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Western Grub

Western Grub

Everyone's favourite, be it if you are a child, teenager or an adult. Food that we will never get tired of and leave you wanting for more!
Xing Wei Chua
Xing Wei Chua

Two Giant Skewers with Chicken Thigh, served with fresh rosemary, caramelised red shallots, roasted garlic, and a wedge of lemon. From the new Pano Kato Grill, Pizza & Deli at Tanglin Mall, opened by the same folks behind House of AnLi which is better known for their Aussie-style brunches and contemporary cuisine.

This is off their Josper Grill menu; essentially meats sourced from Australia that is grilled using charcoal and wood from their Josper oven. Really enjoyed the Chicken Souvlaki here; the greens being even more amazing than the meat itself. Don't get me wrong; the chicken is really lovely on its own; the lack of seasoning helps to bring out that smoky, charred notes from that cooking process, but the greens are immensely juicy yet carrying a myriad of flavours from the distinct notes of the capsicums to the crunchiness of the onions. The onion bulbs and roasted garlic were truly amazing however; all sorts of juicy yet soft to the bite — absolutely wonderful. Needless to say, whilst we only had just a small selection of the sides and the desserts, we would certainly be back for more; the food, the vibes — all the things I would want to sink into on a leisurely weekend.


Bacon Curried Rice, Raisins, Tomato Basil Paste, Organic Jammy Egg, Caramelised Onion, Sour Cream. One of the new items available at Atlas Coffeehouse which had since reopened after an extensive renovation which carries a different look from before.

Essentially almost akin to Pineapple Fried Rice spiked with chunks of bacon all over, the rice comes slightly sweet yet with a hint of curry spice, made savoury from the bits of bacon that speckled throughout the entire bowl. The Organic Jammy Egg is done to a texture where the egg yolk is a little hardened but still creamy, though not oozy and flowy like a typical sous-vide egg; I would have probably preferred having it sous-vide or molten to allow the yolk to better mix into the rice for better flavour. That being said, the caramelised onions were extremely on-point with its sweetness — a very distinct note that works extremely well with the rice while the sour cream, though a little unnecessary for me, does help in providing a slightly neutral flavour yet adding some creaminess into the dish. Everything is still done as per standards familiar to Atlas Coffeehouse, Colombus Coffee Co., and Lunar Coffee Brewers; pretty excited to give the other new items a go another time.


From the new Bedok Bak Chor Mee at Circular Road; a new establishment that is situated just a short distance away from Yan Kee Noodle House and The Salted Plum that specialises in serving up "Bedok-style" Bak Chor Mee. Apart from serving up Bak Chor Mee in both dry and soup options, Bedok Bak Chor Mee also serves up other sides, as well Ngoh Hiang and a rotating menu of local desserts.

Going with the Crispy Prawn Cracker, Yam Roll, Water Chestnut Cake and QQ Pork Sausage, one could tell how the ingredients are pretty fresh and fried quite well; none of the fried fritters felt overly greasy nor soaked up in oil — items were pretty crisp whilst the meatier items come with a good bite and pretty juicy. The accompanying chili was also great; a good balance of sweetness and mild spiciness that provides a contrast of flavours. Something which is great to share around the table with the Bak Chor Mee that is to be ordered here.


Have had the original Earl Grey Lavender Croissant with Toasted Hazelnuts for quite a while now, so this new rendition (which I already had twice; once at East Coast Road and the other time at Guillemard) was certainly a refreshing change. Now the same airy croissant that perfumes of the floral notes now come with an cream cheese filling — the filling isn't particularly heavy; one would get a light tinge of tartness whilst the cream cheese helps add a soft and creamy texture provides a contrast of textures which seems fitting to the croissant. Spiked with a little bit of the Earl Grey Lavender, the Earl Grey Lavender Cream Cheese also helps to elevate those floral notes even further from the sugar glazing; pretty lovely indeed.


Wasn't intending to dine here at the first place, but ended up here somehow after a failed attempt of having Dim Sum elsewhere. Must say that this was actually worth the detour (or even the trip); the Mee Pok here is well-executed considering the many elements that went into the bowl. Really liked how the noodles gave a good bite; pretty much "al-dente" whilst coming with a lot of goodies such as pig liver, pork slices, fried beancurd skin, minced pork and even clams for just $4.00. The sauce was great for the most part; a balance in between bring vinegary and spicy, while the clam is pretty fresh and a great addition. The inclusion of fried beancurd skin was a hit with me too; whilst being a replacement for the crispy pork lard, it's definitely less greasy than what it replaces — very delicious on its own. Would totally opt for the Signature Mee Pok next time; coming with even more goodies like scallops and prawn paste, it sounds pretty worth the price of $6.00 that it commands.


Crispy Brown Rice Crusted Salmon, Seafood Miso Tamarind Broth infused with Dried Chili, Daikon, Bamboo Shoot, Braised Eggplant, Leek Tempura. From FarmAppetit; a new establishment which had taken over the former premises of KEK Seafood Pandan Gardens.

Serving up pretty much Western fare with their very own twist, this item comes with a Japanese influence and a very slight local twist. Really enjoyed the Seafood Miso Tamarind Broth; a savoury and light broth that was pretty clean in terms of flavour and easy to have — went well with the flavours of the salmon which was fresh and came with a brown rice crust that gives it a good crunch. Other items such as the Daikon provides a soft bite, while the bamboo shoot gives a crunch; the Leek Tempura also giving a good bite whilst being crisp and all. Pretty liked how this dish was just something that warms up the heart; very clean notes yet with a variety of textures. A little pricey considering the neighbourhood it is located at, but a place that is certainly a hard find in this area of Singapore.

From Bacha Coffee, a new coffee room at ION Orchard which had taken the space opposite Nespresso on Level 1; a space that had been vacant for quite a while which saw various plans for quite a number of F&B establishments that did not turn into fruition. A brand that hails from Morocco, the coffee room at ION Orchard is their very first of such concepts internationally.

Serving up Moroccan dishes for the hot food selection and a wide variety of viennoiseries, pastries and desserts, the 1910 Coffee and Chocolate Croissants come in a portion of two for a serving. Coming with coffee flower honey on the side, the croissants came aptly flaky and buttery; the infusion of coffee helps to add a light hint of earthiness and roastinese to the croissant, while a knob of chocolate helps to provide a sweetness to the pastry. Sprinkled with sea salt over the top, the sea salt adds on to the butteriness, further enhancing those flavours. The coffee flower honey is not quite required here, considering how the chocolate helps to provide some sweetness to the croissants — that being said, it still adds a nice sticky and gritty texture similar to raw honey with a floral sweetness that is absolutely alluring. A spot that would most probably be a tai-tai hangout for a pot of coffee after a day's worth of shopping — the TWG-esque Moroccan vibes with the classical music here is what I absolutely dig, with the impeccable service which is just very much on point.


From Ashes Burnnit! at Golden Mile Food Centre, a Muslim-run stall which had recently moved into the unit that Burgs by Project Warung had previously occupied in the food centre.

Serving up affordable burgers, Mac & Cheese and Frossaints to the masses, the Classic Mac & Cheese here is pretty much a steal at S$5.00. Coming with their signature Mac & Cheese sauce, mix salad, garlic breadcrumbs and mozzarella cheese, this would appease the younger folks and hipsters alike with its cheesiness — the sauce carries a flavour similar to that of nacho cheese sauce; the flavours more tuned down here so it does not get too jelak throughout the serving, while the macaroni provides a good chew. The melted mozzarella cheese atop helps to provide a oozy, stretchy and stringy texture, while the garlic breadcrumbs provide a slight crispness to the entire deal. The greens attempt to help to balance things out a little, giving a good break in between spoonfuls of the Classic Mac & Cheese — did not find it absolutely necessary to include the Goma dressing, but certainly good to have. A pretty decent item to consider sharing at the table for a light bite, or something to have individually for a decently-sized sinful treat at the hawker centre.


Seared Atlantic Seabass, Braised Cabbage, String Beans with Lettuce, White Wine Sauce.

From the newly-opened Manna at City Gate along Beach Road; a stone's throw away from Sultan Plaza and Golden Mile Food Centre. Serving up a variety of Western cuisine (some carrying a local influence), the Seared Atlantic Seabass with Lentils was an item that we felt was pretty decent for its price of S$16.00.

Coming with a crisp skin from the searing, the fish was still considerably flaky with some moisture being locked within; its flavour enhanced by the white wine sauce which was all savoury and buttery, while the accompanying greens such as the braised cabbage provides a familiar, soft crunch providing the local infusion for this item. The long beans further helps to provide more texture, while the lentils gave a soft bite to even things out. A pretty decent item to go for here; given how Manna is decked out, it does make for a good spot for a relaxed date or casual lunches in the day with rattan and wood furnishings with the sunlight pouring in from the full length windows on the facade — a spot that is worth considering to dine at when in the area.

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Smoked Salmon, Fresh Spinach, Chives Cream Cheese, Dill and Capers. Dropped by Onalu, which had recently opened its doors at Singapore Management University, School of Accountancy replacing Kraftwich by Swissbake which previously sat in its premises. Offering SMU students and staff with a choice for healthy food, Onalu serves up a variety of smoothie bowls (i.e. Acai Bowls) and Bagel-wiches.

Opting for the Onion Bagel with our order (other choices of bagels include Sesame Bagel and Plain Bagel), the Smokin' Sally is a great choice for a classic combination of condiments with their own twist. Really enjoyed the bagel for how it carries a firm bite without feeling overly dense nor heavy; the onion shallots speckled on the exterior providing a slight garlicky hint of flavour which went really well with the entire Bagel-wich. Unlike other similar bagel-wiches served at other joints, the cream cheese spread is in no way heavy or overwhelmimg; the infusion of chives help to keep things light and refreshing, neutralising and cutting away any of that jelak feel usually associated with cream cheese whilst the creamy texture that binds all of the elements together. The smoked salmon is fresh, providing the bagel-wich with a distinct brininess of cured fish that is not overpowering in terms of saltishness. Overall, a very well put-together package altogether; a well-executed item that's fairly reasonable for its price point (i.e. $8.90 for public; a dollar off for SMU students and staff). Certainly lucky to be a student these days with such quality and value-for-money locations opening on campus worth the occasional splurge — all that without the sin.


From the Japanese Tempura stall (Ten Ku Tei) at Kopitiam Compass One; quite surorised to find a Tempura specialty store to be hidden within the food court here offering various forms of Tempura dishes coupled with the choice of carbs (i.e. Udon, Spaghetti, Rice etc.).

While the main catch should most probably be the Golden Salted Egg Tendon here, the Tempura Teishoku (Kaisen) is essentially the most standard Tendon offering that other Tempura specialty stores usually offer. Coming loaded with Tempura pieces over a bed of Japanese Rice, it comes with elements such as sweet potato, baby corn, shrimp, pumpkin and others — much similarity to a usual Tendon. Priced at an affordable $7.50 inclusive of Chawanmushi and Miso Soup, the Tempura Teishoku (Kaisen) was pretty value-for-money considering how its actually of respectable quality. Sure, the Tempura pieces could be a little lighter in terms of its crispness, but the fried batter still provides a satisfying light crunch. Items like the pumpkin were soft to bite, though the sweet potato was a little too tough for our liking; coming off from the batter almost entirely while we sink our teeth in. That being said, the Shrimp was pretty stellar considering how it was rather fresh especially for this set-up. It's pretty impressive how the tempura pieces were not drenched in grease, though they do turn a little limp if left at the table for a while. Drizzled with a savoury Japanese sauce, the rice carries ample flavour to pair with the fried items as well. A pretty decent offering for its price at the food court; a convenient spot to have the Tendon fix that is of a respectable quality without breaking the bank.


Checked out Farmers and Chefs; a new establishment that had taken over the former premises of Toast Box at Singapore Conference Hall (also the home of Singapore Chinese Orchestra) along Shenton Way. Serving up wholesome meals with fresh ingredients, the entire space is situated outside the building under a canopy that provides shelter from the elements — pretty much al-fresco dining only here.

Serving up breakfast (only till 11:30am), sides and appetisers, rice bowls, mains and pasta, the Kurobuta Pork Loin belongs to the "mains" section of the menu. Slicing into the Kurobuta Pork Loin already sets the first impression right; the meat itself being absolutely tender and juicy; easy to chew given how it was cut against the grain — slicing it was like having a knife go through butter. Providing a meaty bite, the meat was savoury and carrying a slight char being pan-seared. The sauteed vegetables are a nice touch to dish as well; comprising of capsicums, broccoli and potatoes, the potatoes were sized just right for a single bite; soft to bite as well, while the capsicum comes pretty aromatic with a slight char. My favourite would be the broccoli – the florets charred just slightly for a bit of smokiness and a crunch. Really liked how the place carries its theme so synonymously with the food; one that seems to be decked in a way to be close to nature and serving up wholesome meals using fresh ingredients — a spot that is worth checking out.

Up, down and everywhere around for food.

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