Drink, Drank, No Drama

Drink, Drank, No Drama

All you want is to be happy, one way or another.
Denise Ong
Denise Ong

So 1st order of returning back to Singapore is to have a round of cocktails in this hidden bar, whereby you literally had to ring to enter. The setup is dark, but inviting with lush seats and a bar table. Small but absolutely cosy.

Before you start, you’re being served with a complimentary coffee alcohol shot. That was yummy; dark, velvety and chocolatey.

Each drink is stunning, which each alcohol base shine brightly, unmasked. Whiskey based is very smokey, while the reserved Gin and Tonic is very refreshing as they made their tonic water by themselves, and before serving they lightly smoked the drink, making it very refreshing, opening up the taste palette.

But my personal favourite (last picture) is the “midnight in Paris”. Sweet, foamy and gentle, it feels like a drink to have looking at the Eiffel Tower, in its splendid at night.

I’ll definitely come back for more, because of the knowledgeable and friendly, and most definitely warm staff who gave use another ending shot of champagne cocktail (on the house). Making this visit like visiting an old friend at their humble home.

Hidden gems to most, but not the Japanese. Go for very good cocktails and whiskey, or for the very eye candy bartender, who is so charming and very pretty. Chat up with her, as she mixed your drinks and be charm by her friendliness and sweet demeanour. Hospitality there is top notch. Before you receive your drinks, they serve Japanese snack, like wasabi chips, edamame, and dried squid strips and a nice hot towel to clean your hands. Luscious seating, warm lighting , definitely the place is inviting for both ladies and men alike.
What's on the table is a good Brazilian national drink; Caipirinha. Well shaken, and strong to suit the locals here, although my friend beg to differ and prefer it to be on a sweeter side, to "con" ladies. The bartender is generous with her cachaça (distilled sugarcane rum), and I could taste the sweet note from the cachaça. Beautiful and simple, the bartender know her craft.


In this blistering crazy madness heat, you need a pint of beer. Or make that a couple more pints. Burger Joint, straight out from New York and onto our sunny shore, brings a good collection (18 types) of beer! For someone who isn't into beers, American craft beers apparently have something that definitely suit each individual tastebuds. Be it malty, fruity (which I love), stout, and all, there is definitely something for everyone! The best part, the owners are happy to allow you to have a shot, before buying yourself a pint. Talk about walking into a ice-cream shop!


Head down to Jamie's Italian for their fine selection of wine, that you can enjoy while dinning in. Personally hand-picked, and flown down into their stores, Jamie's Italian mean serious business when it comes to their wine. My personal favourite would be the Guerrieri Rizzardi Prosecco (Extra Dry), a great drink to start with any meal. Dry, but extremely light, perfect with cheese and bread. Hint of citrus notes could be tasted, this Prosecco certainly is good any given hot weather! Another personal favourite would be the Gavi La Scolca Oro. The perfect by the beach white wine, this wine has a tart finish note, but clean tasting that it will certainly go well with any seafood pairing. Lastly, many Sinagporean favourite would be their all-rounder sweet, Costa De Bussia Chardonnay. Delectably sweet, a great ladies drink (or for all those sweet-loving people). Tangy and lively, this wine pairs well with white meat.


This sexy boy is one hell of a well-balanced mix. Martin Miller gin, lemongrass, ginger, calamari, and mint give the bad boy, that suit-up charm while portraying the naughty closet-shades of Grey! Simple, a hint of spicy and ultimately smooth. This light drink is beautiful in every aspect!


Loving the set up of simple decor of warm and wood. The bar is popular for their fiery drinks, where a show to any alcohol have won the many hearts of any ladies, especially mine. The more extravagant the show, the happier I would be. But Bar Stories is definitely not just a show without substance. The bartender and wait staff are friendly, knowledgable and extremely patient. They bothered go out and about, and explain to you exactly what you are in for. Oh and please order their secret Monkey 47 Martini for something strong and freaking kickass. You wouldn't regret it!


I expected a lot, since it is one of the signatures. But the green tea is no where to be found. On a whole, it's a great and strong drink (just the way I like it), but I expected a lot more. If not, I would rather just be in No.5 on Emerald Hill, offering just the same at a much better pricing.


Coming back to try their food someday. Mad Nest, have that great east-sider lepark-one-side good vibes. Swing by for food, cause they serve great menu of Japanese, North Indian and "Italian-Asian". Or be like me, swinging by for a great, chill-out midweek or lazy Sunday. The interior is artsy in some sense, douse in white and warm light. The alfresco is along the East Coast Road itself, great for people watching and wind-down session.


Choose between the candied bacon, or sugar and spice. Both are equally so yummy, that most likely you should have both. The milkshakes have such a good kick, while maintaining the sweetness to mask the alcohol (for those who can't do strong), that you are killing two birds with one stone. A drink and a dessert, this is a perfect ladies drink. The candied bacon have a heavier alcohol taste than the sugar-spiced one. So if you want something stronger, go for the candied bacon. Although, the candied bacon on top tasted more like bakkwa. It could do a little more syrup! Nonetheless, STILL SO YUMMY.


In need of some delicious martinis and at a extremely reasonable price? Head down to No.5 for these babies now! From now to 29th Feb 2016, No.5 bar is making these yummy cocktails in celebration of Ricola's 75th anniversary. With every cocktail you order, you stand to win Ricola's golden nugget worth SGD$2,118. So what are you waiting for? Drink up and giggle your night away.


In celebration of the candy's Jubilee, the original Ricola Swiss Her Candy will be available in the commentating golden can. They are available at major supermarkets, convenience stores and pharmacies.

One lucky winner will win a one-of-its-kind GOLD NUGGET (worth an estimate of SGD$2,118). To participate, visit their website http://www.ricolaoriginal.com now!

#ricolasg #celebrating75years


Because they always have some sort of deals, and happy hour begins at 4pm til 9pm. And you needed a drink. No, make that a few drinks. Retro 80s music to all the chart-topping club and EDM hits. You know you are in for the Long night!


Dancer eats, Dancer dance.

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