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SG: Nosh for CBD office rats

SG: Nosh for CBD office rats

lunch is the highlight of a CBD tunnel rat. how sad we are. [note : if you are NOT a corporate slave pls AVOID weekdays 1200-1330h ]
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I can never resist truffle oil anything (yes, yes I know it's not real truffle and just chemicals, but whatever). The truffle smell is not strong in this dish but it does complement the luscious mouthfeel of this dry noodle dish. I love that the pork is fatty (basically sio bak) but it may be too fatty for healthy people. The noodle is quite thick, chewy and "q". The dressing is very tasty and despite being a chilli lover I didn't even feel the need to add chilli oil - almost shocking ! If mazesoba is not your thing, they also serve other kinds of soup ramen and rice dishes. Free hard boiled eggs is an additional bonus for egg lovers.
Located at Chinatown point mall Basement 1.
🚇 : Chinatown MRT

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Probably the best of #burpplebeyond flash deals - works out to be sgd58.50/pax after service and tax. Valid on weekdays only until 31 May. Come grab it if you're a fan of white asparagus , burratina, sea urchin, perfectly seasoned tender lamb. All my favorite things in one menu- almost like it was curated specially for me! Okay except the dessert, because white chocolate is just not my thing. The killer view of Marina Bay doesn't hurt either.
💡: budget at least 1.5h for this lunch, service was quite slow even though they were only 1/4 full


Most of the lunch options here cost less than $10 which is unheard of at raffles place restaurants, so it's well worth exploring this outermost edge of the CBD to get your Japanese fix when the boss is away. The Kaisendon is the most expensive lunch option but exceedingly good value, and served with a side salad and soup.
Teetotalers will be glad to know that lunchtimes are exempt from the strict drinking rules that apply at nobu-ya, although I still feel a pavlovian need to gulp down sakes whenever the owner has his steely gaze on me.
🚗 : fortune ctr has multi storey parking but you will need to go quite a few levels up to find availability on weekdays.


So much tastier than Kajiken! Noodles are thicker and chewier too. I'd almost written off mazesoba until I tried menya kokoro. The spicy version is legit (although more peppery than chilli sort of spicy) but they have original non spicy ($10.80++) as well as other flavours. Add the vinegar to provide some lift to this rather heavy dish.
🚗 : Park at lobby M (true fitness) and take the lift to level 3.


Conclusion: baaaaad. So I really like the idea of custom ingredients in my fried rice or noodle, but this place sucks big time. Basically there are two types of fried rice and two types of fried noodle to choose from, after which you can geh liao from a variety of ingredients.
1) no wok hei at all, despite all the theatrics
2) chilli not spicy even tho I added extra (they use the HK chilli oil type of flakes, except without the oil)
3) rice was soggy (I like my fried rice dry and fluffy), perhaps due to being closed up in the box after frying, and
4) no taste even though I chose the "stronger" tasting option of shanghai fried rice instead of the tasteless looking egg fried rice.
Idk why this place gets such good reviews! Maybe they pay for them? Maybe Singaporeans have very bad taste in food? Anyway read this REAL review and support your neighborhood tze char instead.

I love fusion pasta! Other than the classic flavors such as pesto, aglio olio and bolognese ($8-13++), this bistro also offers unique pastas in local flavors ($12-15++). so far my faves are the legit sour assam pasta with fish $15++, and the spicy kimchi pasta with pork belly. The chilli crab pasta (pictured) is quite good too, with a sweet-sour and eggy chilli crab sauce, with mixed seafood items such as squid, prawn, dried oysters. The dried oyster a bit weird tho, maybe leftovers from cny. Pretty big servings and the pasta is done al dente, which is not that common in SG. Pizzas and other mains also available. Decor is rather basic/ sparse but service is friendly.
💡: discounts via #burpplebeyond and eatigo. Lunch and dinner sets also available but cannot be used with burpple and eatigo.


This shop inside people's park center (NOT the same as pp complex) specialises in herbal klang style BKT. I've never been a fan of soupy dishes since Singapore is so hot and humid, so to me the real star is the dry BKT- oh so tasty and uses the coveted soft bone pork which melts in your mouth. Gets a bit salty towards the bottom, so mix the cuttlefish bits with a bowl of garlic rice (80 cents) for 💯 enjoyment. The dry BKT comes with a bowl of soup which has stronger herbal taste than the BKT soup since it is not mixed with the pork meat.

Newly opened at Chinatown point and already much beloved by the CBD crowd. To me a clear broth usually indicates tastelessness but this beef soup noodle was surprisingly tasty! I was also blown away by how tender and plentiful the beef slices were. I chose the mala soup (extra spicy) which wasn't at all spicy (to me anw), but luckily there is additional chilli provided at each table. They also have original soup and pickled veg soup for non chilli eaters. There are 8 (!!!!) varieties of noodle thickness to choose from, from thread thin to a large flat sheet. Noodles made on site.
💡: chicken noodle available for non beef eaters.
🚇 : Chinatown mrt


All this for only $24++??? Yassss plsss. The negitoro was especially fatty and flavorful. Rice is not as sour as I like it but that's personal preference. They have regular lunch rice bowls too (from $20++) as well as a chefs selection lunch set for $38++. Always a good sign when there are many Japanese customers. Same row of shop houses as sushi mitsuya.

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Stretching my #burpplebeyond muscles: $22.50 nett for two lobster rolls + two soft serves🍦. The lobster rolls at this two week old shop come in maine (butter), cheese, chilli crab and mentaiko dressings. You can even ask them to make it half and half as pictured. Limited seating and the rolls take about 10-15 min as they are made fresh.
🚞: Chinatown MRT.

I've been avoiding kohaku for a while since I think their batter has really gone downhill (too thick and soggy) but couldn't resist their seasonal (winter) Tendon, cos ankimo and snow crab! All the seafood was quite fresh except the dory fish (mushy). The seaweed batter which comes with this particular Tendon turned out crisp and light, so kohaku is back on my edible list, for now.....

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I know, I know, purists don't put mentaiko on beef. But this beef bowl is just exploding with flavors! Recommended for those with strong taste buds (like me!) who enjoy the saltiness of the mentaiko. If not then just go for the normal beef bowl without the mentaiko ($19.90). Beef is allegedly American "wagyu" so expect it to be fatty rather than marbled.

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*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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