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Western Grub

Western Grub

Everyone's favourite, be it if you are a child, teenager or an adult. Food that we will never get tired of and leave you wanting for more!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua
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Was pretty impressed with the food at FlagWhite; ordered the Chicken Parmigiana thinking that it would be something pretty run-off-the-mill but it proved to be pretty delicious. Think a slab of juicy, tender and succulent that is blanketed with a layer of stretchy, melted mix of Gouda and Mozzarella cheese that is all gooey, tangy tomato concasse, and earthy sautéed mushrooms — a surprisingly flavourful combination for a dish that often becomes flat-tasting after a while. Comes full with crisp fries that are aptly seasoned, and garden greens on the side. Yet another cafe I would consider returning for again when in the Bukit Timah neighbourhood.


From the new outpost of Ah Hua Kelong at Jalan Riang, which emphasises on seafood served farm-to-table. Essentially a twist to the English classic Fish & Chips, the fried whole Sotong was easy to bite whilst coming with a crisp, golden brown batter; not particularly rubbery in texture. Chips were also crisp; comes with salted egg dip and chili crab dip — the salted egg dip being really rich with a savoury note (though a little bit on the thick side, hence artery-clogging), while the chili crab dip comes a little tomato-y initially, though the crustacean flavours slowly builds up thereafter. Really impressed with how the portions are big here; $18.90 for this dish with a portion good to share amongst three — really value for money!


Choux Pastry, Cream Cheese, Salmon Roe, Chives. One of two Choux-based dishes at South Union Park on their specials board; these were incredibly well-made. Unlike the standard Choux, the Choux pastry gives considerable bite without being airy or spongy, yet still crisp whilst encasing the smoked salmon mousse that is also piped over the top. The smoked salmon mousse is dense, rich and briny; absolutely savoury, yet made umami with the inclusion of ikura that also gives a popping sensation. Made to be shared across the table as an appetiser, I wouldn’t mind having an entire portion of this alone (which I exactly did)!


From their new outlet at PoMo; a set good for three to share, which also comes with three portions of sides and three drinks (or in summary, food for three to share). Wings were well-fried; crisp on the exterior with juicy and tender flesh within — between the two sauces, our choice would be the Honey Soy which was aptly sweet and savoury as opposed to the greasiness of the Salted Egg sauce that comes without much of the flavour that was expected. Fries are crisp and well-fried as well; probably gonna try the Chili Crab sauce and Heritage flavour next time!

Checked out this place that had been in my to-try list for ages. Patrons can pick between mix-and-match platter options or a pre-defined set meant for one. The platter for one comes with smoked beef brisket, pork sausages and pulled pork, with brioche and a choice of a half-sized side which we opted for the bone marrow butter mashed potatoes. Overall, a really substantial platter that’s bound to feed hungry souls very well; thought the smoked beef brisket could have been a little more flavourful, while the texture of the house-made pork sausages may not appeal to those who prefer more commercially made renditions for it lacks the chew — the meat being a little more crumbly whilst being savoury and well-spiced, which was something I prefer. Pulled pork was sufficiently moist, without being unnecessarily wet and drenched with a tangy, sweet and smoky barbecue sauce for flavour. The bone marrow butter mashed potatoes were immensely flavourful; all savoury whilst being smooth and not overly dense — perhaps giving the butter a good mix into the mash potatoes would help to make that flavour of the butter last a little longer with the brown gravy throughout the entire portion.


From Fat Po, a new concept by the folks behind Whisk & Paddle also at The scenic Tebing Lane (Fat Po is situated right beside Whisk & Paddle) serving up Western-Asian fusion dishes.

Fried Taukwa Strips, Mapo Ragu, Grated Cheese. An innovative twist incorporating fries and Mapo Tofu, bringing an Asian influence to a westernized dish. The fried Taukwa strips were crusty on the exterior, but still managed to maintained a reasonably soft texture within without losing its moisture nor was it too dry or rough within. The Mapo Ragu was savoury with a slight hint of spiciness that most should find manageable, coming with minced meat that provided some bite — could have carried a stronger bean paste flavour for a punchier note. Laced with grated cheese, whilst not being a key element of the dish, it provided some stringiness to the fries, though we would prefer a more generous shaving for the slight “cheese-pull” effect that is all the rage these days and a stronger flavour overall. Still pretty decent an item to share around the table.


From the folks behind now-defunct The Betterfield and The Bettership; put aside The Betterfield into the past, for Steakville (at Sunshine Plaza) goes back to the roots of The Betterfield when they had initially started — a spot for no-frills, quality fare at affordable prices.

The Signature Hanger Steak is well-executed; done to medium-rare (which is our specified preference for the order), the steak comes with a crusty exterior and beautiful pinkish centre. While we were told that the steak carries a just a very slight hint of gaminess, the gaminess was barely detectable; tender and juicy, while the flavours were enhanced with the sprinkle of Maldon Seasalt at the side. Very delicious, and very value-for-money indeed at the quality it comes at!


Roasted chicken leg, homemade mash, grilled mushrooms and creamed spinach. This was a comforting dish to have; pretty much no-frills, the chicken leg comes deboned for easier eating — pretty succulent with a crisp skin on the exterior that gives the dish more flavour. It comes well-complimented with creamed spinach, which helps to create a richer flavour for the dish while the grilled mushrooms were earthy and provided some chew. While the homemade mash was a thoughtful addition that helps to make the dish be a little more filling, we felt that the mash could have been a little smoother for there was nothing much to shout about.


From Scissors Paper Stove, a new tapas spot along Teck Chye Terrace that serves up interesting Asian-fusion small sharing plates just a short walk away from Serangoon MRT Station that is bound to be an instagrammer enclave with its dainty and colorful setting.

A unique take on chicken skewers, minced chicken meat is stuffed in green peppers and coming with chunks of pineapple for a zestiness that compliments and rounds off the distinct flavour of the grilled peppers nicely. Thought the minced chicken could be a little bit less mushy for better texture though.


From Martin Zwerts; a fries specialty stall situated at Holland Piazza hailing from Netherlands — the outlet being its very first outpost outside of Europe.

The Martin Zwerts Special is essentially a combination of two sauces — the Frites sauce and the Kerrie sauce that could also be ordered separately with their fried. The fries were served with a generous portion of sauce; still retaining substantial crispness despite doused in sauce whilst being well-filled — the fries were also chunky being thick-cut, while not overly seasoned. The Frites sauce is somewhat like a creamy but light mayo, while the Kerrie sauce is more of light, tangy and sweet sauce similar to BBQ sauce without the smokiness and intense savouriness; very manageable for the tastebud. To be frank; a pretty comforting eat on a rainy day.


Chestnut Glaze, Korean Chili Flakes. The appetizer that is pretty much in your face with its description and aesthetics. The peppers carried its own fragrance well amidst that smokiness; a little bitter while the Korean Chili Flakes helps to ante up on the spiciness a little. The dish would have been totally different if not for the Chestnut Glaze; carrying a grainy texture, it carries an earthy sweetness that cuts through right where the peppers can get a little too bitter and strong, providing a good contrast of flavour.


GG French Poulet, Seasonal House-made Pickles, Truffle Honey. Was really blown away by this dish during dinner — using chicken that is farmed locally at Toh Thye San farm in Loyang. The chicken came with a crisp skin; the flesh so tender, so succulent and juicy while the skin comes glazed in a truffle honey glaze. The truffle honey glaze was truly amazing; the truffle cuts through the sweetness at the right point, providing a flavour contrast that makes their variant so different from the usual honey-glazed chicken dish. The tater tots are absolutely a charm on their own; crisp on the exterior while the potato filling were similar to those of croquettes, though less dense and creamy. The house-made pickles gives a good tang and a crunch. So delicious, we were already making plans to revisit while we were slowly going through the entire dish to savour all that goodness (and making it last, so we wouldn’t be all too sad when everything on the plate is gone).


Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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