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I don’t know if it’s because I was starving by the time I arrived here for dinner but good golly, did that Dry-aged Galician Beef taste like heaven!
Incredibly soft and silky from having been marinated for 45 days, it hides the kind of flavourfulness that makes one gasps and eyelids flutter.
I can’t think of anything better to lay it on than the crusty grilled tomato bread.
Advance apologies to whomever I am dining with at Olivia Restaurant next. I won’t be playing nice and sharing this that’s for sure 😂😂😂

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My first brown sugar milk experience at another place a little while ago wasn’t the best, I have to admit. The milk was rather sour and the combination with the earthy, caramel-like taste of the brown sugar was awful.

Thankfully, this brown sugar milk drink from Tiger Sugar helped to change my perception of the stuff. It had a less endearing sweetness compared to the regular black milk tea, but it was more honeyed with a hint of caramel. It was pretty delicious I must admit. Still though, the difference is not significant enough to convert me from a black milk tea squad to brown sugar milk team. 😅

You could draw parallels between this and Burnt End's beef marmalade, but the Lingua Di Manzo Tonnato is a unique beast in its own right, and right up there with the former. Utterly unctuous, the braised beef tongue is smothered in caramelised onions and topped with a piping of tonnato aioli – think an upscale tuna mayo. Umami on overload.

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Taste: 4/5

Rather than me in a bikini, I would have this “Bikini” in me anyday 😂
But seriously, when so slender a sandwich proves to be a sheer force of flavour, how can you not be awestruck? It’s not math but madness that the three ingredients of Iberico ham, cheese and truffle can amalgamate into something of this magnificence.
Having just one piece can be considered masochistic because it whets the appetite for more but yet common sense commands you not fill your belly with more, lest the other temptations on the menu are missed.
Sigh... such a dilemma.


Returned a second time for the pistachio icecream again because it’s so good! Charcoal waffles were decent. But brownie was a tad too dry and sweet for my liking, though it was a bittersweet pair with the matcha icecream. Will be back again to try the other flavours!

Box looked small but packed a lot of food. Smelled really good and tasted great as well! The grains of rice were clear and not sticky, and the whole dish blended together pretty well.

Was a lil on the pricey side for the other meats though.


No words, just lots of love. ❤️ Forever my favorite place to go in Singapore :>
Verdict: WOW!!

Rich yet delicate, the crisp, deep-fried pastry shells piped to the brim with a ricotta cream filling and dabbed at both ends with citrus peel were the perfect sweet ending to the meal.

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Taste: 3.5/5

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We had the Salmon Ochazuke and the Pulled K-Pork with Burpple’s 1 for 1. Both were pretty good - the salmon ochazuke was paired with a really nice, well-flavoured miso broth and the salmon was fresh and well-flavoured (though I wish it was a little larger). The pulled pork was soft enough and well-flavoured, with a sous-vide egg on top and soft brioche bread below. We tried their cold brew too (‘clouds in my coffee’) which was pretty good! In terms of coffee flavour, it wasn’t strong, but it was really smooth and creamy. Worth a try!