mentally prepared after reading the reviews. But contrary to it, the boss was pretty friendly 😅 He also recommended us accordingly since we were contemplating our choices for quite awhile lol. Hope this review could better put your mind at ease hahah iykyk

PSA no more pecan tart

This one was well executed too, quite balanced but not particularly inspired either

Their tart shells are thin and hard, like Cheryl koh's

The mango and passsionfruit flavours mix very well. Safe and good execution, as expected of keong saik

Crowd pleaser, but not particularly unique

I was intrigued by the stall managed by an old couple. You can choose between pasta and rice. The dish itself is $6 and $2.50 for soup. They do provide sauces (eg chilli, ketchup, lemon mayo). Auntie says the smoked duck may be black pepper or honey flavour on diff days. The omelette was very big with tomato, spring onion and onion. The pasta was drizzled with mushroom sauce. I didn like the pairing. Overall, it is just normal but affordable

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This ice cream shop at Chinatown gained its popularity because of the owner, who started as an online personality on OnlyFans. Titus Low since then move on to be an influencer and as well as a boss for this place.

The space will greet you with its welcoming pastel colour, which you can find tables and chairs to enjoy the ice cream.

Serving its signature ice cream together with some waffle and drink. Their ice cream selections are in collaboration with Hundred Acre Creamery at Sunset Way,

One flavour that attracted me for its name - Salty White Stuff, which is actually refreshing salted lychee calpis. A mix of salty, sweet and milky in sorbet texture.

If you subscribe to Burpple Beyond then you definitely in treat as you could enjoy some good deals here.

Getting the single scoop will entitle you one for one flavour as well!

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One of the more popular Chinese restaurants around the area, long snaking lines were quickly formed and after tasting the food, I can really see why.

All food dishes were really tasty and I would think their main selling point is the homely flavours. The savouriness of all dishes were very balanced and no flavours were too strong. You can tell all ingredients were really fresh!

Everyone's favourite was the Stir Fried Potato, Eggplant and peppers ($8), as the sauce had so much garlic and the ingredients were cooked so well. Best with rice!

The Sweet and Sour Pork ($14) was also very tasty, with a crispy batter and soft tender meat within. The sauce was very balanced. They gave quite a few pieces for the price paid too!

Lovely dishes! Will be back soon. Totally recommend for bigger groups to try more dishes. Do reserve in advance first though!

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For those who are pretty familiar with Chinatown Complex Market and its surrounding areas around Sago Street, perhaps Chinatown Teh Tarik is not an unfamiliar spot — the idea of having a mamak-style eatery around Chinatown definitely feels a bit foreign, but it is exactly what one would have meant when one mentions that Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures. It is needless to say that Chinatown Teh Tarik takes up a really prominent spot along the street — one makes it even more obvious would be its yellow colour theme that makes it all the more eye-catching from its more subdued neighbours around them. A fairly new addition to Chinatown, Chinatown Teh Tarik takes one the former premises of an non air-conditioned Chinese eatery that had a fairly short stint within the shophouse — the location of where it is at does make them seem a little bit more like a tourist trap of sorts given how they pretty much stick out like a sore thumb; once can also find signages of various non-local languages introducing the eatery on the pillars as well. Given the limited shop space, most of the dine-in seatings at Chinatown Teh Tarik are situated outside of the shophouse — speak about “al-fresco dining” at its best at a mamak establishment indeed. Prominently displayed outside of the eatery here would be the menu — the menu at Chinatown Teh Tarik comprises of the same items one would expect to find at a mamak-style establishment; think sections that are dedicated to Prata, Thosai etc., as well as Naan, Tandoori, Set Meal, Nasi Biryani, Non-Vegetarian Curries and Goreng. For beverages, Chinatown Teh Tarik serves up a variety of Kopi, Halia, Milo, Horlicks, syrup-based beverages, Lassi and milkshake — just to name a few; they also do serve up bottles of beer which includes a pretty standard selection of Asahi Super Dry, Carlsberg Pilsner / Smooth Draught and Royal Stout.

Keeping to our theme of checking out the various mamak establishments around the island for their Prata offerings, we found ourselves settling for the more usual Prata that they have to offer at Chinatown Teh Tarik — after all, this would have been our first visit to Chinatown Teh Tarik. Going straight for one of the Plain Prata and the Onion Cheese Prata, it does seem like the Roti Prata served up at Chinatown Teh Tarik would probably suit well for those who like their Roti Prata light and fluffy. Whilst those who love thicker and crispier Roti Prata may not necessarily appreciate the Roti Prata from Chinatown Teh Tarik, one thing we really liked how the Plain Prata was how soft, thin and fluffy the Plain Prata was — no effort is required to pull the Roti Prata apart, while the Plain Prata does carry a good chew without too much tension. There is an inherent fragrance from the dough itself, though the fish curry that came along with it was immensely rich and especially flavourful — gives the Plain Prata ample flavour with a good hint of curry spices and a light hint of spiciness that tickles the tastebuds for those who are tolerable to light levels of spiciness; totally on-point when had with the Roti Prata. Whilst we did note that the filled Roti Prata at ZAMAS River Valley carries a different consistency from that of their Plain Prata, the Onion Cheese Prata at Chinatown Teh Tarik bears a texture consistent to their Plain Prata. There is really no surprise with the ingredients used in the rendition of the Onion Cheese Prata at Chinatown Teh Tarik; one would find chopped red onions and a slice of processed cheese wrapped within the soft and fluffy Roti Prata — though the onions did lack that zing that usually brings a numbing effect to the tastebuds, though the processed cheese did have a slightly melted consistency that is gooey and somewhat stretchy; provides a savoury note to the Roti Prata.

It is easy to pass Chinatown Teh Tarik off as a tourist trap on first look; that being said, we did feel that their offerings adds on to the vibrancy of the Chinatown neighbourhood. Sure; it does seem a little out of place with its surroundings, but we do see their offerings to be actually pretty decent — definitely better than what some individually-run stalls in neighbourhoods are able to put out. Everyone does seem to like their Roti Prata a little bit different — the ones from Chinatown Teh Tarik would definitely appeal to those who prefer lighter, fluffier Roti Pratas with a good curry to actually go along with. There are also some rather inventive Roti Prata that Chinatown Teh Tarik does serve up — only noticed these after our meal there (think a Gur Ka Paratha, described as a “Stuffed Jaggery Paratha” and a “Thai-style Roti” that comes with Banana, Egg and Condensed Milk); items which we are likely to return to give a try another time. It is also noted that Chinatown Teh Tarik does seem decently-maintained for a mamak-style establishment — oily floors and existence of houseflies being factors that impacts the dining experience of such establishments, though we noted nothing of that sort during our visit here. In fact, the staff are also pretty prompt in clearing tables and wiping them the tables with a wet cloth after clearing the plates — perhaps a detail that they seem to care about more of especially given the relatively open nature of the seating here. Prices at Chinatown Teh Tarik are also rather decent; maybe a little higher than some establishments considering its locality — the Plain Prata starting from $1.50 per piece to $6.50 for the priciest Roti Prata that would be the Sausage Egg Onion Cheese, Mushroom Egg Onion Cheese and Mushroom Sausage Onion Prata. All other items are priced below $10 — this would be with the exception of some of the items from the Tandoori section of the menu. Considering how their Onion Cheese Prata and Plain Prata went, Chinatown Teh Tarik is actually a decent dining destination within the Chinatown neighbourhood — just keep an open mind and leave all the judgement out of the window while at that!

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Went to September Coffee earlier in January and ordered the Miso Mushroom Pasta ($16), Fried Chicken French Toast ($19), Truffle Tater Tots Half Portion ($8), Iced Matcha Latte ($8), and Iced Matcha Rose Latte ($8.50)!😇

Overall ratings 8/10! Food was pretty decent and I liked the pasta, but the chicken french toast could be better, bread wise😅 Would head back another day to try out other items!

second time here. the must orders are still the tomato egg and the sweet sour pork. the dumplings were pretty affordable and the salted egg pumpkin was very addictive!!

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But what really blew us away was the Yuzu Makgeolli Wine ($30) - it was chilled, refreshing, and had the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess. We might just come back here for the makgeolli alone! It really damn good!!

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