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The classic chilli crab + fried mantou combo in an easy-to-eat bao, less than $5 a pop and completely mess-free (shell-free is the way to go mmhmm) — need I say just how perfect this is? Especially so when they’ve got the deeply golden, sweet fried bun and chilli crab sauce down pat 😍 So I’ve been eating at their Jiak Chuan outfit for a bit, but westies can rejoice cause their latest store at Westgate’s been up for a month!

Have been meaning to try this stall since I passed by its long queue a little while back. Both their fishballs and meatballs are handmade, and you can clearly taste that! They were fresh, soft and seasoned nicely. We got the soup only cause we already had lunch before this, but the noodles seemed even more value for money - $3.50 and you get 6 mixed balls with it. Will be back to get that!

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Soya Sauce Chicken (Half chicken: $16):
Chicken is very tender and well braised. Personally, i think that it is rather well balanced. Goes fantastically with their chicken rice (and chilli sauce)!

First time here for their $9.90 hotpot! Both the chicken and mala soup are of good quality and doesn't leave you thirsty like some msg soup does. The ingredients served were also fresh and an extremely generous portion for $9.90++

Free sauce before 4pm on weekdays!

Special mention for the chewy handmade noodles 🍜

For the price, the quality is definitely worth it.

We waited 25 mins for a table during weekday lunch.

Will definitely be back!


Inspired by “The Flat Iron’ in London”, @TheFeatherBlade is an “alternative steakhouse” launched in Singapore earlier in May that is very shrewd about their offering and who they are targeting. Essentially they want to be top-of-mind when people think about where to go for #propersteaks at pocket-friendly prices.

This explains their concise menu which is focused on a 200gm piece of steak priced very attractively at $21. Naturally at this price, the Australian beef is not a prime cut but the meat which comes from the shoulder area, is lean and flavourful. And because they pay close attention to how it is cooked, results in a decent level of juicy tenderness.

The other way to enjoy the steak it is to order their off-the-menu Burger. Also priced at $21, the beef is minced and formed into a patty that is grilled, then placed between super-soft brioche buns and dressed in a truckload of house-made bearnaise sauce plus fried onions. I enjoyed this the most from all that I tried at the hosted lunch.

As for the side dishes, there are four, priced at $7 each. They are a Caesar Salad (it has a whole crispy nacho chip-coated soft-yolk egg!), sautéed shimeji, shiitake and button mushrooms, hand-smashed potatoes deepfried in beef fat and spinach in parmigiano-reggiano cream with a pinch of nutmeg.

If you like a sauce with your steak, there are four as well to pick from: Szechuan peppercorn (I liked this a lot), bearnaise, horseradish cream and red wine jus ($2).

The newly-launched Gyudon is very good value for money at $14. Besides the 100gms of sliced steak, you also get very tastily-seasoned Japanese rice, an onsen egg, soft-cooked onions, garlic chips and pickles. And if you are a fan of foie gras or Hokkaido scallops, there is the option to add them on for another $11 per item.

Only one dessert, an ice-cream sundae, is listed in the menu but it did a great job in satisfying. I found plenty of happiness in the Madagascan vanilla ice-cream with Valhorna dark hazelnut chocolate sauce, salted caramel and crunchy flakes of feuilletine biscuit ($8).

The Feather Blade also offers special cuts and have garnered quite a following for their “Picanha Thursdays” and “USDA Prime Sando Tuesdays”. Do follow their Instagram account for updates.

Thanks Sheen for hosting us for the lunch.

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Big bowl for $1.80. Fragrant and my mom said very good!

While this was hardly difficult to put together, the pairing of sea salt with peanut butter and honey; sliced bananas for a soft texture and desiccated coconut flakes for some crunch worked for the palate. Topping it off was the straightforward, faultless slices of sourdough sitting on a wooden board as we chatted the weekend afternoon away in a brightly furnished, cozy space.

Without Burpple beyond the double slices of open faced toasts here goes from $12-18 Nett which is reasonable only if you consider the indirect overheads for running the space.

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Medium spicy. 1 fish per 2 pax for Burpple 1 for 1 buffet deal (weekend dinner $39.90++ without drinks)

This was good value for money but I’ve tasted nicer Mala grilled fish where the fish skin was more tasty. Perhaps I’m not such a fan of Seabass. Preferred the one from Ba Shu Sichuan near my hood!

Medium spicy was still a little spicy for us even though we can take quite a kick usually.

Felt that the toppings (black fungus, lotus root, potato noodles at free flow for buffet) were not of a huge serving.

Free flow if you take the buffet. Included in Burpple 1 for 1 (weekend dinner $39.90++ without drinks)

I really enjoyed this as I’m a fan of pigs intestines! This was fried fragrantly with the Mala seasoning! Loved the juiciness of the intestines too. And the skin was crispy on the outside.

Free flow if you take the buffet. Included in Burpple 1 for 1 (weekend dinner $39.90++ without drinks)

Very fresh and crunchy dou miao! Can hardly find such fresh Veges at supermarkets these days. Very nice wok hey taste with a little bit of starchiness in the sauce.