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Beer Battered Fish and Chips that are well fried and seasoned, event though I prefer it a bit saltier. Love the crispy fish, and the umami fries (aka. fries with bonito and furikake) that complements the fish well. Staff are quite attentive and friendly, even though some of them would chat with each other at the dining area.

A Build-Your-Own pasta place, worth it for the price as we can choose our own combi and the portion is generous!

The salmon was done really nicely, crispy skin and tender flaky flesh. The fettuccini was done well but otherwise nothing quite special for me.

It is within NEWest which was very quiet on a weekday afternoon when I visited. They mainly offer fried chicken-anything, including waffles, burger and bowls, though they serve salmon and the likes too. The fried chicken bowl [$10] had a very cripy chicken skin with the meat quite tender. The rest was quite normal – normal (a bit under watered?) sushi rice, runny egg with ikura, side salad and sesame sauce which was quite diluted. The chicken was, rightly, the highlight of the meal if you are into this way of serving. The alcohols they serve is from local-owned, and aptly named, Sunbird Brewing Company. The witbier [$8 a bottle] was recommended by the staff as a crowd favorite. It is light, other than that just like your typical witbier.

Located very accessible to the CBD crowd and CBD bar hoppers, at Amoy Street. Price wise is real steep (about twice of another hyped burger joint SS) but I guess you pay for quality uh? AFAIK everything is served in disposables, though they say those are biodegradable I am not sure if they compost all the trash generated:/ They also collaborate with local charities in providing food for the needy.

In frame is one of the Singapore special burgers which consist of a meat patty, chimicurri, and locally-grown or organic veggies. For the not-a-burger-fan me, I think the buttery bun was not dry and therefore great, and the patty is so tender and flavorful! For non-beef eaters they serve chicken and vegan burgers too.

I visited during the soft launch phase and as I find the burger quite big and I was turned off with all the disposables, I did not get any of the sauce and the promotional, free set of much-raved fries and soda or mineral water. Maybe next time, and with so much packaging waste yet heavily raving on eco-friendly they try to be, I wonder if they would accept BYO.

Creamy, al-dente linguine with generous serving of bacon and mushroom. The egg yolk isn't the super runny, so not boomerang-able, but I don't mind that. Always love their pasta.

This Rustic Meatball Linguine is my go-to meal here. It has a good balance between the spiciness of chili and sourness/mushy tomatoes. The linguine is al-dente and the meatballs are perfectly firm yet still soft for a leisure bite. The spices also brought the flavor even further. To top the whole experience, the portion is super huge!

This place houses three establishments: a bar, a clean-eat joint, and BBT shop. It is kind of hidden around SGH, located at the Outram Rd junction at the same building that houses Ka-Soh restaurant. Therefore it is a great place to hang out and refresh after visiting or work as it serves beers on tap too! The poolside seating area adds to the view and if you swim (not sure if this is a member-only facility) this will definitely be a good hang after swim. I got this fish and chips [about $15] . It is perfectly salted, the chips are nicely fried and what can go wrong with tartar sauce right?

The cream is not so much hence not jelak, and the mushroom are cooked till more soft. The linguine is done al dente. It is so affordable and really filling! They also carry Brewerkz' brews and other interesting liquors. I feel this place is quite underrated and worth much more support.

Till it is safe to travel again, this will have to do for now. The only place in Singapore, probably opened in Holland Village on purpose, that I know (reccos are welcome!) selling Bitterballen that is closer to what I had when I was in Amsterdam! It is fried to golden brown while maintaining the semi-liquid filling. Their pricing (also for the frites) is what you'll get for the same items in Amsterdam touristy area.
P.S. If you guys stock up Chocomel it will be a very welcomed addition 😜

Price is steeper than other joints serving a similar thing and it does not taste very truffle-y. However there are more veggies that they put in so it feels like a more balanced meal. I shall stick to the usual fares next time (the croissant definitely does not disappoint!).

I think the standard of this original branch and Ngee Ann City branch is different. The truffle fries isn't as nice, crisp, and truffle-y here. It seems this branch uses truffle mayo while the other ones uses one without much mayo. I prefer the Ngee Ann City's. The waitstaff here also seemed very lost (or secretive?) about their d'unknown white brew and how different it is to their standard white brew. At Ngee Ann City at least they assured the customer that it is equally drinkable.

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