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🍦🧇 blue milk & matcha ice cream with plain waffle ($14)
📍 Apiary, Singapore

I LOVE freshly made waffles with ice cream, and I’m so glad I can finally say that I’ve checked @apiary.sg off my list!

It’s definitely one of the more popular ice cream parlours in Singapore, and although I can understand why, I wouldn’t pay a visit again unless there’s absolutely no snaking queue outside.

Apiary’s blue milk is a milk based ice cream that is infused with blue pea flowers and topped with Himalayan sea salt. The result? A smooth & creamy no-frills icy delight.

Paired this with the matcha ice cream which was earthy enough for a true matcha lover like me 🥰

It might’ve been the batch that we got but the waffle arrived soft all-around, no crispy edges. I didn’t mind since I really enjoyed the waffle batter, which was pretty eggy in flavour.

Tried the Nutella, vanilla and Passionfruit ones the other time (check my previous review out!!), so I decided to get the Milo dinosaur donuts last Dec ☺️

The texture of the brioche donuts was immaculate as usual and they were super floofy ☁️!! The Milo cream wasn’t overly surfeiting or diabetes-inducing; and damn, she is thicccCccc 🤧🤩

The Milo biscuit was a lil soggy, albeit understandable since sg is humid. A side of Milo powder is also provided for you to go wild and sprinkle over them donutsss - the most impt component of Milo dino 🥰✨

Overall: I’d get an entire box of Passionfruit curd donuts as that’s honestly the BEST!!
Hence, my ranking for the donuts would be: Passionfruit >>> Vanilla > Milo Dino >> Nutella. (I haven’t tried the Pandan ones!)
PS: pls be prepared to wait a few weeks/months for the donuts tho HAHA

Dairy-free waffles ($11.80): 5/10
I might be exceptionally particular about my waffles as I like them crisp yet fluffy on the inside. These waffles were too chewy for my liking and didn’t really pair as well with the ice cream 🤧

Nestled in the heart of Chinatown, Sichuan Village serves up your classic szechuan dishes as well as skewers! The best part, they open till late (3am)!

A must have would include the spicy chicken 辣子鸡 as that sorta sets the benchmark for a good Szechuan store.

Oh boy were we in for a ride. If you're a fan of spice, you have to try this!! Although it looks fairly harmless, the spiciness hits you, till you get a tad bit dizzy, but after that when you settle back down, you realise how fragrant & addictive these tiny bites are & you go back again, only to realise that you're starting to get droplets of perspiration trickling off your forehead.

But fear not as you have your trusty ice cold beer 雪花 on the side to wash down all the spice & for you to put yourself through that "joy" again.


Pretty good cup of yuan yang here albeit expensive price of 2.20 for a small cup .

But you get some shade and air con from the sweltering heat .

For those of you who like all things soft and fluffy -
This is the best place to get your chiffon cakes.

They are made without additives , no artificial flavours or colouring .

Popular flavours are the D24 durian , chocolate and of course pure pandan 🥰

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Washed our meal down with this Osmanthus Sour Plum drink. Was expecting it to be very sweet like how some Chinese drinks are, but glad it wasn’t. It was a nice sweet and sour, quite refreshing with hints of the osmanthus!

📍东北烧烤饺子馆 Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339

Tried the 烤香菇 - Mushrooms ($1.50), 烤干豆腐卷 - Beancurd Roll ($1.50), 烤四季豆 - String Beans ($1), 鸡中翅 - Mid Wings ($1.50). Hits and misses for their skewers, and found the rub generally too salty.

📍东北烧烤饺子馆 Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339

Was quite comforting at first, but the flavour got flat a little fast. The soup was also absorbed by the noodles quite quickly.

📍东北烧烤饺子馆 Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339

Very decent dumplings that we enjoyed! Was excited to try this since the usual dumpling fillings are leek or cabbage pork. Sourness of the sauerkraut was a nice change and it gave an additional crunch to the dumplings. They also have their dumplings in Leek Egg, Leek Pork and Cabbage Pork at the same price.

📍东北烧烤饺子馆 Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339

Wanted to try something new apart from the usual Dong Bei Ren Jia, and found ourselves here at Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan just a few doors down. Was pleasantly surprised when we stepped in, the restaurant was clean and pretty nicely renovated.

Really liked their rendition of Dong Bei Da La Pi! It had a good balance of spice, savoury-sweet and nutty sesame sauce, and was lighter compared to others I’ve tried. They also had a generous heap of thinly striped cucumber, beancurd skin and carrots which provided a very refreshing crunch. Definitely will get this again!

📍东北烧烤饺子馆 Dong Bei Shao Kao Jiao Zi Guan
32 Upper Cross Street Singapore 058339

There’s not much place in Chinatown that open till late night, if you crave for some prata at night.

Mufiz is one of them that used to operate 24 hours everyday but now opening until 11pm due to the pandemic measure.

Here is where you could get some prata fixed at night. Their prata is the crispy type, nothing to shoutout for but good enough for a supper meal here.