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Western Grub

Everyone's favourite, be it if you are a child, teenager or an adult. Food that we will never get tired of and leave you wanting for more!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

Had always been looking forward to revisit Hathaway — was pretty impressed by what they have to offer when we made our first visit several months ago when they had first opened, with the Ah Nya’s Fish Curry still lingering in my head.

Having more pax to share around the food here this time round, apart from having the Ah Nya’s Fish Curry that we missed, we also went for other items that we have yet to try before, including some of the side dishes. The Black Cod & Razor Clams was something that I especially liked — a dish that would fit those with a lighter palate. Featuring elements such as Deep Sea Sablefish, Hand Dived Razor Clams and a Miso Kombu Broth, what we loved was that light and somewhat milky Miso Kombu Broth that provides for a lightly creamy, yet slightly savoury note that almost replicates that of a collagen broth. The broth adds much of the richness in terms of flavour to the fish — the cod fish was a wee bit dry to our liking but still undeniably fresh; perhaps less smooth considering how they seemingly have flash-fried the fish skin here for that extra crispness for a contrast of texture. The razor clams are also fresh; not seemingly briny whilst carrying a qq texture — what really works well with entire ordeal here will be the nibs of garlic here which gave it a roasty, sweet yet savoury note that binds really perfectly with the Miso Kombu Broth here, providing a much needed flavour to pair with the razor clams.

It’s pretty amazing to know how Hathaway is a venture by the same folks behind Breadyard; a spot perhaps better known for their in-house bakes that also serves up brunch fare that is typically found in cafes elsewhere. Hathaway is a whole different establishment from Breadyard; one that seemingly exudes some Balinese vibes that serves up their very own interpretation of Peranakan fare with a slight twist. Definitely a spot fit for an occasion that serves up something different for the tastebuds to explore.


Visited the much talked about Henri at Pekin Street — the establishment is a more formal, French bistro concept that is opened by the folks behind Bread & Hearth which has outlets at Katong V and at Keong Saik Road which operates as a cafe serving up pastries and bakes. Taking up the former space which Dean & Deluca had previously occupied at Far East Square, the entire space is decked out in wooden furnishing and fittings; all that with floral wallpapers for the walls with a slight Victorian touch. Whilst operating as a bistro with a boulangerie operation, the bistro menu offers patrons light bites, soup, entrées, main dishes and dessert, while the boulangerie retails pastries such as danishes and even entire bread loaves for dine-in and takeaway. Payment for bistro menu items will be billed at the end of the meal, and comprises of served charge, while the same for boulangerie items will be charged upon order at the counter, and does not include service charge.

The Échine de Porc En Chevreuil is an item off the mains section of the menu, and features elements such as marinated pork collar, red wine berry sauce and mashed celery root. The marinated pork collar is done pink for the desired doneness by the chef — the result is a tender and moist slab of meat that comes with some slightly fatter parts; quite balanced and doesn’t require too much of an effort to chew; all that with a clean taste that did not carry any undesirable porky stench. The accompanying red wine berry sauce gave much of a tang that attempts to cut through the slight meatiness that made the entire dish pretty appetising, while the use of mashed celery root over mashed potato was a clever move — provided for a similar savoury note yet with a smoother texture (you know, missing of the usual graininess of mashed potato); also kept the dish pretty light considering how mashed potato is a little denser given it’s starch content. A pretty decent item where one as a meat lover could have alone, or as an item to be shared at the table.

Henri is pretty much an extension to what Bread & Hearth has to offer — whilst the boulangerie does carry some of the items that Bread & Hearth serves up, the bistro menu seems to showcase classic French cooking at its best; all that in an environment that is fitting to its theme. There isn’t quite anything that seems pretentious here — from the vibes to the food, though we did wish that several aspects to the service can be looked into more considering how this is more of a bistro than a cafe; things such as changing of a napkin and cutlery for a single diner but not for the other accompanying one, just to list one particular detail that was missed. Nonetheless, Henri is a great spot for dates as much as it is for a girl’s day out for a catch-up over pastries and coffee; a spot that is undeniably French in its character and soul — worth checking out at least once for what the vibes and the food they have to offer.


Dropped by the new Surrey Hills Grocer; a cafe-cum-grocer concept that has recently opened at a rather hidden spot around the island — one of the few new tenants which have recently moved into Arena Country Club alongside Joya Onsen Cafe, which is situated a short walk away from Joo Koon MRT Station. While the grocer, which occupies the air-conditioned space, offers a variety of Australian products and produce from various origins, the cafe dine-in seating is more of an al-fresco style situated just on the platform outside of the grocer; orders will have to be made within the cafe counter situated just on the left of the entrance to the grocer. Opened from 3pm to 8pm, the cafe offers all-day brunch featuring a variety of burgers, open-faced toast and meats amongst some other dishes; all of which being designed by their consultant who is a Australian Michelin Chef, which looks to “honour ever farmer and grower for their love and passion that made all flavours in each dish possible”. Also available here are a small selection of danishes, as well as ice-cream sourced from Creamier Handcrafted Ice-Cream; beverages include tea, wines and specialty coffee, which is brewed using beans roasted by Proud Mary Coffee Roasters of Melbourne, Australia.

We tried two of the mains here and both of them are as well-executed; that being said, the Tasmanian Salmon was our pick between the two for its composition and complexity that seemed to have stood out a little more. The dish features slow cooked Sashimi-grade salmon, served medium rare and mushroom reduction barley grains. Basically a barley risotto, this was executed beautifully without being too wet; each grain being done just right to carry a springy chew that was absolutely delightful with the slight cheesy savouriness that it was reduced with. All that goes especially well with the inherent briny-ness of the salmon, which is nothing short of being sufficiently moist and flaky; the Ikura further adds on to the dish with its umami flavours; providing much of the additional oomph factor when it pops in the mouth. Overall, a dish that has pretty much nailed it both texturally and in terms of flavour.

Surrey Hills Grocer is undoubtedly a hidden gem in the far west — cafe-cum-grocer concepts are not something particularly new, but definitely a rare find within this area of the island where it is better affiliated with industrial buildings and army camps (especially with SAFTI Military Institute being situated right across). Surrey Hills Grocer attempts to break that barrier; a spot where expats may probably find some products that may pique their interests, whilst also putting an emphasis on their food to showcase fresh produce executed with finesse. No doubt they are quite out of the way for most, but a trip here for the food is probably still worth the time, especially if one is going to pick up a few items from the grocer whilst at it. It is no doubt that we have enjoyed our time here — here’s wishing the folks behind Surrey Hills Grocer all the best in what is to come; pretty sure we will be back for more!

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Marked yet another pandemic-filled year with pretty much a fanciful dinner at CUT by Wolfgang Puck since the dining partner was at liberty of choosing the spot to have the celebratory dinner of the year (last year’s affair was at Jaan by Kirk Westaway; just so if you want to ask) and that he has pretty much been raving about, and wanting for me to try out the steakhouse.

Here’s a list of dishes that we have had

1st photo: Bread Basket
2nd photo: Maryland Blue Crab Cake, Heirloom Tomato Relish, Basil Aioli
3rd photo: Brussels Sprouts, Iberico Pork Belly, Sesame Yuzu Aioli
4th photo: Japanese Pure Breed Wagyu Beef— Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Filet Mignon 170g
5th photo: Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Apple-Apricot "Moustarda"
6th photo: Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé

The meal did started off very well — was fairly impressed with the bread service and the dining partner requested for an extra serve of the Pao de Queijo, and I could see why. I had always been in love with these morsels of cheese bread that I might end up in Four Leaves to grab some when I am feeling peckish, but the ones here are so moist, so QQ and not overpoweringly cheesy; I would say it makes for even an ideal breakfast over a cup of black coffee whilst popping some of these down. Thought the Maryland Blue Crab Cake was decent; liked how it was well-filled with crab meat within without much fillers, though personally thought it was a little greasy and not as crisp I expected it to be. What’s crisp were the brussel sprouts in the Brussels Sprouts, Iberico Pork Belly, Sesame Yuzu Aioli — not particularly intimidating for a non-Brussels Sprouts lover for how much of the “green” bitter notes were cut by the pork belly and the aioli, though I personally felt that the aioli was a tad heavy for a side that could have been more refreshing against the meaty dishes if served without. The dining partner went all out with his order of the Japanese Pure Breed Wagyu Beef, but the Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Apple-Apricot "Moustarda" is the one to go for those who want to cheap out; either that or just want a non-beef option without missing the fun. Chef recommends medium-well for the doneness of the pork chop. It’s thick, and comes grilled the same way that the beef is done here — done from the extra crusty exterior to that tender flesh that is almost akin to slicing through butter; so juicy without being especially fatty, and yet so much flavour from the juices. The Apple-Apricot "Moustarda" does its magic; seemingly infused with horseradish(?), there is tinge of mustard-like earthiness that cuts through the meatiness so perfectly, yet a nice sweetness from the purée that is a classic, yet rarely seen combination (at least for local standards) of apple sauce and pork. No doubt a favourite of mine; so much I actually didn’t mind missing out on the beef anyway. By the time we were done with our mains, the Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé was something which landed us quite in a state of food coma; chocolate lovers will dig this — no doubt a pretty well-made soufflé, but it’s a fairly sweet and heavy ordeal that we thought we didn’t need after all that meat halfway through it.

While CUT by Wolfgang Puck does seem like a fine-dining establishment, service here does feel more like a fancy steakhouse — there are some details that weren’t very well looked into as compared to other fine dining establishments that we have tried; probably just slightly something above an average bistro which honestly could have been better given the price point we are entering into. That being said; quite glad that they do allow for walk-ins for a limited number of pax per day around their bar counter — otherwise I guess there wouldn’t be the opportunity for me to actually give them a go. To be fair, I probably wouldn’t mind shelling out a bit just to get the Double Thick Iberico Pork Chop, Apple-Apricot "Moustarda" to share in the future, though I wouldn’t probably try to end of the meal with the Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé considering how everything else is pretty heavy-tasting here.


Headed to Lad & Dad’s latest venture at Tanglin Post Office, Lad & Co. Taking over the former space of Puglia Alfresco Pizza Bar, Lad & Co features an al-fresco dining space — someone fitting for a watering hole that they are with good air circulation from the Airbitat coolers that keeps diners cool and comfortable despite the outdoor nature of the seats here. Staying true to their roots, Lad & Co does serve up British fare such as the Bacon & Chip Butty, Bangers & Mash etc. alongside sides such as Cheesy Curry Chips, Scotch Eggs and more, though all the food menu items except the Fish & Chips would only be available as they move towards their official launch. They also do serve up a wide variety of craft beers that are proudly displayed in their display chiller, available for patrons to just pick and choose their desired drink.

Having wanted to try their Fish & Chips for quite some time now, we decided to go for a large portion of the Fish & Chips to share — two portion sizes of the dish are available; a medium at $19 or a large version at $29. Featuring beer battered haddock, thick cut chips, mushy peas, gherkin, tartar sauce and lemon wedge, the Fish & Chips here was pretty true to the British-style of the dish and one that was particularly well-executed — there is no denying on how the golden-brown, deep-fried beer batter was so crisp; liked how the Fish & Chips here weren’t particularly greasy, while the batter wasn’t overly thick nor doughy. Inside, the flesh of the fish was smooth and flaky — very clean flavours and fresh here; no undesirable muddy notes here. Even the chips are pretty good here; they aren’t the most thick cut ones around but they still give a substantial bite — soft on the inside and well-filled with potato, whilst also not being particularly greasy. I ain’t a fan of peas but the mushy peas here were on point — doesn’t taste particularly “green”, but also well seasoned with salt and pepper and was a great respite from the deep-fried items, or even works as a dip to the chips as well if so prefer having them that way.

Lad & Dad has gone quite a long way — from being a stall serving up British fare in Maxwell Food Centre, they had since moved to a shophouse unit at the foot of the HDB block at Tanjong Pagar Plaza which marks their start as a watering hole with exciting craft beer options to explore. Lad & Co stays true to that vision; a larger, more centralised location that seemingly targets the expats in the area — a fun and chill location for the after-work wind-down especially!

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Made the visit to Jalan Besar for Don Signature Crab / Chicken Pie Kitchen after realising that this establishment is run by the same folks who had set up Don Pie (formerly also known as Don Your Personal Pie Club or Don Pie Club) which had since been sold by the original owners and now run by a third party with multiple outlets in Singapore. Previously located at Toa Payoh within a coffeeshop at Toa Payoh North, they had since moved into a shophouse unit at Tyrwhitt Road (formerly occupied by alittle tashi; their epic “Laundry Room” is something I won’t forget) and now serves up their signature pies, cheesecake and Kueh Lapis here, alongside their famed crab dishes including their Crab Bee Hoon Soup amongst others.

Made a walk-in visit on a weekday evening and was lucky to snag the last personal-sized Chicken Pie available for the day. Described in the menu as “Chef Don Lim’s original chicken pie recipe since 1983”, this is also perhaps a slice of heritage in the F&B scene in Singapore to savour — one can easily say its 38 years in the making. Perhaps what makes the chicken pie so well-loved here is the buttery and flaky pastry and the well-filled pie itself that didn’t feel particularly heavy. Felt that the pastry was lacking some crisp; perhaps because given the time we made our visit — but it does carry an evident hint of buttery fragrance that matches the sufficiently moist and slightly peppery fillings within. One could easily find chunks of chicken that is soft-to-the-bite, potatoes that are smooth and almost to the point of being mashed while also coming with nibs of corn, carrots and mushrooms within.

Against the other chicken pies that I have tried in some other cafes, the Chicken Pie from Don Signature Crab / Chicken Pie Kitchen is one that would likely appeal to those who are into more old-school, fuss free renditions — one that is not overly creamy nor heavy without the distractions such as truffle and other “hippie” elements.

Came across a few new posts on the new Good Intentions at 45 East Coast Road — the establishment takes over the former location of Bergs. Being an all-day dining establishment, Good Intentions serves up mains and bar bites — they also do serve a burger menu in collaboration with Bergs as well. Offering beverages such as specialty coffee on the menu, the primary focus here would be their alcoholic selections — think draft beers on tap, cocktails and a limited selection of wine. For those who are not into alcoholic beverages, there are also house-made concoctions such as their very own Ice Cream Soda as well.

Being one of the sides listed on the menu, the Shrimp Paste Karaage would be a great item to share across the table or to have as a light bite with the various alcoholic beverages that they have to offer. A fusion between the local Har Jeong Kai with the Japanese Karaage Chicken, I really liked how the chunks of chicken are well-sized — the batter on the exterior being crisp but not too thick; each piece carrying an evident hint of umami-ness from the shrimp paste. The flesh within is juicy and tender as well. Needless to say, we found ourselves snacking on them whilst mopping up our choice of mains — pretty addictive and would work especially well as bar bite.

Being an all-day dining spot in the Katong neighbourhood where there are no lack of F&B establishments, I like how Good Intentions is styled as a destination that stays true to its conceptual theme. There is that intimacy in its dining space within the first level, but the dining area on the second level is nothing short of being a peaceful sanctuary with a laid-back vibe; suitable for couples on a date or a bunch of friends gathering for a drink. The menu also boasts of suitable options that is as versatile as it can get — being great for a filling lunch or a sharing plate for dinner with drinks. With all that and a range of draft beer on tap available, Good Intentions is probably a watering hole that residents in the area would love to have around.


Chanced upon the new The Hainan Colony, which had take over the former premises of 18 Grill at 18 Tai Seng previously. Being an establishment that attempts to bring back the classics of British-Hainanese cuisine, the casual diner is decked rather generically whilst serving up items from western delights such as Hotpot Braised Beef in Brown Sauce and British Hainanese Toast, as well as Hainan Specialties such as their Signature Hainanese Chicken Rice, Hotpot Herbal Lamb Stew and Hainan Curry Pork Ribs.

Speak about Hainanese-Western fare and the first thing that comes to mind for me would be the Hainan-Style Biscuit Breaded Pork Chop — young me didn’t quite appreciate the composition of the dish last time, but finding an F&B establishment that serves one like this is rather rare these days, full with the tomato-based sauce drenched over a biscuit-breaded pork cutlet. This one pretty much hit all the right spots — the tomato-based sauce comes with a balance of tanginess and savouriness; perhaps so with the addition of HP/Worcester Sauce that is a typical ingredient for such dishes. The result was a sauce that is sufficiently bright and tangy, but also carried a mellow savouriness that provides some volume in terms of flavour to the sauce base; all that whilst the caramelised onions add a slight hint of sweetness — the entire deal matching the pork chop so perfectly. I also liked how the pork chop here comes with a good breading of biscuit crumbs; retains the crunch despite the sauce drenched atop, while the slab of meat within is tender without feeling particularly moist and didn’t carry any unpleasant porky stench.

Patrons can pick their choice of carbs here; we opted for fries instead of rice to be served with our order. The fries were sufficiently crisp on the exterior and revealed fluffy potato within; well-seasoned so they were really easy to finish, while the salad is pretty standard — dressed with a slight drizzle of lemon vinaigrette(?), it provides the dish with a more wholesome feel.

Being still a relatively new establishment, do expect some teething issues with their service as they sort out their operations. That being said, the Hainan-Style Biscuit Breaded Pork Chop here does carry that old-school flavour which I regrettably only come to appreciate as I got older, but also at a period where Hainanese-British fare is also a harder find.

It really took a bit of time but finally glad that there are more than a handful of F&B tenants moving into GR.ID which provides for more lunch options for us office folks who are returning to the office on the days that we need to — new to the mall is Chops Grill & Sides; not exactly a new name to the F&B scene with other existing locations around, including its outlet at Holland Village.

I might have had Chops Grill & Sides a long time ago — that being said, I found myself being most drawn to their Ha Cheong Chicken on the menu. The item is available in 1 piece or 2 pieces option; we went for the former — patrons can also get to choose between two different types of sides here, which we went for the Potato Salad and the Mac & Cheese. Despite looking a little greasy, I was glad that the Ha Cheong Chicken turn out to be decently crisp on the exterior; the flesh within being sufficiently moist while the portions do seem pretty generous even for the 1-piece portion — only wished that they could have drained off more oil somewhat. The Ha Cheong Chicken comes with their special concoction of chili dip that is almost akin to that of the chili that usually comes served with Hainanese Chicken Rice – gives a slight zippiness while also providing a bit of kick of spiciness that matches well with the slightly umami fried chicken. The accompanying sides do come with a sprinkle of bacon bits for some colour; the Mac & Cheese being the crowd favourite combination of macaroni and nacho cheese sauce — the macaroni noticeably being bigger-sized than the small elbows that some places served up, whilst being drenched in sufficient nacho cheese sauce that covers the entire portion. The potato salad was sufficiently creamy; the chunks of potatoes being aptly soft while the bacon bits give it a bit of crunch and slight savourinesss.

One thing that makes Chops Grill & Sides a rather attractive option for lunch in the area are the prices — the items are rather wallet-friendly, with the prices ranging being from $8.90 to $16.90; most items being priced around $10.90 or less. With food of a pretty decent quality and generous portions, it is easy to see how Chops Grill & Sides would likely be a popular option with the students and office folks especially once everyone starts to return to school/work as things start to reopen past the Stabilisation Phase hopefully. This one’s definitely a spot that is going to the list when considering lunch places while around the office.

Cherry & Oak was a spot that I was really looking forward to visit especially after learning about how this establishment is opened by the same folks behind ASAP & Co., which is best known for their smoked meats which we absolutely loved during our previous visit there. While ASAP & Co. occupies a typical shophouse unit in the Kampong Glam neighbourhood, Cherry & Oak takes up a larger unit at Owen Road previously operated by Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine, and carries a wider menu that features items fit for brunch such as a range of open-faced toasts served with smoked meat, sharing platters, pasta and sides — they also do offer a small variety of desserts that are display in the display case at the counter, while beverages include tea, specialty coffee brewed using beans roasted by local micro-roasters Dutch Colony Coffee Co., and zero-alcohol wines.

The Rainbow Sausages from the “Smoked Sharing Platter” of the menu is one of the dishes that is often mentioned from Cherry & Oak. Whilst not being an item which we initially wanted to order, it was one that we eventually did considering how the portion does seem to be manageable to be shared between two pax. This item features handmade sausages made using growth hormone-free chicken with no additives, colouring, fillers or preservatives, while the sausages come in four different types — Spinach, Original, Beetroot and Curry. All the sharing platters also comes with Nasi Lemak Bakar that is accompanied with egg, sambal, nuts and Ikan Bilis, whilst also coming with a Mango Slaw.

Of the four sausages, perhaps the most memorable one would be the Curry Sausage. The Curry Sausage seems to have been inspired by the Currywurst; there was an evident hint of curry powder in the sausage that carries a flavoural punch that sets it apart from the other sausages included in here. The original sausage is the one to go for to experience their housemade sausages in its truest form — the sausages here do seem to be what they claim them to be; within the snappy casing is a sausage that comes with meat that carries a good bite. There is no artificial “bounce” here that suggests that these do not come with any fillers, whilst it is also noted that they do not come overly salty — instead, the Original does come with an evident hint of pepper that attempts to tickle the taste buds. We were a little bummed that the Spinach and Beetroot one tastes rather similar however — perhaps intended to be more of a play on colour rather than flavour. That being said, both sausages carries a rather strong hint of turmeric that seems to make them taste rather similar to that of satay. Dipping the sausages into the sauce provided, the sauce is actually BBQ sauce — smoky and savoury whilst carrying a peppery touch. We were also especially impressed with the Nasi Lemak Bakar; whilst the rice felt a tad dry as compared to some other Nasi Lemak elsewhere, the basmati grains were distinguishable from one another and carried a slight coconut-y amidst the smoky flavours from being grilled within the banana leaf that it was wrapped into — best to be had with the sweet sambal that comes with a good punch of spiciness that accompanies the Nasi Lemak Bakar for those who are able to tolerate moderate levels of spiciness.

ASAP & Co. had previously blew our minds with their Smok Norwegian Salmon and smoked beef brisket — Cherry & Oak has brought it to yet another level with their housemade sausages and their Nasi Lemak Bakar. It is needless to say that they are pretty much the smoked meat specialists that they have come to be. It is indeed nice to see how ASAP & Co. has come this far in a short period of time, and has maintained their standards with the opening of Cherry & Oak. It is little wonder how Cherry & Oak is pretty much at its full capacity while we had made our walk-in visit on a weekend for dinner service — here’s wishing the folks all the best in whatever that is to come!

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Little Rogue Coffee was one of those cafes that had opened their doors during the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) period where dine-in wasn’t allowed — also notably one of the places where everyone seemed to have headed down on the very day when dine-in restrictions were lifted. One of the draws to the establishment is probably its clean, “Balinese-inspired” decor; something that had been widely mentioned about on social media.

Visiting the cafe on a weekday afternoon for mid-day brunch (around 1pm), the cafe was pretty much hitting full seating capacity despite occupying a rather spacious lot (there again, the limit of two pax per table with social distancing rules also meant that there isn’t as many people around). Little Rogue Coffee serves up typical brunch fare and mains (think pasta, burgers, sandwich etc.), apart from a section in the menu dedicated to “sweets”; pastries and cakes are also displayed at the counters. Specialty coffee is available here, brewed using beans sourced from Proud Mary by Ballad of Anna May, which is located at Craig Road.

The Bacon Wrapped Prawns Risotto was one of the few dishes that actually caught our attention — perhaps being a slightly more adventurous item than the rest. While there were positive reviews on the item, we felt that the dish lacked contrast; consisting of elements such as bacon, prawns, spring onion, prawn bisque, truffle oil and parmesan, the dish sounded fairly appealing but was largely overwhelmed by a monotonous hint of saltishness that comes after the truffle aroma which hits the taste buds on first taste. It’s noted that the risotto’s texture was also a little inconsistent; some parts carrying a slight more crunch than the others. The dish also seemingly lacked the natural sweetness of the prawns used in the prawn bisque. While the bacon-wrapped prawns were a good attempt on being creative, the chewy bacon wrapping the prawns (which were reasonably fresh), there was not much else to note about it. Perhaps the whole composition was just something that my tastebuds aren’t quite agreeable to by preference overall.

With the glowing reviews on the various items being served up here, we will like to believe that the Bacon Wrapped Prawns Risotto was more of a one-off; the cafe was visibly busy on the day of our visit, and they are also possibly getting used to dine-in operations given how they have only opened recently. Would say that Little Rogue Coffee is a great place for coffee and catch-up though; a comfortable environment that serve up pretty good filter coffee (we had a Barista’s Brew which used beans roasted by Flip Coffee Roasters; a local coffee micro-roastery). Have seen many others ordering the Soft Scrambled Eggs & Ikura here too; perhaps that is the item to go for if one is intending to drop by.

Got to know about Faber Brunch Club’s existence within Cloud (Faber Drive); the space which also houses GelatoLabo and Glass Roasters. While Cloud Mohammed Sultan does have more evident segregation between the various concepts, Faber Brunch Club operates out of a kitchen situated behind GelatoLabo — patrons would usually be seated within the premises of GelatoLabo, or at the al-fresco dining area with orders typically taken at GelatoLabo’s counter.

While the menu is segregated into several sections such as “Petite” and “Brunch”, it was mostly the items from the “Mains” menu that caught our attention. Only available from 10:30am, the Mussels & Fries is one such item from the “Mains” section of the menu — the item involves Green Lip Mussels in a Bianco Vino Broth with fresh herbs, and served with shoestring fries.

Having craved for mussels for quite a while (Mum was reminiscing of the time where we had a great mussels dish from South Union Park — things we talked about during Phase 2 ), the Mussels & Fries from Faber Brunch Club was something I was looking forward to have. Would say that there was a decent amount of mussels here, though the shoestring fries are ultimately the item that forms up the more substantive portion of the dish here — I liked how the mussels here are fresh without any unpleasant odours; the Bianco Vino Broth being buttery, but surprisingly light on alcohol. Instead, it’s just slightly garlicky, with bits of onions for a contrast of flavours — comforting without being overly briny, whilst also coming with a hint of dill (possibly one of the few “fresh herbs” as described on the menu). The shoestring fries are decently seasoned; lightly salted for flavour whilst remaining crisp — nothing much to shout about but still being fries that were easy to finish.

Having tried a number of their concepts housed within Cloud Faber Drive and Cloud Mohammed Sultan, I wouldn’t deny that the various concepts seem to be capable to churn out food that is pretty well-made when compared against many other establishments in the cafe scene — items that aren’t too outlandish, but with a touch of their own. Have also noticed that Glass Roasters at Faber Drive had started offering a small variety of Miyagi Sandos; perhaps another trip here is to be made soon …

Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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