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Ri Ri Hong is an all time favourite.

They serve on of the best Mala with the right balance of spiciness and numbness. Long queue expected.

And yes this is by the same folks behind @TheAffogatoBar at Cluny Court.

Kickstart your day with their speciality drink, Bittersweet Symphony ($6/hot), a combination of dark cocoa, vanilla chai and espresso or simply have the Dark Mocha ($5.50/hot) if you’re not a fan of Chai. The team import ethnically sourced coffee beans from Ozone Coffee Roaster, New Zealand.

For those who wish to have a more filling meal other than affogato, they do have a selection of paninis, bowls and baked quiches. Recommended dishes include Italian Couscous Tuna Bowl ($15) and Blue Swimmer Crab Quiche ($13). The latter looks unassuming but taste delicious with generous crab meat filling.

The Affogato Lounge
Address: ‪55 Keong Saik Road‬, Unit 01-02, KēSa House, Singapore 089158
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The combo that never goes wrong. Snow crab is so fresh.


Taste: 5/5

#burpple #burpplesg

With red wine sauce and salad at the side.


Taste: 4/5

#burpple #burpplesg

Refreshing appetiser to start the meal.


Taste: 4/5

#burpple #burpplesg

So fresh. Esp the scallop and salmon (not exaggerating but both my friend and I agreed that this is one of the best salmon sashimi we have ever had)


Taste: 5/5

#burpple #burpplesg

Highly recommend the Spicy Mala Pepper Lamb ($16++) at @wine_mansion! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 With a nice spicy kick 🌶, the spice level is actually pretty manageable (though it looks unforgiving) so you do not have to worry about having to gulp down gallons of water. 👌🏻 The distinctive flavours of mala did come through with the use of peppercorns, which really whets my appetite. 🤤🤤🤤 The peppers also cleverly masks any gamey taste of the lamb, making the tender meats very pleasant-tasting! 💕
I would personally prefer the pasta to be of a firmer bite but the sauce that coats the pasta strands so beautifully more than made up for it. 😍😍😍 Every bite was so rich & flavourful that I kept going for more! 👏🏻
Their Garlic Base Aglio Olio ($15++) was decent too - generous amount of ingredients such as ham & mushrooms 🍄, topped with some savoury grated cheese 🧀. Stir it up & enjoy the aromatic garlicky flavours that the pasta brings! 😋

My favorite dish from their menu would be the Seafood Cioppino: a full lobster with broth prepared with prawns and clams. Flavourful and rich!😍

The way they presented the Burrata Cheese was interesting, with a syringe filled with basil sauce jabbed into the cheese. Very instagrammable!😂 The Crispy White Bait was a good starter and we couldn’t stop snacking on it.🤪 The Mala pasta could be spicier I suppose, but the level of spiciness should suit the local tastebud.

🔸Burrata Cheese with Tomato & Basil: $18
🔸Seafood Cioppino: $28
🔸Spicy Mala Pepper Lamb: $16
🔸Crispy White Bait with Aioli & Lemon: $9

Thanks to @wine_mansion and @singaporefoodlisting for having me. #dinewithflorence #burpple #winemansion #instagood #instafood #foodgasm #foodporn #italianfood #foodstagram #foodphotography #foodbeast #foodpornshare #foodlover

From the spherical olives ($1.50) that pays tribute to the renowned elBulli, to the “Bikini” ($14) that’s not your average swimsuit but one that has iberico ham, cheese and truffles stuffed in a toastie and Mushroom & Truffles Croquettes ($10), you will truly be impressed with the wide array of dishes available here.

Perhaps the two favourite savoury dishes have got to be the Octopus and Crispy Pork Belly, served with a potato foam ($36) and the Black Rice with Grilled Mediterranean Red Prawns ($32). Every ingredient in each of these dishes scream indulgence and comforting. The octopus was grilled to a nice bite and when paired with the creamy foam and pork belly will make you wipe clean the plate in no time. As for the latter, the black rice soaks up most of the rich broth, giving every spoonful a burst of umami flavour while the red prawns add to the exquisite touch.
Olivia Restaurant and Lounge
Address: 55, Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089158
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One star Michelin restaurant has lived up to its expectations. With each of their staff taking pride in what they are serving and chefs dedicating their passion to perfecting each dishes. The Steak Frites had a nice golden crisp to it contrasting with the fresh beef tartare atop it. While their Blackmore’s Cube Roll beef was well marbled and well seasoned on the exterior while retaining the original flavors of the beef on the interior. On a surprising note, their Burnt Ends Sanger was praise worthy too for the chunky pulled pork and well blended flavors of the coleslaw that was refreshing with a piquant note to it.

- waffle with a scoop of dark chocolate (all time favourite ice cream flavour)
- cup of 3 scoops with hojicha, earl grey, and the apiary (their signature flavour)
- the apiary flavour was an interesting one; definitely could detect its the honeycomb based unique sweetness.
- they did well with the waffle batter today as the waffles turned out light and fluffy, a perfect savoury pairing to the assorted ice cream flavours.
- it’s cheaper to get 3 scoops and share than to get a single scoop each (you can request for an extra cup as well, although this may or may not irk the staff serving you)