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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

Upon being seated, you’ll be presented with the handcrafted pastas available for the day. Take your pick of pasta, and if you’d like to get their house specials (tried and tested combinations that probably can’t go wrong) or build your own. The latter starts from $9.90 for 100g of pasta, you get to pick the sauces and ingredients (from $1.50-$4.50 for each topping).

I can see why this place is always crowded. Probably good to head down off peak, we were there slightly before 5pm on a weekend and the wait wasn’t too bad.

G had wanted their Royal Ragu which was $15.90, but decided to build his own switching out the arugula for white button mushrooms, with the thicker mafalde pasta.

I opted for the creamy Alfredo, added prawns (3 pcs $4.50, fresh and crunchy), white button mushrooms ($2.50) topped with cheese and chilli flakes (free toppings, additional at $0.5 each) and picked the Squid Ink Spaghettini, cooked al dente.

It all boils down to your preference but I was very happy with mine!


Flavours were good and light, portion was ok; I loved the buttered scallops which were perfectly cooked. What kinda marred it overall was how soft the tagliatelle was (also overheard other people giving the same feedback so it wasn’t just my dish, hopefully it’s just an off day haha).

Service was good and I like that they took the time to ask for feedbacks! As with the other outlets, try to go during the off-peak hours or be prepared to wait.

Enjoyed the pasta here too! Pesto Chicken ($13.90) - pasta was al dente and the creamy homemade basil pesto was very flavourful and topped with cheese.

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A tad too spicy for me, but this garlicky goodness was pretty addictive. Did wish they were the giant fresh prawns but at this price, it was a pretty enjoyable pasta dish and I’m just nitpicking ha.

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Linguine was al dente, the soy butter sauce was creamy and very tasty - what an umami party in the mouth in addition to the chargrilled unagi 😌! Served also with salmon roe and shimeiji mushrooms. Prices here are slightly pricey but food has been good thus far - plus it’s a lovely place to chill and have a drink!


True to its name, it does taste pretty refreshingly summery! Al dente tagliatelle but I did wish it was able to soak a little more of that surprisingly light bacon cream sauce (which I proceeded to slurp them all up😂). Comes with fennel, crunchy watercress, juicy Japanese cherry tomatoes, with parmigiano reggiano and black pepper.


Yes, that crazy spicy Korean ramen, but with al dente linguine, served with bacon and mushrooms! For those who can’t take the heat, there’s always the option of level 1 spiciness - which was pretty alright (didn’t have to reach for my water after every mouthful unlike level 4). The fun part about level 4’s spiciness is that it kicks in slowly and when you realise, it’s too late. But of course they were no kick for the mala queens who preferred 4>1 but were too considerate to go for level 5. Admittedly very addictive tho a tad oily - but I’ll definitely stick to the cowardly level 1!😝

Tender with no hint of gaminess, the 24-hour pulled smoked duck with tomato sauce served with basil tagliatelle pasta, cooked al dente, was quite a delight. Portion is small so it makes for a simple starter to share; or it’s probably sufficient for a reaaaaaally small-eater.


Interesting use of edamame here that gives a pop of colour and a bit of crunchiness. Usually I like dishes with a variety of ingredients, but this was so easy to finish! Creamy, tasty, while retaining a bit of a bite, the orzo pasta cooked in squid ink mentaiko with Kohi-Ya’s homemade dashi miso stock is so flavourful, it doesn’t need distractions. Though it might be interesting to include teeny chunks of squid/ octopus texture wise, but it is definitely good enough to finish this on its own. The lone prawn had a nice smokiness to it and thankfully wasn’t overcooked.


Linguine was al dente, but what had us addictively reaching for the dish was the bisque sauce bursting with umami, without being too heavy/ jelak.

I usually need meat together with carbs but this, I could easily finish by itself even if there wasn't any lobster tail. Not to say it wasn't good, it was a happy thing that the fresh chunky lobster was an accompaniment to the super tasty pasta🤤 Topped with Avruga caviar.


With a slew of Singapore-special menus rolling out everywhere in the month of August, here's one you shouldn't miss!

The other pasta dishes were outshone by this Spicy Dried Shrimp Sambal Pasta, something I wouldn't mind coming back for every once in awhile. Hoping this will stay on the menu! Promotion comes as a set with bandung cooler. I love bandung but the bandung cooler while refreshing, was too sweet.
The star of the show has got to be the haebihiam, using the chef's mum's recipe - definitely did her proud. Fragrant, fried perfectly giving a bit of crunch, I loved the ikanbilis; served also with fresh prawns and of course, they were generous with the white button mushrooms. The pasta reminded us of aglio olio, without being over garlicky nor spicy so this is good for people who can't take heat well (ie me).

Thank you #burpple for the invite and @thewhitebuttonsg for having us!


You get to choose the type of pasta (spaghetti, capellini, linguine) here (yay!) so I picked capellini with my Prawn Aglio Olio - the capellini was sadly slightly overcooked but everything else was pretty on point. I loved how it wasn't greasy, very tasty with a hint of white wine and just the right amount of spicy kick accompanied with fresh and crunchy prawns!



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