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Chef L signature homemade basil pesto is packed with flavours and comes together so quickly it's sure to become a weekly favourite. Tossed with sautéed prawn and pasta and topped with cheese for that Oomphs! $13.90

Nestled in an old building behind People’s Park Complex on top of the Pearl Hill, there’s this cafe that recently gained some spotlight for their signature satay and pasta.

Their ice Nanyang latte uses the traditional Hainanese blend to extract a full bodied shot of espresso manually and infuse it with ice cold milk. $6

Yup I'm siding w the ckn as well, since it pairs better w the general sweetness of the dumpling. I would prefer a more savoury pork dumpling, not that theirs isn't good

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💸 Triple Scoop: $11, additional charges for premium flavour
💸 Brownie: $7
First got introduced to Apiary by my friend years ago and I’m a convert!! They offer a good range of flavours, some of which are really unique. Here we have some of our usual favourites - Blue Milk, Hazelnut and Pistachio💕Would strongly recommend to get the ice cream with the warm brownie pan - perfect combination of cold ice cream coupled with oozy chocolatey goodness💯

They have recently moved to a smaller place beside Chinatown Seafood Restaurant, continue to serve their signature Thai foods and beer.

Their pad thai wasn’t strong enough for the taste, probably need more chilli. But they do have 4 big prawns coming together. $15++

Working in Chinatown for so long, this is actually my first time buying bread from this stall. I have been passing this place so many times until seeing people posting their bread on social media and Burpple.

Today decided to grab some for breakfast before going in office. Their price is totally super affordable! It won’t cost you more than $2 for each item that comes in 2 pieces.

I have to admit that the garlic bread wasn’t tasty and the garlic only on top with nothing inside the bread.

While the cheese hotdog do have the hotdogs inside and cheese on top.

Cream cheese filling here had a tang to it, which reminded us of lemon cream cheese. Bread’s fresh, soft and fluffy, but we found it a little too sweet overall and would have liked a creamier texture to the cheese. Will get the other flavours next time!


Haven’t been here for few months and found out there are so many new stalls opening here. This is also one of the stall that joined the family here.

Specialise on Taiwanese cuisine, I decided to go for this one and totally enjoyed it. A generous portion of chicken chop topped on the egg fried rice. Sadly they don’t have sambal chilli but a different type of it. $4.80

Came wanting to try the sweet potato or yam, but they were both sold out 😭 Bread here was soft but the garlic flavour was really subtle, hence found it a bit plain. Would say to skip this.


Always passed by Dough Magic when taking away liang pi from the stall opposite. Finally bought one to try! A pity that the bao wasn’t the best in terms of fluffiness and was a bit dry. Not a bad portion of filling, though I’d like it more grainy and stronger in its black sesame flavour.

I ordered a few of their baos for dinner, including the salted egg chicken bao, chilli crab bao and belly of pork bao, starting with $4+ each.

Their salted egg chicken bao uses steamed sesame bun, signature salted egg sauce and seasoned fried chicken. For takeaway this, do eat immediately as the bun itself would stick to the paper wrap.

I like their chilli crab bao that wrap with deep fried bun. Inside is the fresh crabmeat with Singapore style chilli sauce. This one can get messy when eating as the crabmeat would come out easily.

Lastly the belly of pork bao which wasn’t enjoy much because the meat itself was harder to chew. Wrap with steamed white bun that comes with stewed pork belly and fried garlic.

Using 100g of sukiyaki marinated Feather Blade steak, served with onsen egg, caramelised onions, garlic chips and Japanese rice.

A perfect takeaway for $16+.

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