Western Grub

Western Grub

Everyone's favourite, be it if you are a child, teenager or an adult. Food that we will never get tired of and leave you wanting for more!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

From the new Steakgrill which had opened its doors recently; hidden within the heartlands of Ang Mo Kio at Blk 408, it is located just a stone's throw away from 409 AMK Market and Food Centre, slightly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of AMK Hub and the town centre.

The highlight here would be the beef dishes; offering different cuts of beef, patrons would also be entitled to two of the signature sides for every order — opting for the doneness of medium rare, we picked the Mac & Cheese and Crispy Fries for our order, with Mushroom sauce for our choice of sauce (the other being Black Pepper). Going straight for the meat, the slab of steak was done with a pinkish centre; carrying a balance of leaness and fattiness, the meat was easy to chew without needing much effort in slicing through, whilst not being particularly gamey and well-seasoned with pepper and salt over the top. The mushroom sauce provides a creamy, earthy note with chunks of mushroom to chew on, while the sides were also pretty on point — the Mac & Cheese being a crowd pleaser with the use of nacho cheese-esque cheese sauce that laces the macaroni, yet blanketed with a layer of melted cheese for more flavour and a stretchy texture, while the Crispy Fries reminds me of those usually served at Long John Silvers with some excess batter for an extra crunch. At $22, this may not necessarily be the cheapest steak around, but certainly one that is well-priced for its quality given its location in the heartlands — a convenient location for quality steak at the price point, and a spot that I would not mind picking for satisfying Western in the comfort of aircon, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded town centres and shopping centres alike.

Hidden away within the Crawford Lane neighbourhood, Italian Osteria X is a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria which does primarily takeaway orders. Pretty impressed by the one-man show situation here; the same guy who takes your orders and gives your recommendations at the table is also the very same person who would man the counter, make your pizzas, clear your tables and also serving other customers — a very humble, small-scale operation that showcases the passion and effort behind his craft.

The Parma "Garden" features elements such as Parma Ham, Arugula and Mozzarella; the dough being made freshly in-house and it shows — the pizza crust is light and fluffy, giving a firm bite but not overly dense nor stodgy, carrying a slight char without being that burnt bitterness. Smothering a tomato-based sauce over the pizza crust, the sauce provides a refreshing, tangy base for the cured meat and melted mozzarella; the latter being all gooey and stretchy — a pretty balanced flavour profile which gives contrast to the savoury pizza. Attempting to cut through the savoury notes of the pizza as well would be the arugula; the bitter undertones of the leaves help to further balance those flavours, providing even more contrast to the pizza. At $19.90 for a 12-inch pizza (also the only size available for all the pizzas offered here), this is certainly a steal; no doubt the crust seemed to have some difficulty holding up the weight of the toppings with the toppings closer to the centre sliding off the pizza, but it is in no way soggy or too wet. A hidden gem in a quaint, sleepy estate, we wish the folks behind Italian Osteria X all the best in serving quality, affordable pizzas at the foot of a HDB block.

Pretty surprised how this was located within a Prime Supermarket; a concept that seems to be a new addition to the newer outlets located at Buangkok Square Mall and Blk 461 Yishun Avenue 6, Fishy People Cafe serves up only three items — all of which being fish-related dishes such as Fish & Chips, Fish Soup and Poke Bowl.

Was pretty impressed by the Fish Soup as well as this; the former being a clean-tasting, tomato-based version coming with a choice of either sliced, fried or mixed (mix of both sliced and fried fish) — pretty refreshing. The Fish & Chips was undeniably a stunner; whilst coming slightly more expensive than that served in a coffeeshop or food court at a price of $10.00, this was one Fish & Chips that is of a decent quality for its price — not particularly greasy, generous portions of fish with a crisp batter that is not too thick, and crisp fried that are well-seasoned. Have had many renditions of Fish & Chips elsewhere, but this is certainly more than what I would expect out of a supermarket's diner — one that surpasses that of some coffeeshop stalls and even cafes that serves similar dishes up. And now, I am only left with hoping for a Prime Supermarket to open in my neighbourhood...


From the newly-opened Wursthans Switzerland; a new dining establishment serving up Swiss cuisine featuring grilled meat and sausages which recently opened its doors at PLQ Mall besides Starbucks and Mom's Touch.

Opted for the Swiss Sausage Meal which comes with a choice of sausage (went with the Cheesy Chicken Sausage), Rosti, Roasted Vegetables, choice of sauce (we picked the Spicy Chipotle) and Iced Elderflower Tea. Coming with disposable utensils by default, the main star here seems to be the sausage; the Cheesy Chicken Sausage is pretty decent — pretty bouncy and snappy with oozy cheese within without being overly salty. The Spicy Chipotle sauce matches the sausage well, helping to provide a slight zing and a light kick of spiciness to help ante up the flavours of the sausage; a level of spiciness that should not be of a big issue to those who may not have a high tolerance to spiciness. The Rosti was decent; though coming a little small, the Rosti features potatoes that comes rather thinly-shredded. Not as crusty as the ones served by Marche (pretty much a standard to compare considering how most have had their first Rosti there), the Rosti here also carries a slightly heavier char in terms of flavour, though thankfully was not burnt. Roasted vegetables were also decent; providing a balance between the Rosti and the sausage, the vegetables carry a slight char and provides a crunch as well. A rather decent eat, though not something I would rush back for to have again.


Bacon Curried Rice, Raisins, Tomato Basil Paste, Organic Jammy Egg, Caramelised Onion, Sour Cream. One of the new items available at Atlas Coffeehouse which had since reopened after an extensive renovation which carries a different look from before.

Essentially almost akin to Pineapple Fried Rice spiked with chunks of bacon all over, the rice comes slightly sweet yet with a hint of curry spice, made savoury from the bits of bacon that speckled throughout the entire bowl. The Organic Jammy Egg is done to a texture where the egg yolk is a little hardened but still creamy, though not oozy and flowy like a typical sous-vide egg; I would have probably preferred having it sous-vide or molten to allow the yolk to better mix into the rice for better flavour. That being said, the caramelised onions were extremely on-point with its sweetness — a very distinct note that works extremely well with the rice while the sour cream, though a little unnecessary for me, does help in providing a slightly neutral flavour yet adding some creaminess into the dish. Everything is still done as per standards familiar to Atlas Coffeehouse, Colombus Coffee Co., and Lunar Coffee Brewers; pretty excited to give the other new items a go another time.


Crispy Brown Rice Crusted Salmon, Seafood Miso Tamarind Broth infused with Dried Chili, Daikon, Bamboo Shoot, Braised Eggplant, Leek Tempura. From FarmAppetit; a new establishment which had taken over the former premises of KEK Seafood Pandan Gardens.

Serving up pretty much Western fare with their very own twist, this item comes with a Japanese influence and a very slight local twist. Really enjoyed the Seafood Miso Tamarind Broth; a savoury and light broth that was pretty clean in terms of flavour and easy to have — went well with the flavours of the salmon which was fresh and came with a brown rice crust that gives it a good crunch. Other items such as the Daikon provides a soft bite, while the bamboo shoot gives a crunch; the Leek Tempura also giving a good bite whilst being crisp and all. Pretty liked how this dish was just something that warms up the heart; very clean notes yet with a variety of textures. A little pricey considering the neighbourhood it is located at, but a place that is certainly a hard find in this area of Singapore.

Seared Atlantic Seabass, Braised Cabbage, String Beans with Lettuce, White Wine Sauce.

From the newly-opened Manna at City Gate along Beach Road; a stone's throw away from Sultan Plaza and Golden Mile Food Centre. Serving up a variety of Western cuisine (some carrying a local influence), the Seared Atlantic Seabass with Lentils was an item that we felt was pretty decent for its price of S$16.00.

Coming with a crisp skin from the searing, the fish was still considerably flaky with some moisture being locked within; its flavour enhanced by the white wine sauce which was all savoury and buttery, while the accompanying greens such as the braised cabbage provides a familiar, soft crunch providing the local infusion for this item. The long beans further helps to provide more texture, while the lentils gave a soft bite to even things out. A pretty decent item to go for here; given how Manna is decked out, it does make for a good spot for a relaxed date or casual lunches in the day with rattan and wood furnishings with the sunlight pouring in from the full length windows on the facade — a spot that is worth considering to dine at when in the area.

Checked out Farmers and Chefs; a new establishment that had taken over the former premises of Toast Box at Singapore Conference Hall (also the home of Singapore Chinese Orchestra) along Shenton Way. Serving up wholesome meals with fresh ingredients, the entire space is situated outside the building under a canopy that provides shelter from the elements — pretty much al-fresco dining only here.

Serving up breakfast (only till 11:30am), sides and appetisers, rice bowls, mains and pasta, the Kurobuta Pork Loin belongs to the "mains" section of the menu. Slicing into the Kurobuta Pork Loin already sets the first impression right; the meat itself being absolutely tender and juicy; easy to chew given how it was cut against the grain — slicing it was like having a knife go through butter. Providing a meaty bite, the meat was savoury and carrying a slight char being pan-seared. The sauteed vegetables are a nice touch to dish as well; comprising of capsicums, broccoli and potatoes, the potatoes were sized just right for a single bite; soft to bite as well, while the capsicum comes pretty aromatic with a slight char. My favourite would be the broccoli – the florets charred just slightly for a bit of smokiness and a crunch. Really liked how the place carries its theme so synonymously with the food; one that seems to be decked in a way to be close to nature and serving up wholesome meals using fresh ingredients — a spot that is worth checking out.

Had heard quite a fair bit about Trapizza on social media and thought it would be great to check it out since we were in the area.

Serving up thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas that is freshly-made upon order, the Pizza Di Mare is a seafood pizza that features prawns, mussels, crab meat, smoked salmon, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Really enjoyed this pizza for how light it is; much of that goes to the credit of the thin-crust that still gives a good bite without being particularly dense — the crust also holding up well to the wet condiments without sogging up due to moisture. The seafood were pretty fresh, while the mozzarella comes all stretchy and stringy that provides for that satisfying cheese pull; the tomato sauce providing a zing that binds all the elements together. Quite liked the rustic flair that the pizza carried; a great spot to enjoy those vibes that Siloso Beach has to offer with some great pizzas and drinks to go along as well.


Savoury pork chops coated in buttermilk biscuit, paired with home-made coleslaw. Was really looking forward to returning back to Homeground Grill and Bar after my very first visit sometime ago when they had first opened. Not usually my idea to order a fried dish anywhere that I go, but we were already pretty tempted by this item whilst scrolling through social media on the way down here. Coming in a pretty good portion of three slabs of meat, the pork chops were nothing short of outstanding with the crunchy and aromatic buttermilk biscuit batter, while the meat itself was tender and juicy without being greasy — a highlight of the dish considering how easy it is to actually get pork wrong. Pairing the pork chops with a coleslaw, the coleslaw is creamy without being jelak; served cold, the coleslaw gives a refreshing crunch — squeezing the wedge of lemon on the side, the lemon zest provides a slight zing that is intended for the coleslaw to cut through all that meatiness on the plate. Something which I just can't get enough of — a very satisfying fried dish on its own with their very own twist.


Seared Pork Chop, Apples, Purple Cabbage, Mashed Potatoes, Pommery Mustard Sauce. One of the many new mains that had been introduced with the new revamped menu of South Union Park which was launched last week.

Really liked how the folks behind South Union Park consistently push their boundaries with each menu change; an item that is safe as much as coming with their own twist, the Seared Pork Chop is without a doubt tender — not much effort required to chew nor did it carry a porky stench, whilst expertly seared to achieve that hint of smokiness that makes the Pork Chop so tasty on its own. While other places may try to provide a contrast using apple sauce, South Union Park serves their Pommery Pork Chop with stewed apples — not only does it add a sweet touch, but also helps to add a soft bite that provides for the textural aspect. Mash is smooth as usual, while the purple slaw gives a refreshing crunch as usual; the Pommery Mustard Sauce providing a slight tang that cuts through the meatiness and sweetness. Not a lot of pork chops get to me; mostly because they come with little meat being served bone-in or being too porky or tough, but this one — I definitely would be developing cravings and returning again for that stellar execution. Yet another dish at the favourite place that does not dissapoint.


From MediumRare by Saveur at Century Square; essentially a revamp to FrapasBar by Saveur — the brand now focusing on serving up different cuts of steak at affordable prices.

Coming in a 250g portion, the Flat Iron Steak is pretty accessible to most with its price of $18++. Ordering our Flat Iron Steak to be served medium-rare, the steak comes pinkish within, and is still pretty tender and succulent without having much of a need to chew. Every order is entitled to a free sauce and two sides; our choice of sauce being the Cafe de Paris which is essentially a knob of herb butter that is garlicky and buttery — complements the steak really well. Our side of the Beef Fat Fried Rice was a comforting rendition of an egg fried rice; aptly savoury though could be a little bit greaser for better texture, while the Creamed Spinach is not doubt comforting with the cream sauce cutting through the "greenness" of the leaves. A pretty value for money eat.


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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