After Work Drinks

After Work Drinks

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Jayne Tan
Jayne Tan

Sososo happy that Temple Cellars is now carrying Two Metre Tall beers from Tasmania. This ale was very refreshing while boasting a rich and complex flavour. Went well with the Katsu don I dabaod from Liang Court.

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Love that the selection of bottled beers is always changing. Tried these two and really enjoyed both. The Ale of Dogs is a fruity summer ale, very easy, while the Bitterbitch Parrotdog IPA was super tasty and just bitter enough. You can also get a lager on tap! Best part is being able to enjoy these while watching a movie.

Okay new favourite here. Kayuki ume spirits, kill devil long pond rum, Granny Smith Apple.

It is a spirit-forward, intriguing concoction I can’t get enough of. Right up my curious palate’s alley.

Almond wine + Prosecco. Unexpectedly fruity, and nicely toasty/nutty from the almond. A truly enjoyable, Super easy drinking way to start the night.

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Addicted to this. From the thin white bread to the barely-there mayo and delicately breaded ebi & corn “patty” — this is a must must order.

A lovely starter! Creamy, sharp, and umami from the seaweed.

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What a great bar snack. You get the satisfaction of a fried item yet the freshness of tuna sashimi. Perfectly executed.

These are my must-orders here. The 夫妻肺片is basically a “salad” of beef tongue, offal, peanuts, coriander — all tossed in an addictive sweet-spicy-tangy dressing. The crispy intestines are just too good with the fresh crunch of celery (pls be at least 3-4 ppl if not don’t order this). The spinach is just an excellent counterpoint to all the dishes with a complex aged vinegar dressing.


This was pretty good! Really enjoyed the single patties more than the doubles (little = single) so that it’s not just a huge mouthful of meat. Here, I added jalapeños, relish, mustard, mayo, ketchup. All toppings are free. For me, a little too expensive for a burger that, while good and tasty, wasn’t anything to shout about.

FYI burgers don’t come with fries! The fries are very good, Cajun is great if you like spice.


Kurt Koskue, Empirical Spirits (Fallen Pony), Oolong tea, Shiraz reduction.

A wonderfully nuanced cocktail that I can best describe as a twisted and fantastic Negroni. If you’re curious about Koskue (a dark Finnish gin that’s matured in oak barrels) or Empirical Spirits, ask if you can try just a tiny bit so you understand the flavours a little better!

Pictured at the back is their Ebi Corn Sando that is excellent — like what you wished MOS burger’s ads really tasted like (I mean this in the best way possible)!


Very fluffy basmati crazy loaded with flavours from tobiko to fresh crab and a medley of bold spices. Must order!

Superb flavours. You gotta love Cauli tho, cos the portion is really generous - it’s half a head! The tomato relish it came with was 👌🏻 really enjoyed this.


Loves dosai, biryani, cream puffs, “China food”, craft beers, natural wines and mee pok.

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